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Crazy Penguin Wars

Crazy Penguin Wars

Release Date:  June 2012
Publisher:  Digital Chocolate
Developer:  Digital Chocolate
Genre:  Shooter

Crazy Penguin Wars is a social shooting game in which you can customize your own penguin like face, accessory and color, craft items with recipes, and challenge Facebook users using various weapons and skills. The game is developed by Digital Chocolate, the maker of social games and strategy games: Galaxy Life, Gangs of Boomtown.


This game is amazing.

I am that kind of person who always clicks Play and ignores everything else right from the start, taking it for granted that a tutorial would be waiting. That explains why in Crazy Penguin Wars, I was directed to matches immediately. It took me minutes to figure out what I should do.

Newbie players could click the Custom game button below Play and practice before they participate in the real matches. Also consisting of four players, the practice matches enable players to try different weapons without wasting ammo.

On this small island, four penguins, in different outfits and carrying different weapons, are to fight it out and cause damages on other characters to obtain scores. You have to save your character from attacks from others and damages caused by its own or by falling stones. Those who get the highest scores in the end win the game.

Crazy Penguin Wars offers a large selection of weapons and boosters. Frag grenades Teleportation grenades, pistols, dynamites, rocks, bombs, and many more weapons are unlocked at the store as you level up. You could spend hundreds of coins to buy five uses of some weapons. Bazookas are offered free and they never deplete. But their aiming is not very accurate, which can cause damages on characters near the targets, even the attackers themselves. The Frag grenade causes massive damage but cannot be very accurate either since you have to throw it away. Boosters allow players to recover HPs, take giant leaps, conduct soft landing, or even poison enemies.

The combat is turn-based, and you can move and fire only when it’s your turn. When it’s your turn, pick whoever that’s within your shot range, approach him or her, open fire, and then rush to a safety place to hide yourself from counterattack. During the rest of the time, you are totally at the mercy of other player. As a matter of fact, they are anything but merciful.

Anything is possible in this game. You may launch an attack towards an opponent nearby only to find you receive more damages than him or her. In some cases, inaccurate aiming leads to damage or even death of one’s own character. There was one time when I threw a Frag grenade but it flew back after hitting something and then stayed right behind my character. Being scared, I moved my penguin as fast as I could and managed to survive. In following game, the first thing I think about when planning to throw a grenade is that whether it would go back

Other players are not the only opponents you’ve got in this game. There are falling stones and bombs that present themselves once in a while. Here is my advice: avoid those bombs in your way. That’s right. I haven’t figured out what to do with the stones since they randomly drop down (right on characters’ heads in most cases) and there’s nothing one can do about it since the characters, or at least three of the four, cannot move even a little bit.

Successful attacks reward you with scores while the destruction of the island sometimes offer experience and coins. And you will gain extra bonuses if you are the one who kills a character, or to be specific, who unleashes the fatal blow to that character. At times, some characters are standing right beside the edge of the island and you can just walk near them, push them into the ocean and then turn to fire at a second character. In that way, you will gain much more scores than usual.

With the coins you’ve got from matches, you could deck up your avatar with new outfits. Dress it like a clown, a cowboy, an astronaut, a king, or whatever you like. These clothes will be available as you accumulate experience and level up. Or you can use the money to enrich your arms and craft superior weapons or items that help you escape.

Players have three free spins in the Ping Win Slots and if two or even three of the same icon are in the middle row after your spin, you will obtain experience, coins, or whatever those icons indicate.

Nonetheless, everything in the matches is very small and although the game does allow for character customization, the penguins are not as attractive and adorable as their body movements.

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7 Comments on Crazy Penguin Wars


  1. jack says:

    I have played this game. I have won over 300 games. It rewards cruelty and sadism. Three idiots all ended their turns next to each on the stone bridge. One drop of a lemon grenade killed all three of them and dumped their corpses in the hot lava pool netting over 300 points in a mass kill. And the molotov cocktail is even sicker.

  2. Jose Sioson says:

    ah wantever you say kid

  3. Kevin says:

    I wanna know how I can talk to who made this game about how to fix the problem with the unfairness and lagging and cheating hacking crap! It is really messed up for us normal players who don't hack or cheat! And if I am going to buy cash on this game then I want a fair match! So whoever made this game….PLEASE FRICKING FIX the PROBLEM!!!! Stop the BULLS***ing cheats!

  4. KEvin says:


  5. Gambit says:

    worst game ever…….couldnt play at all bcuz of lagg,……..i wud rather play wild ones……..

  6. vandana6229 says:

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