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Criminal Case

Criminal Case

Release Date:  November 17, 2012
Publisher:  Pretty Simple
Developer:  Pretty Simple Games
Genre:  Hidden Object Game, Puzzle

Criminal Case is a Facebook-based hidden object game that successfully combines the hidden object concept and criminal case puzzles.


We’ve seen enough hidden object titles where realistic pictures of beautiful scenes, fancy rooms, renowned tourist attractions, and exotic decorations and buildings. Nonetheless, Criminal Case is neither the kind of Hidden Object game you’ve played nor the kind you would expect.

As a police officer, you will investigate criminal cases by examining the involved crime scenes, restoring or examining notable items you’ve found, asking for an autopsy, and identifying the suspect.

The game fuses crime investigation with hidden object gaming element. In each crime scene – at the entrance of town, in a yard, or in a dirty bathroom – you are about to find out specific items, including those crucial for your investigation, for example the murder weapon and missing parts of the victims. As in most games of this genre, Criminal Case has item names listed at the bottom while allowing players to ask for hints.

Well, the examining doesn’t come easy. You have to finish the investigations as fast as you can to earn stars, which will give access to new scenes and examinations. And that necessitates revisits to criminal scenes you’ve investigated.

But investigation, or to be specific, the hidden object spotting, is possible only when you have enough energy in stock. And in a game like this where each investigation costs 20 energy points, it is quite likely to run out of energy in no time and be in no position to do anything else but wait for the refill. For an instance refill or the speedup of an ongoing process, you need to spend cash, or the premium money. But you will never get any cash unless you pay real money.

However, Criminal Case offers something more than investigating and hidden object hunting. In every case you investigate, an additional picture is provided and can be opened up once you’ve obtained enough stars in the previous investigation. This picture is the same with one in the investigation but is divided into small pieces, and some pieces have been put in a random order. You have to put them in the right place as soon as possible to earn extra rewards. The bad news is that this puzzle also costs 20 energy points each.

212 Comments on Criminal Case


  1. gulnaaz says:

    Want to play this

    • gagaaaa says:

      want to play this on iphone

    • Tania Iorns says:

      The review given is quite accurate, however it is lacking in a few areas.
      1.) Not all scenes cost 20 points.
      a.) Scenes played to contain 5 stars can be played for 5 energy and reward no investigation progress, but award 20xp towards your level regardless of your score during the game play.
      2.) Energy can be earned/claimed aside from the time based energy bar fills:
      a.) You can use your game feed to collect once a day three Orange Juices (20 energy, shared when a friend levels up) and one bag of Chips (50 energy, shared when a friend ranks up).
      b.) If you sign in daily you will receive one bag of chips after your 5th day and for every day after.
      c.) The official app page/fan page has a daily treat. Usually the treat is a card, juice, chips, or coins. On special occasions it will provide a free hamburger (100 energy).
      d.) Playing cards can be traded in for coins, experience points, OJ or Chips. Cards are received when a teammate picks you before exploring a scene and chooses to send a card at the end of their turn. When you level up or rank up you will be able to share OJ or Chips respectively and anyone (does not need to be a friend) who collects has the option to send you a card.
      e.) When you level up the bar refills.
      f.) You can send and receive energy gifts (+2 and +1) from your friends. The amount you receive varies based on the amount of teammates you have, how many energy gifts you send, and how many gifts are returned by your teammates.
      g.) After completing a case to a silver medal you can move to the next case, but you can remain on the case or return to at any time and complete stars towards a gold medal. These stars can be used to purchase OJ, Chips, and Hamburgers which are all good towards energy. The Hamburger is the best deal.
      h.) Once a case you earn a Hamburger for 100 energy. (I am new to the game and do not yet know why and when this awarded but have received one per case during game play without using any of the above mentioned methods.

    • fahad says:

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  2. pippo says:

    funny game

  3. Like the game, but don't like ho w long and how much energy it takes to earn stars

  4. sherry says:

    no way to contact anyone if there are issues in the game

    • Nirmal Pattara says:

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    • Deborah says:

      I know, my friends get free orange juice, potatoe ships, etc. and I never get notified

  5. Nancy says:

    This game also raise the amount of points to clear the scene as you level up not sure I am going to play long. Need a way to earn stars or energy.

  6. LuvKish says:

    superb game…simple n yet so illustrative intelligence involved…a must…;)

  7. Cathy says:

    The game is interesting, however I agree with the above comments. I understand that you need stars to move forward, However, my energy was gone and there is no help screen to explain how to get more. Uggh!!

    • guest says:

      get tons of neighbors. Energy multiplies very easy that way. There are some sites to help get neighbors. Criminal case official is one. Do a search for them on FB. You need about 300 neighbors.

  8. Dave says:

    Neat and fun game. There's just one aspect of the game that makes no sense:
    You get to acquire "Coins" in the game and can use these to customize your character. What the programers did, though, was dictate that once you get 50,000 coins, you can trade that in for one dollar to spend on customizing your character. So one would think that once you acquire 100,000 coins you can trade that in for two dollars, right? – Wrong. There is NO incentive to save up the coins!! As soon as you have 50,000 coins, cash it in.

    • tina says:

      can you help me? how can i trade my coins ? i have 88,000 or smth like that.. thks!

      • mayelene says:

        how can we possibly do that when this is not a public casino? you are there alone playing with ur own computer, no one to assist you but follow the flashing green or golden lights in front of you.

    • Gerry says:

      you can also use coins to gain advantage when finding objects for 3000 coins you starts with a full bar time bonus & also for 1500 coins you can restore any friends to 5 clues ,for the full 100k bonus, however I do not like that you can not report problems. I have just reached level eight & now it does not give me a drop down menu with Criminal fiends only to choose to ask for help I refuse to sort through all my friends looking just for the ones who play the game & I will not bother everyone

  9. iblooken4u2000 says:

    I wish they would sell the game i would buy it in a heart beat

  10. Tara Musil says:

    I enjoy the game, however, when you get to the third crime scene, you either have to ask three friends to help you or gain instant access with the cash. The only way to obtain cash is to purchase it and if your friends arent interested, your screwed.

  11. Peggy says:

    i need more friends anyone interested .

  12. christine buscarino says:

    I am on level 16 and my energy level is still at 110. Anyone in the higher levels know if the energy gamount goes up?

    • Darci says:

      Hi Christine :) Your energy level will never go up…BUT, you can stash energy… meaning you can always have more than the 110 energy they give you when you level up, but if your energy is over 110 when you do level you will not receive the 110 they would normally give you. For eg. I'm at level 80 & my energy bar right now reads 70364/110…but when I level up I never receive the extra 110 anymore..not that I need anymore as I'll never use what I have as it is :p lol… & the way I got that much tho was adding teammates…having LOADS of teammates is the KEY to getting further along in this game…NOT spending money!!! It also helps if you can claim your energy & cards as many times a day as possible as your inbox only holds a li'l over 200 if Im not mistaken…& back when I 1st started I also walked away from actually 'playing' the game for a few days, just went in a few times a day to collect my energy & cards…& of course my daily bag of chips from the game as well as a bag of chips & 3 OJs from my teammates…took alot not to play as it was my new addiction at the time, lol…but when I did come back & play I had a whack of energy stored! & YES there are quite a few good CC groups who have oodles of ppl wanting new teammates. Hope this helps…happy gaming & feel free to add me, Darci Auburn, as I'm always looking for new teammates :)….

    • Andrew says:

      Level 20, Corporal Rank Still have 110 Unfortunately.

  13. audry lia says:

    hi..can anyone tell me whether this game is free or not???and if i am out of energy what should i do??

    • mayleni says:

      I believe it's only free up to level 6. after that, we need to really spend real money to get to the higher ones. the folks above already answered my wonderment.

  14. AngelFire says:

    I find that it doesn't give you enough stars to carry on, I use all my energy to gain pieces of a star and by the time I fill one, I have to use it and have no more energy. I think that the stars should be easier to obtain. It would make the game more fun.

    • guest says:

      get tons of neighbors. Energy multiplies very easy that way. There are some sites to help get neighbors. Criminal case official is one. Do a search for them on FB. You need about 300 neighbors.

      • mayelene says:

        wow, we need tons of neighbors? whew, us have no idea when we joined. thanks sir!

      • reddheddz says:

        I just realized that the stars fill up faster in the extra bonus scenes (in the last column of scenes). I use to avoid playing these scenes because I don't like being timed. Now I use them all the time to build up stars.

  15. Shari says:

    I keep getting an error message when loading the game, "Something bad happened couldn't load (o)"… How do i fix whats wrong I cant find any help .

    • anna says:

      I have the same problem, if you found the solution please tell me….

    • Rose Everhart says:

      I get error message that says oops could not connect to the game , there was an error while contacting the
      server please refresh. I have refreshed the game every time and it still says the same thing. What can I do to
      fix the problem? I love this game and I can't play it. I can connect to all other games with no problem Why can't
      I connect to criminal case game?

  16. Margie says:

    I can't send gifts or receive messages/gifts from my friends. Anyone know what the go is? I have downloaded adobe flash.

    • andrea says:

      i have been having the same problem, i sent a message to fb but haven't heard anything.

    • Anna says:

      I have the same problem.. my screen just freezes if I want to send gifts to my friends or ask them to help me in 3rd level

    • Pat Edwards says:

      I have the same problem it been like that for almost a week. And I'm not gonna download Adobe flash again. So what do you do to play the game/

  17. stephen says:

    can anyone tell me what is up with the cards, i have not seen any or found any…..i also think to fill a star should be base on how u finish finding the items…the faster u find them and beat the clock should give u more of the star..but is the same as u finish in 15 seconds or 3 mins..

    • co0ki3 says:

      whenever your friends play and use you as a partner they can send you a card. if they skip that option you dont get anything

    • guest says:

      when you pick a person to be your partner, you give them a card. When they pick you to be their partner, they give you a card. I write down the names of the people I give cards to and continue the list the next day so every one gets a card. On the page where you have the place where you are on the map, on the left side is the cards and what they are for. One suit is for orange juice, potatoe chips, etc. It will also tell you when you have some to claim. Don't forget to play everyday so you get the reward on that same page. If you don't play every day, you have to start over.

      Not true about what you get. If you finish faster, the time amount changes. The way the stars get filled up is the addition of 3 items. The points you get for the items – faster you get them higher the score. The time score – faster you do it higher the score. Can't remember what the third one is. These 3 add together to fill the star. It shows on the right side on the screen where it shows your rank on that particular picture and above where you click to send the card to your partner.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I need more "officers" to help me….anybody up for it ???

  19. donna gonzalez says:

    yes please tell me why no one wants to help me its been more then 3 weeks i have written to every link no one wants to help me icant send or recive no request cant invite friends con answer messages it work once in a while but thats it the game plays very good but nothing else will work please help me its been to long when no one wants to help me thank you this is the game criminal cases

  20. Sooik says:

    hey.could someone tell me what the numbers in circles in each crime scene icon mean??thanks..

    • Sunny says:

      the numbers on top right corner of each scene is your rank among friends in scoring for that particular scene..it will match your rank when the score comes at the end of the scene(i.e. where you send cards to friends)

  21. Ricodol74 says:

    how can i change my caracter, i accidently have a women officer, but wanted a male

  22. Flamesfan says:

    The amount of energy you can have never increases above 110, but if the programmers had any brains they would increase it with each level up. The numbers in the circles of each crime scene indicate what position your score is. The cards have to be sent by teammates after you help them complete a crime scene, you can send them as well. Full collections can be traded in. The coins are essentially useless, you can make your character look cool but you won't get any further in the game because of it. You can buy more energy if you want to spend real cash but most people don't. The best way is to collect orange juices from teammates posting on their timelines or potato chips in the same fashion. As well, the Criminal Case app page on facebook usually posts a gift each day, often coins or energy, but sometimes orange juice, potato chips, or burgers. A burger was posted yesterday, aka 100 free energy, go collect!

    • Tim Wilt says:

      yes it dose when your frinds play they eren one two or three ponts and you are rewarded so you might stert out whith 114 some times not allways

    • Ben says:

      You can easily go above 110 with food, energy from friends. 110 is a dumb amount of energy always 10 left over, but then it is to encourage you to eat/buy food.

    • Kiki says:

      The page has reached the full allowed limit on friends……so you can't get in……:(

  23. Poca Niehontas says:

    I am playing daily, feel free to find me on facebook. At the moment I am lvl 36. Feel free to ask questions and add me as a friend. search for Poca Niehontas

    • julie2301 says:

      Hi,I have a big question:how to get more energy when this is low?Now, I ask my friends, for energy,but this is frustrating. There is another way?thanks!

      • mayelene says:

        all your pals have to do is comply w/ your request when they receive it at their timeline. I always oblige or obey the rules of the game. it's a give and take friendship game, isn't it guys?

    • Linda Kinney says:

      I need some info about this game. I'm just playing, when I run outmof energy I quit. What do you do with the cards that friends send to you. Appreciate any help

    • Leslie says:

      Please add me as a friend for CC. Thanks, Leslie

    • anita says:

      How do I send case reports to my team mate? He has been stuck there for a week. I send him a reply each time he asks. Do i have to buy cash to send him the reports????

  24. Felipe says:

    How I change my character from female to male?

  25. msahernandez says:

    What do the rewards do for you? I have gotten drinks and chips and nothing in my score changes or energy. Confused and no where to find info!

    • JBear says:

      When you are out of energy click on the game you wish to play and it will pop a screen up saying you are out of energy and you should get some food, here you can see how many orange juices or crisp packets you have and click use. If you don't have any it will give you the option to buy some with real money if you choose to do so.

    • Aletta says:

      The bonus/rewards give you energy, but you have to collect it! After you collect your daily bonus, select the lightning bolt, when the new window opens. collect your free snack. The amount of energy each snack is worth, is automatically added to your energy bar!

  26. Melissa says:

    Why do I have problems with the game loading it takes forever :-(

  27. Christi Parsons says:

    If anyone wants to add me, I need new partners also, be sure to message me why you are adding me or I will not accept friend request. Christi Parsons

  28. Asan says:

    Hi you guys need to go to the game facebook page to see how it works. There is plenty of energy. You get it from friends and from cards collections. A complete card collection can be exchanged against bag of chips (50 energy) orange juice 20 energy, 20xp or 500bucks depending on the completed collection. You also get burgers in each case worth 100 energy. Bucks allow you to customize your character. When you enlist a friend for each search, at the end of the search you can send them a card and vice versa. So you complete your collection that way. You can also send and request energy so you get energy 2x from each friend

  29. clvernon says:

    Can someone explain the card aspect and how you trade them in ? I can't seem to figure that one out. I feel like there should be a place that expalins the rules instead of figuring them out for yourself!!!!!

  30. carolyn says:

    how can you get to crime scene 3. iI keep asking for friends to help to write my reports but no one has offered. Am I stuck on no 2

  31. debra202 says:

    need friends im stuck im getting so tickedd

  32. liz says:

    need ppl to join me on fb to play criminal case

  33. jenna says:

    Great game, but wish the creators weren't so money hungry!

    Criminal case is a great game to kill time with, however if
    you end up being involved in the game, wanting to play daily and advance it
    becomes more of a nuisance. The approximate length of time of which it takes to
    refill your energy is 6hrs from 0. Which becomes ridiculous the higher the
    level you are, since it begins to take 200,000,000 points just to achieve the
    first star. also as you level up the game begins to require more stars with lengthier
    point requirements just to open another chapter while still on the same game.
    Unless you have tons of spare cash to throw into this game or feel like adding
    100,000 random people to your face book, your pretty much stuck with no energy
    since players are still limited to 110 max energy from the game which still
    takes 6hrs to fill regardless of what level you are. the "freebies" like orange juice or
    chips, your still limited to a daily allowance.


    In case three, "The Grim Butcher",
    it takes 6,000,000-8,000,000 points

    to get a star. you'll have to play a scene around
    TEN times to get

    6,000,000-8,000,000 points to get a star. Not only
    is that incredibly

    tedious, it's ridiculously expensive. Here's the breakdown:
    20 energy

    to play a scene, which means it'll cost 200 energy
    per star. 100 energy

    points per burger, which cost $6.30 in real money.
    you'll need two

    burgers per star. that's $12.60 per star. which
    breaks down to $1.26 per

    hidden object scene, which takes 20 seconds to
    play. that's

    $3.78/minute. $226.80 an hour. TIME TO FIND A NEW

  34. mark monaghan says:

    What's the point in earning coins to buy clothes,when you should be able to buy food plus energy ,makes no sence

  35. Erica says:

    Does anyone know how to trade your cards to get energy?

    • LLL says:

      Click on your cards icon, near the tablet (bottom left). That will take you to your collections. When you've got a complete collection, the 'Trade In' option on the right hand side will be highlighted. You just click that, and voila! :)

  36. Gillyann says:

    Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of friends you can have? I find that I still run out of energy with 70 but after looking for my three orange drinks, 1 packet of crisps and leveling up as soon as I can it isn't too bad

  37. mad says:

    when i trade cards for coins or get a reward with coins and click claim nothing changes in my coins bar ..the coins don't add up … this game is cheating me

  38. jeannie jeffery says:

    Love the game when I first started, promoted it to friends, but now, on 3rd crime scene, and when I think I've finished, I gotta earn stars to well, blah, blah, blah. It's becoming too tedious to round up energy, and earn stars. It can take me up to almost a whole day to earn a damn star. Make it a little simplier, and I will keep playing, otherwise, bout another week, and I will call it quits. Just seems to go no-where.

  39. light487 says:

    Great game ruined by harsh freemium model. I hope they lose a lot of money over this to make them realise that freemium model is the worst. I would pay $10 or more to play this game without the timers and I know 1000's of others would too (bigfishgames do it every day).. but instead you've forced another freemium title on people. What a shame. I'll finish off case 2 and then delete the game from facebook.

  40. Ali Momin says:

    add me as ur friend to play criminal case so we can get more energy

  41. Catherine Myers says:

    I am upset it takes so much enegy to get a star to become whole. I fill out the free cash and energy forms and still do not receive anything !!

  42. CH00K says:

    My screen freezes when I try to either ask friends for help to the next level (level 3 is where I am) and also when I try to send energy ~ I can not get passed these … I have to refresh, all flash and adobe versions uptodate and have no other issues with the game

  43. Saher says:

    I've finished the second case with total of 9 stars :-) should I save them for the next case or buy myself some snack for energy stack??????

  44. Marie Bruns says:

    I would like to know why when you spend money to get extra energy that you lose them when the game brings you to a new level. I pay. I should be able to keep those energies. If this is the way the game will continue then I think I will quit this game. I would like someone to answer me.

    • mayelene says:

      wow is that so? omg! also, it might be asking for more moolah, then you end up broke. tsk tsk!

  45. wendy Murphree says:

    I play criminal case and I am on the third case but they do not let play the third case until I invite three friends but none of my friends play this game

  46. glenys says:

    can you buy and sell coins

  47. D Smith says:

    criminai case game keeps frezzen up on the big bule page! Whats up? Will you please fix it

  48. HHJHKJL says:

    OMG I Can't Believe I Really Got CRIMINAL CASE 1200 Energy, 650 Cash, 4 MILLION Coins, 200 Burgers and 300 Orange Juice Just Click and Claim >> http://bit.ly/YqmIky 😮 😮

  49. EmiraAya says:

    I need friends to write reports so i can move on to level 3, been stuck oin level 2 for ages, please write a report for me….thx<3

  50. cvenus says:

    POC ~ I can not ask friends for help to the next level or can I send them anything ~ JUST FREEZES ~ do you not looks at these posts and fix the issues? Been like this for WEEKS

  51. Fran Parkinson says:

    When you 'buy' credits and it says 'accessing your account' what does this mean? Don't want to actually have to pay for this game.

    • mayelene says:

      it means that you really have to pay for it. that's why you see all those requests to type in your info.

  52. Raneen Ahmed says:

    i 've a proplem ith my game the game dose'nt open pls help me

  53. john says:

    Can anyone tell me the reason why some of your friends get more of a hint bonus than others?

    • Someone says:

      It depends on how many consecutive days you have played the game.

      If you play it for two days in a row, you have two hints.

  54. CARMEN says:


  55. carrianne says:

    I still cant play my criminal case game, it's berrn 3 days now it keep saying the same thing:Error Info: Can't call "Flash is ready"External Perecent. Please Help!!

  56. Fay says:

    I am trying to level up to the 4th scene. When I try to ask for 3 reports it won't load.

  57. ennairal says:

    i keep getting this error "OOPS!
    Could not connect to the game.

    There was an error while
    contacting the server :/

    Please refresh

    Error Info:

    nothing's wrong with my internet connection. my cousin can play the game using my laptop with her account but when i use my facebook account, it always says error. PLEASE FIX.

  58. Rehan Sheikh says:

    Error Info:

    im getting this error when the game loads…..what should i do to play?
    how can i remove this error

  59. Trisha Ring says:

    Does anyone know how to earn a gold medal for a case? It seems I always get a bronze medal for the case and a silver medal for the additional investigation…

  60. Joan Shamas says:

    My reports were sent in for Case 4, but I wanted to finish the stars before going on to Case 5. I did that this morning only to find that the reports were missing and the game was asking for them again. I know there is a simpler way to get them, but I ended up sending requests to probably all of my friends instead.

  61. mary says:

    I have finish case 1 and case 2, I have 352 energys but I cannot proceed to case 3 why

  62. ABEER says:


  63. kimber says:

    kima brdlp gdyp jdytdnmdf jhdgdtd hdtfy

  64. Nancy Hudson says:

    where is all the energy going that friends send, seems like it would build up your
    energy bar but I'm not getting it.

  65. Sheila Taylor Nixon says:

    How many people can collect off a chip post before it is used up?

  66. Robvin Mason says:

    Please add criminal case to yahoo.com hompae

  67. suneeta says:

    i have started playing the game and have a doubt… what about the cards how and when can u trade them……

  68. What is the highest rank you get to in this game

  69. amni says:

    my criminal case is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!i need help
    in fb its not working

  70. Conni says:

    How can I contact the makers of Criminal Case to report a repeating error?

  71. Alix says:

    I like the game but I cannot get to level 3 unless I have 3 friends help with reports or spend money (which is not an option in my opinion) you need to figure another way or lessen the number of people you need help on.

  72. Nikki says:

    i keep getting an error message trying to get to the mini mart. I've already lost 40 energy ponts because of it.

  73. amanda says:

    add me daily player!!!

  74. Lori says:

    Can anyone tell me what a full combo bar is and where do you find it once you've spent 3000 coins to fill it?

  75. Sumita says:

    I cant see my teammates in CC for last 2 days….I refreshed it many times….I also updated my firefox,chrome nflashplayer…I cleared my cache also….still not showing them…cant play for last 2 days…help me out please….give me suggestion what i should do……..plz help me……plz let me play…

  76. Carol says:

    Have finished crime #12 but you are not letting me move on,why??

  77. Carol says:

    Got all 36 stars to move on,yet you are not letting me ,why???

  78. John says:

    Why do some people need more points to gain an star than others, I need 1.2 million for a first star in a level and they need 1.9 million for the same star any ideas?

  79. cathalynn1 says:

    I have been purchasing the 5 burger special and receiving only 140. What am I doing wrong? Where do the other burgers show up? This is on Crime Case.

  80. margaretchamberlain says:

    why don't I get my star when I finish my star it doesn't give me my star

  81. akash sharma says:

    nice game

  82. TIM says:

    dogs have perche a dog need to under stand the feeding time and amount to feed him when i'm not on i take him out of sevice and put him in when i;m on i have receved cards and coins al ready i just need to under stand it beter———-thank you –TIM

  83. humayun says:

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  88. humayun says:

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  89. Rose Everhart says:

    I am trying to level up to level 4 but when I try to ask friends to help send reports It won't load and
    send my request to get help so now I am stuck and can't play any more. and not I can't even load
    the game it keeps saying errors. PLEASE help me.

  90. please add me level 99…case 27 thank you

  91. Denise says:

    I'm curious as to why, after I watch an ad, and gain 20 points of energy, the points disappear before I can use them? This started to happen a lot in case 5.

  92. dave says:

    i need someone to file my reports and have been requesting but only have one i need two more can someone help me?

  93. Rita Butler says:

    in chapter 11 it wont let me put the bottle pieces together

  94. Can you tell me if you have an app or something like Social Theater or the like? I can't watch videos for energy and I can't figure out why? My mother and I both play, she can get energy and I can't. I noticed she has and app called Social Theater and that's the only difference in our game play. Any help would be appreciated.

  95. jill miles says:

    For over a week now i have been having a problem King Ciminal Case, cannot send or receive from friends I reload again but it goes all fuzzy nothing happens. Very very disappointed with not being able to get help. Will have to seize playing Kings games Sorry

  96. Ben says:

    Was a good game till you made it want to post every time you do anything. Also pisses me off that it goes to the energy screen every time you have below 20 energy – it's irritating and patronising, if I want to use my food, I know where it is. Please change it back to the way it was

  97. Sachin Singh says:

    The message box only receive 200 msg that contan +1, +2, or card……..Is there any way to increase your message box limit?

  98. anita says:

    How do I send energy gifts to my friends? When I click on the energy gifts, its doesnt show the friends I want to send the energy to?????

  99. Diann says:

    I need friends who will send reports for me. How can I connect

  100. mamabird smith says:

    I have reached level 10 and now the game will not open so I can continue. How can I fix this? whenever I click on the icon, it says problem.

  101. mamabird smith says:

    (sorry) it says "cannot display webpage" I am going to it thru facebook as I always have and I can still get into all of the other games that I usually play. What's the deal???

  102. Helen Murphy says:

    i am at level 113 and now its telling me they cannot display web page what the heck is going on???? i have you sent fb 3 messages and no replys yet are you all too busy to help?????

  103. peggy peters says:

    i got first place in every scene, yet at the end of the game, i was awarded a "bronze" medal (third place) Why wouldn't i have gotten a gold medal? I played all nine scenes

  104. Hafsa says:

    I used to love this game on facebook, I still love it. when I got off of facebook, I was so depressed, I know, dramatic. One day, my cousin found it on the ipad, so I play it again! If anybody's aware of this, I have a question for you; on facebook, you had to get 5 stars on each case to pass the level, on the ipad, do I still need 5 stars on each case? because a new case keeps coming so often, so do I have to get 5 stars on each case on the ipad? you can email me your answers at hafsamufti@gmail.com

  105. christine says:

    How do i use my overflow of energy like it says o/110? so does my other stuff how do i use it

  106. Emm says:

    How many times do you have to find items in any one scene. I seem to be going back to sme scene hundreds of times??

  107. CursorySomberNickel says:

    Can I unlock l level 2 by waiting 3 days. I don't want to spend any money and I'm not on facebook

  108. cheryl Duitsman says:

    I love to play the game criminal minds, however the language in the game is filthy. This language is not necessary because the game is fun. I have posted this on my site on facebook, that until the language is changed I will no longer be playing the game.

  109. Sara says:

    I just finish 4 levels and the other levels say not available yet. Does anyone know how long it takes a scene to become available? Is there something I have to do to get access to it?

  110. Jan Moto says:

    The game forces you to hand over the names of friends on Facebook in order to advance. If there were a version that did not violate privacy so much I would play it. I uninstalled the app from my phone once I discovered that I would need to give the names of 3 Facebook friends in order to advance to the next level. That’s not a game, that’s recruitment.

    • Samara says:

      I think you have misunderstood how that works. You don't have to give up the names of 3 friends to advance, all you have to do, much like other games, where you request energy/help/money etc, you press on "ask friends" this is to ask your friends if they'll send you a report back, once you have 3 reports sent back, (from others friends who play the game so no violation!), you move on to the next case. When you click ask Friends it only brings up a list of friends who also play this game, they will also ask You for reports along the way, it is simply asking for a helping hand form a fellow player, no privacy violation whatsoever (no more than any risk taken by using Facebook or playing any game ever). I am an admin on a criminal case Facebook page, I can assure you all the players do this on every case, including myself & fellows playing friends.

  111. georgie bossard says:

    How do I get the 'oops error page off my page when the game opens up behind it?

  112. Pat says:

    I want to move on to number 3 or new cases but I can't move up. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I got all my stars but I have to keep playing the same scenes over and over again.

  113. Samara says:

    I am an admin in the 'criminal case investigators group' Facebook page, we help each other out, add friends to use as partners (that's how you get the poker cards) the more friends you have, the more energy you will receive as gifts, keeping you playing. We also share gifts direct form the developers & our admin keep away all spam & hack posts, banning the users who try, keeping it fun & clean. Admins are also available to answer any questions and all members share their rewards links for OJ and coins and chips, which are all transferable for energy. Our page is friendly & well looked after, Not a big hot mess like so many other groups that have been started out there! Come join us!! The more you understand the game & how it works, and the more friends you get to help you with energy so you can continue to play, the more you'll love this game!! :)

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