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Crystal Legacy

Crystal Legacy

Release Date:  01/2012
Publisher:  Xixigames
Developer:  Yipeegame
Genre:  MMO, RPG

Crystal Legacy (Also referred to as Crystal Saga, and Saga of Hero) is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG from Xixigames . Featuring 5 races (knight, rogue, priest, ranger and mage), the game lets you try the unique skill of each class with up to 4 accounts at the same time.

Players enter the fantasy land as a know-nothing boy/girl, leveling up by doing favors to the elders, such as killing monsters, collecting herbs, delivering wine. And at a certain level, PvP is activated, players are encouraged to challenge dungeon bosses, join a team/guild or fight each other, until they rule the land and unlock the mystery of their identity.

The game features a pet system and mount system in which players are able to capture mothers as their pets and purchase mount for quick movement, respectively. Besides the title over their head, pet and mount also serve as the status symbol in this densely populated gaming world.

The quest of Crystal Legacy can be a perfect guide even for non-English speaking players. You click the underlined text on the left, and then the avatar goes to the right place to do the right thing. By the way, don’t forget AFK (away from keyboard) mode.

11 Comments on Crystal Legacy


  1. Heather says:

    what is the difference is this Crystal Saga and Saga of Hero??

  2. Chrono says:

    Nearly nothing, Crystal saga is harder but a bit cheaper, they say saga of hero is costy but easy , while this is easy and cheap

  3. WayanK says:

    how to top-up in crystal legacy ??

  4. Gabriel says:

    i will help you go top up the top right you can see the word"top-up" there

  5. andre pusamania says:


  6. Jayson says:

    GM help me my account LeonLord and Princess is H A C K my things in Princess and LeonLord it's gone now can you help me :'(( GM plssss

  7. Jayson says:

    GM help me :'((

  8. carlos says:

    como eh q bota vip?

  9. Rakesh sharma says:

    This is incredible to play words with friends but if anyone has cheat words friends finder then they can crack it easily and win against to anybody

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