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The unceasing conflicts between cops and robbers or between cowboys and Indians are not only well-known in our childhood, but also widely-recognized in the society. And that kind of theme is also popular in the field of online games. Out of interest and curiosty, we downloaded and tested Crossfire.

If you were once addicted to the cult game Counter-Strike, you will be definitely charmed by Crossfire, a multiplayer online shooter developed by Neowiz and published by SG Interactive. First and foremost, we want to clarify that Crossfire is anything but a beauty before we take you to jump into the game world. Published in 2007, Crossfire leaves the graphical impression that it originates from the time shortly before the turn of the millennium. If you think that the disappointing appearance won’t do any harm to your gaming pleasure, you are welcome to read through the following test.

At the beginning, you must overcome an annoying hurdle: If you give some wrong login information, you will have no chance for a second attempt. Inevitably, you will be forced to enter into the game on your desktop. But it is not a problem at all for those who never make a mistake. Are you one of the scrupulous people?

Set in a gloomy grey world, Crossfire features the endless conflicts between two mutually hostile parties, namely, the Global Risk and the Black List. Of course, you have to choose to join in one of the two factions. Then you create a character, give it a name and march into the dark world.

After you have chosen a lobby, you are allowed to equip your hero with purchased or earned weapons which can be found in your “Storage”. In addition, it is also possible to visit the item shop in which you can spend real cash in exchange for advanced weapons.

This game incorporates a variety of familiar game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Elimination, Search & Destroy, Free-For-All Mode as well as Ghost Mode. The last mode is a bit unusual, and it is not accessible in the European version. But now we will be able to delve into the zombie-infested adventures. Team Deathmatch is probably easy to grasp. You are propelled to an arena to fight against your opponent until a certain amount of time is expired or you have reached a predetermined number of kills. Elimination means that you have to slay all the members of the enemy team. In Search & Destroy, you are put under great pressure because of threatening time bombs. The Ghost Mode is also called Stealth which forces you to deal with a nearly invisible enemy team. But don’t worry too much because those “ghosts” can only use melee weapons, that is, knives! Some of your teammates will be infected with a virus and transformed into super-powered mutants within a short time. In this case, you must try every means to cure them; otherwise, the combat power of your team will be greatly diminished.

With the varied modes, you will never feel bored in this game. What’s more, Crossfire also boasts 10 well-designed maps for you to explore. There are winding passages which are the perfect places to launch ambushes, and there are also well-placed locations for snipers and enough coverage for you to deliver exciting firefights. The fast-paced battles usually end very rapidly, and team play is the key to victory, unless you play the Free-For-All Mode. However, not every game mode is available on a given area. The maps for each mode are adjusted accordingly so that the settings for the Ghost Mode will make little or no sense to Team Deathmatch.

Weapons are of particularly importance in Crossfire. You can buy them in a virtual shop with the so-called GPs. At the very beginning, you are given 50,000 GPs. However, it is not advisable to go on a shopping spree without an aim. Undoubtedly, it will be certainly bizarre to see a greenhorn running through the wilderness with a bazooka on his shoulder. To lay hands on a specific weapon, you have to reach a certain rank which must be achieved by good performance in the matches. In this way, you will be significantly motivated in the following quests

With each newly-acquired rank, you are offered a chance to visit the in-game store for better weapons using the money rewarded by the developer. But it is a little nasty that you are only allowed to use special weapons for a while instead of possessing them permanently. As a result, you are forced to unleash their power to the fullest because of the pressure of deadline.

But there is no need to worry about being lack of weapons for the majority of them can be used for the duration of the game. Furthermore, you will be constantly rewarded with GPs if you perform well in the game. But it will take you a long time to collect a massive number of them.

As aforementioned, there are not only ordinary weapons like guns, but also special items like grenades and aerosols. Additionally, you can even embellish your avatar with some gorgeous outfits, like a fashionable hat. Depending on the season, you can even find some special decorative stuff, such as giant pumpkins and Christmas hats. Those fancy items will cost you some money, and they will only be available for a limited time, just like the special weapons.

Generally speaking, the developer seems very eager to offer its users as many options as possible in Crossfire, which is shown by the countless number of events in which you will be engaged as long as you carry on your exploration. It is also important to boost up the cohesion of your clan as well as the cooperation of your team because you will certainly gain more achievements and have more fun along with your buddies.

It is already mentioned that the biggest shortcoming of Crossfire is its graphics. Its texture is clearly not contemporary with our era, which drives tears to our eyes. And the actions proceed extremely fast, so we have to deal with connectivity issues now and then. But as we know, the game is still in its beta phase. There is still a chance that those problems can be solved in its international version.

Last but not least, the developer has to fight against an excessive number of cheaters and hackers in the European version of the game, which may make the game literally unplayable. As an online shooter, fairness and team play should always be given the top priority. As a result, we hope this problem can be also worked out in the international version.


Crossfire is fun to play, thanks to its fast-paced gameplay, tactical combat and generous rewards. To stand out from the rest, you need to, first of all, build a well-rehearsed team. In this way, it will be much easier to rise in rank and obtain better weapons. But its visual effect is not at all intended for a game in 2011, which is a bit frustrating.

This downside alone will scare a bunch of players, which is just an incredible shame for Crossfire is currently a really good alternative to Counter-Strike. Besides, we still have other worries: How many weapons and advantages players can buy without jeopardizing the much-needed balance? Whether the problem of hackers and cheaters will arise out of hand in this country? Only time will tell!


Visually, Crossfire looks like a game before the turn of the millennium. Players may soon get weary of the washed textures and polygon-shaped objects.


The musical background of this game is neither bad nor particularly memorable, but at least, it serves its purpose.


In Crossfire, you will have access to fast-paced multiplayer events, a wide variety of game modes and extensive world maps. Since it is essentially a multiplayer shooter, you have to pay great emphasis on achieving effective team play.


As we have repeatedly reiterated, the cohesion of your team is very important to the outcome of battles. If you want more social enjoyment, you can form a clan or join an existing one.

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