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Release Date:  August 15,, 2012
Publisher:  Cred.fm
Developer:  Cred.fm
Genre:  Music

Cred.fm is a Facebook game that offers an opportunity to have a night club of one’s own on Facebook for those who like to hold parties. You strive to build up the best night club in town – a place where people will be dying to come to drink, dance and sing.


At its core, Cred.fm is all about creating a successful business. You’ll start off with a small pub, and after going through some tutorial missions you’ll be able to manage it however you see fit. There are also optional side-quests which can reward you with extra XPs.

The main goal of the game is to build a successful club that can both earn a lots of revenues and attract plenty of customers, and one of the key ingredients to the success of the game is your employees. You’ll need a bartender to create and serve drinks, a DJ to spin the tunes, and a doorman to keep out undesirables. Your employees are on some sort of contract, according to which you only hire them in shifts of varying lengths. You can hire employees for different lengths of time which depends on how much you pay, and once that time is up you can come back and collect your earnings and re-hire them for the next shift.

You’ll also need to upgrade your club with decorations, which increases the “club rating” that determines just how awesome your club is. The higher this rating is, the more people will come to hang out in your club. And also how many coins you earn when you let people come into your club. But problems also arise. As your customer base grows you’ll notice patrons will start to grumble. If they can’t all get drinks, you’ll need to add a second bar, and if there’s no room to dance you’ll need to expand the dance floor. And things like that. These constant improvements give you something to constantly strive for.

A club isn’t a club if there’s no music. The music part of Cred.fm is by far the most unusual for Facebook games and deserves a bit of detailed discussion. You will be able to choose from a variety of different mixes- ranging from pop, hip-hop to rock, which delivers a steady stream of nice music to listen to. The songs, actually, are not those cut into relatively short previews pretty much like what you’d hear in the apple store. They are full version HD music video songs from YouTube.com. Besides, an efficient search engine box puts you in control of your search for your favorite songs. So, you can expect to search a large database of music. The chance of listening to a lot of different songs encourages much longer play sessions than other social games. The “trending songs” seem to change from day to day, so it can be fun to listen to each day’s “tag” song for each genre before logging off to do something else.

There’s also the usual slate of social characteristics. You can add friends and visit their clubs; you can also “heart” songs and then see whoever else in the game likes the same lyric as you do. But this is not a game you need a lot of friends to play. In fact, it’s still quite enjoyable even if you go solo.

Cred.fm doesn’t do a whole lot that you haven’t seen before, but the overall package is put together very well. From the unique quests structure, and the wide array of customization option, tier system to the shared music and terrific production values, Cred.fm is simply a solid and addicting management game that really entices you to keep coming back.

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