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Crime Story

Crime Story

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The very motive that triggers one to set feet in the criminal path varies from one gangster to another. Incredible though it may seem, quite a lot of crime grows out of the seed of love. At least, it is true of the story of our hero, or rather leading Mafioso in Crime story, a social MMO that combines intense action and adventure into the empire building genre.

From the debut trailer recently released, it draws sketchily the back story of this game in a back flash way that our hero who has probably ascended to the top of mafia world narrates his crime life all starts from looking for his disappeared brother who used to look out for him when he was young.

Against such a setting, the player will role play a grass-root soldier at the lowest tier of the gangster group who can fight his/her way up to a influential, wealthy Godfather in underworld. Predictably, all begins with dirty works at low level that players will find the right guy who may ask you to set fire on a container fallen from a barge or sabotage a load platform with a hook; works like this, once finished, will serve as door-opener to higher position and more weighty works, say, as a chief supervisor in charge of a district with nightless red-districts and neon-lit clubs.

But of course, in the whole way up to build your criminal corporation, there will be competitive rivals and ruthless enemies who want to make you disappear. So keep your eyes open and stay alert even when you are already more powerful than before. Besides bewaring of foes of your own world, you would not want to be on the Want list and get caught by the police either.

Needless to say, as a MMO around criminal business, Capital City, or Crime City , Crime Story will feature different kinds of resources, thrilling criminal plots, as well as loads of weapons and uniforms in the adventure. While cutthroat kill-to-win happens most time, business transaction among rivals is also possible for benefits’ sake.

At present, this game is only available in the Russian social platform known as VKontakte, with its Android version on Facebook scheduled to release later this month. What it takes to make yourself a well-known Mafioso? Will you finally be able to find your lost brother? You can find answer in Crime Story, your story.

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  1. mark cash says:

    this game look ok

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