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Crush City

Crush City

Release Date:  April 17, 2013
Publisher:  Qublix
Developer:  Qublix
Genre:  Matching Three, Puzzle

Crush City is a Facebook-based tile matching game from Qublix with an interesting but somewhat irrelevant premise, a conventional gameplay as well as an obtrusive monetization strategy. Though it is still fun to play early into the game, there is nothing particularly original to elevate it from the crowded spectrum of matching-three classics, including Diamond Dash and Candy Crush Saga.


The world is torn by catastrophes and you are to rebuild a one city after another as humanity’s last hope. Innumerable blockades and limited lives and fuel are always there hampering your progress, but good reflexes and quick observation can already lead you pretty far into the game. Interesting as the story might sound, there is not much relevance to be detected throughout the game, though the general map does change a little bit after you have completed a few levels.

Gameplay will not appear strange to you if you are a regular matching-three player, as what you will be doing most of the time in this game is clearing groups of same-colored adjacent gems within a certain number of moves or a fixed amount of time. Each time you try at a new level, you spend one life, which will be refilled if you successfully finish the level. As you delve deeper into the game, you are likely to encounter a lot of “blockades”, which may pose some welcome challenges. At these moments, clearing surrounding possible matches or taking a circumvent strategy to drop more tiles downwards can often secure your success without fail.

Obviously there is some variety here with regard to gameplay, but the mechanism is everything but new. When the abomination of obtrusive monetization starts to creep in, you will probably find your lukewarm interest slumping to indifference or even disgust. With soft currencies, namely coins, you can buy boosts before a level, while hard currency- in game cash can bring you more powerful help in the middle of the game. For example, with the help of these in-action boosts, you can have your tiles reshuffled with titles of the same color put neatly together, or paint groups of gems into one color. Honestly, this is tolerable to me, because if I do not have a comparable wallet compared with others, I may at lease make up with more wisdom. The real shame is in the compulsory number of coins needed in order to play a level, meaning without money input, you may find to your indignation that your access to next level is hopelessly blocked. It is both unfair and mean.

Equally bothersome is the game’s all too obtrusive social features. Not only are the game’s main interface clustered by its social functions, the starting and end of a level also see the nagging popping up of similar hints. Perhaps it does not intend to be a game where you can have a few quiet fun at all.

Fairly speaking, Crush City has decent visuals and proper soundtrack, but it is hopelessly flawed by its all too pervasive monetization and social promotion, if its traditional gameplay can be pardoned.

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