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Crystal Legacy Preview

Sara Lau
Feb 23,2012  07:02 by

Crystal Legacy is a free-to-play, 2.5D isometric MMORPG set in fantasy medieval world. Developed by China-based XiXigames, it was firstly launched in Taiwan back in early 2011 has already achieved an extensive cult following and was praised by many players. Now it has been localized for English-speaking countries and is ready to hit the market.

The game features 5 different races: Elf (archer), Assassin (warrior), priest (healer),daemon (elemental magic caster), and Fighter (tank character), each class bears its own strength and weakness, preferred combat style and weaponry.

The very first glimpse of this game makes me feel as if I were playing the client-based MMO. Even if you are to evaluate this game using the current standard to new releases, it is by no means inferior to the latest ones. The background of graphic is a feast to eye. The newbie town is sketched in an overall dark color, but the adjacent trees and grasses are twinkling soft golden light, as if firebugs are blazing with their own luminescence in summer night. Besides, those cartoonish brightly colored costumes of NPCs and player characters also make a great contrast to the night-shrouded village. The terrain details of wilderness map are also significant and combat animations are gorgeous, you may hardly believe that you are playing the web-browser game if you toggle it into full screen.

I choose Daemon, because I always prefer classes fighting at the edge of battlegrounds. The game begins with chains of simple quests, and the auto path-finding will direct players to the destinations. Thanks to such a friendly tutorial for newbies, you are even told which mobs to target, when and how to heal yourself, and whether to loot or not. Actually, you can play this game and level up without even using more than a few buttons. Another brand new mechanism that attracts me is “Auto Gaming”, which allows you to put you character in AFK mode, what happens during those periods depends on how you specifically set various AI options. It is a pretty good idea making the boring and repetitive level-grinding work much less labor-intensive.

The game system is not new or uncommon, once I played around 1 hour for some fetching-and-delivering jobs, I managed to reach Level 10 and get a good grasp of basics of this game. Meanwhile I got my first pet through main quest. The game allows player to freely catch pets in the wilderness maps. You can also freely allocate pets’ attributes to make them adapt to different circumstance: offensive, defensive or supportive. Pets can also be fed with certain items to mutate into higher-rank specie, and become more powerful and much cosmetically cool. After keeping on grinding, I got a mount around Level 15 and a wing around Level 20, which also play vital roles in the game. Cosmetic and premium items are the points where micro-transaction mechanism lies. Benefits for P2P players in the games are abundant and various, such as access to advanced gears, better mounts pets and wings, as well as quicker leveling-up.

Overall, with 5 classes, detailed skill systems, and various systems like item crafting, instances make Crystal Legacy look and play rather like oldschool client-based MMO. And both PvE and PvP modes are available for players to play in their own way. On the other hand, the sound effects are a bit repetitive although it is not a very big concern. The screen can get a bit too crowded in a mess, when world channel chat and name display over characters’ heads are overlapped one another. Crystal Legacy has loads of fun and is disturbingly addictive! Disregard some minor flaws, this game is perfect for both sole players and team-crazing gamers.

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    were i can bye a magic crystal

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