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Release Date:  2009
Publisher:  Vogster Entertainment
Developer:  Vogster Entertainment
Genre:  Action Adventure

Vogster Entertainment, the US based game developer, launched Crimecraft in September 2009, although the game has been known as an unique MMO 3rd person shooter for 19 months, the developer still haven’t been afraid to make major changes in regards to balance issues fix on their flagship product. On the surface, CrimeCraft is an appealing title. After all, everyone loves round-based shooters and when “craft” is added in a game title, it will immediately shoot up on their cool list.

The storyline of the game is simple enough. A worldwide economic depression and ecological disaster pose the greatest ever threat to civilization. You play as a refugee looking for a new life in a surprisingly clean and orderly post-apocalyptic city which is fortified against the chaos and danger of the outside world. Like Dragon Nest, CrimeCraft is completely instanced and the city is divided into several zones, which serve as social areas where players can interact with vendors and skill trainers; or act as game lobbies, in which player can take on repetitive instances. Powered by Unreal 3 engine, the city zones are graphically attractive, so are the In-your-face ads. In this game, I feel myself more like a victim overwhelmed with advertisement everywhere than a lawless criminal. I am unfortunately flocked with a ton of advertising for such real world trademarks as Best Buy, AMD and Atticus.

Then what about the “crime”? You would expect that CrimeCraft would involve some sort of epic GTA-style spree and you are supposed to be a member of a criminal gang. But you do not highjack trucks, rob banks or jewelry stores, smuggle drugs, mug ladies or set fire to buildings. Given the absence of vehicles on the streets, you are not able to even jaywalk. It is sure to disappoint players.

Fortunately, the developer does a few things right. As an MMO, CrimeCraft is very PvP focused; however, developer added a lengthy, 10-episode PvE campaign that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a F2P game. Like a TV series, each episode features professional voiceovers and gimmicky motion-comic-style cut-scenes. These bots missions are very fun thanks to the challenging enemy AI. In the Head-Hunt mode, you are basically trying to kill as many bots as possible before time runs out. PvE gameplay also has things like bosses giving you better loots. The other PvE game mode is Safeguard, in which you and your comrades must protect a central location from assault of hordes of respawning enemies. It mostly depends on how useful your teammates are and how you strategically manage your skills and gears combination.

The crafting system is another expected MMO feature incorporated. Character can choose from four professions, each is with several levels of specialization. “Tailor” allows players to create new clothes granting you defense modifier; ”Gunsmith” enables you to create weapons with expansion slots for additional customization; “Chemist” can create boosts, which are similar to drugs and can temporarily modify your combat prowess; while “Engineering” is capable of creating attachments like researching for large-capacity magazine.

As a F2P game, any serious avatar customization is handled via a micro-transaction system. Players can buy items from the Black Market at the expense of Gold Bars, CrimeCraft’s real money currency. Items from BM range from purely cosmetic clothes and make-ups to more useful gears.

Overall, for MMO players who are looking for a challenging PVP experiences or online shooter fans looking for something deeper than repetitive matches, CrimeCrime delivers a ton of gameplay in unprecedented gripping, action-shooter package.

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