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Crime City

Crime City

Release Date:  2010
Genre:  RPG

The world is full of evil and crimes. The only goal is to become the most notorious villain in the city. You will try to do all kinds of malicious crimes.

In Facebook RPG game Crime City, you take the role as a newbie crimimal who learns to conduct a series of crimes. The missions for you are varied and challenging. You need to carry out muggings, join protection rackets, kill undercover agents and threaten witnesses. You have a gun with you to protect yourself and commit crimes. Different zones are there to explore and decorate. Brave your way into the Crime City now!


In each area on the map, you can click on buildings and people to do jobs or click on the ground to move your character there. In your rival’s areas, you can click on buildings to rob them and on people to fight them. For each area on the map, you can master that area by doing every single job. Once you master an area, the experience and cash payouts will increase. You can master each area on the map 3 times.

You can perform a job by clicking on a building or person in one of the areas on the map. Doing a job will get you cash, experience, and diamonds. A job may randomly give you energy or a loot item as well. Each job has a different difficulty setting. If you fail at a job, try again and you may succeed. Equipping your mafia with stronger gear and cars, or obtaining a larger mafia will help increase your odds of successfully performing a job. Jobs with arrows over them mean you haven’t performed that job for the purposes of area mastery.


You can make your character walk across all of the areas in Crime City. When you do a job, rob a building, or fight someone however, your character will appear there right away to perform that action.


You can construct buildings to hide your criminal activities in your personal turf. Each building produces money, steel, or energy after a certain amount of time. You must collect from the building in order to obtain these ill-gotten goods. Each building also has a defense value that will help it from being robbed by rivals.

Buildings can be upgraded. When a building is upgraded, it’s production and defense increases. Each upgrade is more expensive than the previous upgrade.


Gain experience by doing jobs, robbing buildings, and smoking rivals. You also get experience by completing goals or mastering areas. As your level increases, you will unlock more items, cars, and areas.


Invite friends into your mafia by using the “My Mafia” tab or by clicking on the “Add Mafia” button on your friend bar. From here, you can send invitation to your friends to become part of your mafia. Your friend must accept the invitation in order to become part of your mafia on Crime City. Having a large mafia will make you win more fights and allow you to visit more neighboring turfs.

Visiting Neighboring Mobsters

Your friendly mobsters are located on the friend bar at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on them will take you to visit that friend. When visiting a friend, you will receive some energy, steel, experience, and money. You can only visit a particular friend once every 24 hours. This is a great way to earn extra resources and experience.


There are several resources in Crime City besides money. Diamonds are used to purchase some weapons, armor and vehicles, and are obtained by completing jobs. Respect is used to purchase some weapons, armor and vehicles, and is obtained by attacking mobsters and robbing buildings in rival territories. Steel is used to construct and upgrade buildings, and can be obtained through the Steel Mill and visiting friends. Gold is used to purchase special weapons, armor, cars, and decorations.

Besides these resources, some buildings require special items. These items can be obtained through gifts from friends or by asking friends for the item and friends helping you.


Clicking on the goal icon, located on the left hand side of your screen, will display details about your current goal. To complete a goal, simply do the jobs that are listed in the goal instructions. You will earn rewards when you need the goal requirements! Goals are the only way to do special events, such as rescue your girlfriend.


Click on the Store Icon to open the Store menu. You can purchase buildings, decorations, expansions, weapons, armor, and cars from the Store menu. Select the tab of what you want to purchase to open up the menu to that type of item. Selections from the store will cost cash, diamonds, respect, steel, gold, or some combination thereof.


Besides money and experience, fighting can earn you respect. You can fight other players by clicking on the Rivals icon in the bottom right of the screen. Once you arrive at a rival’s territory, you can choose to either fight the rival’s characters walking around or rob the rival’s buildings. Both actions cost energy and both have different defenses and experience, cash, and respect payouts.


New bosses have arrived! They’re tough, but they drop the best loot around!


The Army Crates have arrived! Along with powerful items, you can get mafia too!


The Train Yard and Air Force Base are now open! Time to get to work!

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