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Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga

Release Date:  2011/08
Publisher:  Crystal-Saga
Developer:  QianWang
Genre:  RPG

Crystal Saga is a 2D browser MMORPG in which you explore treasure, hunt for valuable items, slay creatures and communicate with your buddies in the world of Vidalia. The game proves a remarkable success in China as it closely follows the Chinese culture and background story while some client game elements have been implemented into the game.

Originally released in China under the title “魔神战纪“, Crystal Saga China has more than 100 servers including some affiliated publishers like Wan71.com, 37wan, and wowan365. On August 15, China-based R2Games behind Caesary, quietly launched an alpha server for Crystal Saga. After two week’s testing, R2Games launched the officially commercial server Himeng Valley, and Aurora Point.

In January 16, 2012, R2games released a new chronicle for Crystal Saga titled “Broken Realm“.

Graphically, Crystal Saga takes on the stunning anime style, from Character, to equipment, to monsters. To some extent, the game might want to reach more casual gamers under 25 years old. In terms of gameplay, Crystal Saga is characterized as what Warriors Saga offers.

Upon the first login, players should run errands in order to get fast levelled up and handsomely rewarded. After completing some basic dialogue, players could explore battle grounds and dungeons. It should be noted that all of activities are closely associated with game storyline. For example, if you want to do daily quests like Blessed Bath or Redemption, you will have to abide by the game rules to finish the quests.  Like most of Asian Free to play MMOs, Crystal Saga also incorporates an auto-pathing system in which players only need to click the target NPC to the destination.

Along the way, I am bathed in luscious strains as if a girl is playing violin gently. And everything looks well-integrated into the game environment, especially fantasy sequences (maps) involving Quest assignee and your characters.

Each class has two skill trees (Lightstream, Triple Strike, Shadow Slap) which they may learn from. Don’t worry about making mistakes selecting skills at this point in your development. You will be given an opportunity to reset your skill points in the near future. After learning a new skill, you can use your mouse to drag it onto your skill hotbar located near the bottom of your screen for quick access. When fighting monsters, your defeat attack will be automatically used. You may place any skill in the default attack slot.

When you are critically injured or dead, you have to options: revive on the spot (requires crystal free for level 10 and below) or you can revive yourself at the nearest town for free.

Perhaps some of the gamers revel in something like gambling, the “Dragon Hunt” Program is where players can try their luck and get some weapons, equipment, elixir by using special, non-tradable items. I personally do not recommend this system because that may potentially let players immersed in a status of being addictive!

If you are rich enough, you can spend some money on the game to get a pet or mount, which has been considered a show-up in the virtual world.


You can get our exclusive gift keys to boost your gaming experience. Or read the preview before you get started on the game.

DotMMO just played the game five minutes, and you can check our video to learn more about this game.


273 Comments on Crystal Saga


  1. Katos says:

    I would like to see this come out for iPad also

  2. Katos says:

    Pops I forgot to hit subscribe sorry for this spam message

  3. lili says:

    This game is pretty fun. The downside is that it has one server and with server overloads tends to cause massive lag (especially when there’s 5 mages in the frame blasting their AoEs).

    There are some other minor annoyances, but they are mostly related to the other players.

  4. myles says:

    i would like this to come out on ipad

  5. tucker says:

    this game should be come a MMORPG

  6. tucker says:

    a full time mmorpg

  7. tucker says:

    not a browser mmorpg i love this game an i think it should be come a full time mmorpg it would be a hit

  8. smartass says:

    just try luvinia from outspark its like this and diablo but u can move ur camera etc if u decide to hit up the country wind add Ziah and ill get u into the guild Wanted if u would like

  9. ben says:

    my acc got wiped :S

  10. Aslam says:

    Hello why i cant play this game….it say no campaignid

  11. Mysterious Visitor says:

    no campaignid


  12. aslam says:

    ermmmm…..yessss…now i can play …thx all

  13. julia says:

    Cant find this game today been playing for a few days now and its gone.

  14. Infernape person says:

    I hope this game would come out on samsung galxy s2 and things like that. It would probly become more popular.

  15. diego says:

    que droga nao to conseguindo entra no jogo

  16. PevvedOff says:

    [QUOTE]Duration: 9/11/2011 – 9/23/2011 (12 Days)
    Server: Kaymo Mountain
    Details: Plain and simple.. level as fast as you can within the first week of server launch. The top 10 players according to character rankings as of 4:30 P.M. EST on 9/23/2011 will receive a crystal reward![/QUOTE]

    It IS Official, and confirmed. The admins rig this so that ONLY the heavy Cash Shop players win. Lazarin is our resident pinoy within Mythical player…and the only one. At the appointed end time here in Forums, Mythical would have gotten away with all but the 4,500 Crystals…and Laz was kind enough to LET the rest of Mythical try to walk away with prizes, especially those who could not afford the Cash Shop at this point in time. The Prizes and Title were not passed out until Laz became #1 in both title and Gold. So tyvm for your hard work CS staff, and tyvm for pissing off a number of good players due to shoddy principals. Once rules are clearly stated, you should stick by them…especially if you have no idea if one of your big CSers are trying to be kind.

    If you plan to play…spend on the CS wisely!

  17. esdras says:

    e´ paia o jogo

  18. saadkachani says:

    on peux choisir la langue francaise pour jouer dans se jeux? svp aider moi

  19. nerdhustler says:


  20. alien says:

    i think its epic!!!

  21. ivy_38 says:

    i hate this all the servers are unavailable -.-

  22. yeriko says:

    how to make a list of its

  23. aqw says:

    paia o jogo + da pro gasto neh

  24. Roberta says:

    can never seem to be able to log in – Server not found

    CometBird can't find the server at cs.r2games.com.

    been going on for couple of days now

  25. repersbandola says:

    helo po mztan na po

  26. Aoc23 says:

    gostaria se fosse em portugues!!!!!

  27. lavila says:

    Am level 25 in it's this mission i have it is so hard to do because it's these monsters i have to fight to complete the mission but it's so hard to defeat them……………….

  28. dudu says:

    eu Acho q e muito massa mesmo de fe

  29. ray says:

    i can't finish orison's quest where you're suppose to get back his introduction letter, even though i got it back i can't give it to him somehow? Can anyone help me with this?

  30. Kiara says:

    how to log in ?

  31. Player says:

    How do you reset your skill points?

  32. willian says:

    porra vcs nao fala portugues nao??

  33. :P says:

    only problem for me is wen ya do all the quests its rlei hard to level up on monsters :L need a better way for leveling !!!!!!!

  34. amy lee says:

    i love crystal saga its a game that locks you in when you start to play

  35. clinton says:

    i love crystal saga …?k..!!!

  36. brasileirinho says:

    alguem aqui fala portugues????

  37. peter says:

    awsome game

  38. Heidi aguayo says:

    cool cool!! game

  39. cristian says:

    como se pega pet

  40. jesse says:

    every i try to log in under facebook i have to make a new profile not hape about that fix it

  41. DuDu says:

    muito massa

  42. maxmogo says:

    quero jogar crystal saga muinto deve ser muinto legal

  43. nicole says:

    awesome game played it before hope you can try it!!!.

  44. animetion says:

    gimana cara daftar nya io

  45. Adji says:

    this prefect game

  46. jarahkaltrol says:

    nce game im injoy???/

  47. michael6 says:

    the games good

  48. *Iulia*Andrea* says:

    imi place mult jocul
    i like this game

  49. dangle22222 says:

    I like crystal saga

  50. da20 says:

    oi para todos

  51. ฟ้าใส says:


  52. badong08 says:


  53. inayarcip says:

    brpa mnit lgi ljalannya

  54. yushafil says:

    aku nak main cristal saga

  55. Mathias says:

    totally nice game

  56. rejaysiat10 says:

    galingan ninyo

  57. andressa says:

    oi e se jogo e legal agredite e muita legal

  58. Lilah says:

    how do i store inventory items?

  59. Ex-Mapler says:

    This game is way better than Maplestory 😛

  60. ryan says:

    oi so u mais fote en todos os jogos

  61. Awesomedude99 says:

    How do u login again after u log off?

  62. grace christiansen says:

    how do i make someone in to a spouse on this game

  63. angel says:

    good game

  64. محمد says:

    اهلا وسهلا

  65. Nafis Abd Aziz says:

    best game die……… tapi selekeh sikit………………..

  66. محمد says:

    اهلا وسهلا يا اصحاب

  67. vidia says:

    i absaloutly agree this it like the coolist game ever and i mean it i mede myselth a profile as a mage and it rocks

  68. maria says:

    que merda

  69. shin says:

    es muy bieno

  70. shin says:


  71. محمد says:

    لماذا لاتفتح crystalsaga

  72. cati says:

    super joc

  73. MayRainsworth says:

    The game is kinda hard at first, but it all comes together in th end.

  74. MayRainsworth says:

    This game is cool, but some people may way too big a deal out of it! lol really lol :^)

  75. JUSTIN BIBER !!!! says:

    só tem nego em ingles SHUAHSAUSHAUSHAH vtnc entendo porrá nenhuma se alguem aki do BRASILLL !!!!!!! souber pq nao consigo acessa meu char explica pfv n tem no google e tpw quando clico play akela porrá nao vai !!!

  76. chris vincent says:

    hilak iop

  77. bullet says:

    how do u get a spouse on this game

  78. Yuukineko says:

    Why can't I ever keep my character? Is it just how the game is? Cause this makes the 4th time I've had to start over Dx

  79. gabismecherul says:

    e tare jocul am fost level59

  80. gabismecherul says:

    e tare (Y)
    ma joc in fiecare zi si ma fac lvl

  81. markjoseph says:

    im playing this now

  82. ianchan says:


  83. kid says:

    how do you log off of crystal saga

  84. kid says:

    please hurry and reply asap

  85. Fajar says:

    Why I can't play Crystal Saga..??? i can't browse cs. T.T

  86. Miki says:

    e un jok 4fun ;x

  87. Peter says:

    Hi can some one tell me why i can't log in crystal saga i'm from indonesia

  88. kolosus says:

    naspa jocu ca nustiu sal joc :))

  89. canibal says:

    ae pq a porra do jogo naum quer entra porra

  90. ^_^ hahahah says:

    where ican find epic items like tokens and mohrp crystal

  91. Giugatinho says:

    oh guys you guys Thurs sabian this game is not online because I tried to play more even gave my colleague so I stopped playing and you guys play careens crap go down and Thurs or more online or not you wished to continue playing this game and their problems or provide Thurs and that there wanted to talk vlw

  92. nathy123456 says:

    o jogo e mo massa

  93. TROY2 says:


  94. Robson says:

    Para que serve um parra de 1/10000 para que serve ? um rosa——- >

  95. glenn432 says:

    awesome game but don't know how to save

  96. david says:

    my acount is cool and how do you change servers with the same account
    account name davidandrews

  97. felipe mendes says:

    eu so nao sei como tira pvp lol

  98. lotty says:

    how are you meant to sign in

  99. kagome751999 says:

    i play ilike the game but when i switch off computer last time now i cann't go to my last char so my question HOW TO GO TO PLAY ON MY LAST CHAR???

  100. None of ur buisness says:

    main annoyance: a godamn level 38 cleric vs a lvl 51 blood cleric
    who wins? the godamn lvl 51 of course hate it cuz they always hunt the low lvls down

  101. shofia says:

    oi pesoal

  102. TrueFacts says:

    This is a complete rip off of maplestory.

  103. brian says:

    i like this game…

  104. reinier says:


  105. captain saga says:


  106. mayara says:

    porcaria de jogo

    so eu de brasileira e eu nao sei jogar aquela merda de jogo!!

  107. volia says:

    como faço para jogar

  108. troyturon says:

    vc ' vc

  109. shinigamikouryu says:

    How do I change my look?
    Hair, etc… ?

  110. adrian says:

    what happen i can't play something wrong in the website !

  111. †RεD† says:

    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.

    I cant go to cs.r2games.com

    what is the problem???

  112. ryanfd says:

    como se cria uma comta

  113. aquamrine says:

    best game i ever plaid!

  114. balance105 says:


  115. filipe costa says:


  116. cleytinho47 says:


  117. erwennel says:

    i have a character mage his level is 58 its so hard to get that level

  118. erwennel says:

    now i have a rouge it`s level 15 now he is have a mount

  119. erwennel says:

    my level is now 78 its so strong now

  120. victor says:

    eu criei uma conta mas não consigo uzar

  121. sasuque says:

    ojogo até que vale apena

  122. cicakgurls says:

    any game like this?

  123. alisson says:

    q droga meu jogo não qé entra agora q so lel 30

  124. MrFoda says:

    ja to lvl 34 quase 35 me procurem no servidor 53 Altar of Sacrifice MrFoda guild DeathSquad recrutando Brs e portugas lvl 30 +

  125. jirehjoy says:

    i love it so much crystal saga

  126. ryan_23 says:


  127. luanmendessilva says:

    como rentra

  128. ben says:

    massive CS game, be prepared to spend $100's to be competitive, or spend a few months farming, even worse that the only good spot that drops items that are worth anything, are on limited supply per day.

    Feel like just creating one of these types of games because the amount that people spend on these games are retarded, then they have the audacity to bag people that pay a monthly subscription when they shell out hundreds over a few days / weeks / months

  129. fredmoore says:

    i love crystal saga tagi na hin boxing bear

  130. iasin says:

    é muito legal, no jogo tenho mago mas quero ter prata mais rapido

  131. paolo says:


  132. Crysa says:

    im levlel 50

  133. klebson says:

    muito legal e ainda mais e rpg

  134. mckevin4mae says:

    astig pala 2 eh

  135. relyt says:

    where is the kings messenger?

  136. I simply could not go away your web site prior to suggesting that I really loved the usual info an individual provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back steadily in order to inspect new posts

  137. Gani says:

    Asik Game nya ni gan, klw bisa game nya di update trus yaa..

  138. Alyssonbr says:

    alguem nesse jogo e br si for min add Alyssonbr

  139. yoel52 says:

    your wajajajajajajajajajaja

  140. phonak icom says:

    Nice post. I was watching continuously this website and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info especially the last part I care for such info much. I was looking for this specific info for a long time. Thankyou and best of luck.

  141. synmater says:

    its the cool gamei ever had

  142. Tuan says:

    tro` nước ngoài vl đé0 hiểu cái gì

  143. redsquash says:

    It's amazing though i can't get my password on crystal saga

  144. .silkrad. says:


  145. drago1212 says:

    con que se cura???

  146. wallisson says:

    oi crytau sagrado

  147. maydokuro says:

    so hard to play!!!

  148. hebertkkty says:

    muitoo bom esse jogo

  149. raul says:

    numi place jocul pentru ca dupa o zi nu mai il am pe magicean

  150. jean25990253 says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk boa

  151. Maga 4000 says:

    Me encanta este juego!!!!

  152. Maga 4000 says:


  153. cyclone says:

    e massa

  154. nathy says:

    eh mo paia

  155. syahrul reza says:


  156. aLeL27 says:

    how can i easily get crystals?..ahm am a new in the game

  157. stefane says:

    ele e legal acho ke todo mundo gostou tb

  158. stefane says:

    naum estou conseguindo entrar alguem me ajuda !!!

  159. dfghj says:

    how you log in?

  160. anjul123 says:

    ea parse nose cualm mision hay que hacer para pasar al nivel 11

  161. howen says:

    ang ganda ahahahaahaha

  162. Erwennel says:

    The New server is not connecting

  163. matheusrdniz says:

    esse jogo é zk

  164. Kristal says:

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to http://www.r2games.com
    Try reloading: http://www.­r2games.­com
    Additional suggestions:
    Access a cached copy of http://www.­r2games.­com
    Search on Google:
    ….cant play crystal saga anymore…help..

  165. Aizuria says:

    me and my friend have been having a hard time getting in

  166. bryan says:

    i cant find the login page

  167. Aizuria says:

    i wish they could put crystal saga on a play station then on the net. it's realy hard to get in even if you don't have an real e-mail adress. my friend and i can't get in. 🙁

  168. sherwin says:

    o men my account is missing

  169. samuel says:


  170. Waste says:

    This game is getting sucks i cant event log-in my character back after leveling up to 30… on the new server. i tried to post to their forum but suddenly i wont let me access… peace of crap game.

    Dont waste your time in this game.. there is a lot of game which has better assitance!!!

    Crystal shits!

  171. renan says:

    é muito legal esse jogo e é muito sex nas mulheres

  172. daria4ever11 says:

    imi pace sa ma joc crystal saga

  173. pelokao says:

    para onde vai ovo de anjo
    item raro ganhei roleta

  174. cristiano says:

    eu adorei este jogo

  175. richard says:

    crystal saga muito loco

  176. naointeressa says:

    paia é o seu cú –' presta atençao velho por ser um jogo de internet é muito bom –'

  177. zerlina says:

    i think this is a awsum game

  178. kEXIN says:

    I have played crystal saga like..for 5 months..and the gameplay is very good..you should try it! 😉 but upgrading stuff is really tedious..im stuck with a bear mount :((

  179. Wacka says:

    how do u save your character?

  180. rama says:


  181. deded says:

    how to log in??? i keep sign up….

  182. jasd says:

    q pasa no abre el juego??

  183. caicanono says:

    plzzzz>accept me

  184. sisi123 says:

    eu sunt din romania!

  185. Miyra says:

    Me too. I can't seem to log in to my old account at all!

  186. 9-009 says:

    Idk… it's a lil fun

  187. Samantha says:

    Ikr? It's a little boring no offense!!

  188. Coxcletle says:

    Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, parrots – who do you prefer? Or dialect mayhap what that bottomless animals – snakes, crocodiles, lizards, monkeys?

  189. dreyk says:

    this shit does not charge enough in him to 85%

  190. dreyk says:

    my name I's dreyk

  191. nadia says:

    I want to log in but how?

  192. SALSA says:

    bagaimana daftar crystal saga

  193. cirinho says:

    e paia merno mais e massa habbo

  194. reaper says:

    how do you get the letter ?

  195. Tonyadey says:

    Help! I am a leveled Scion 74, I was playing right along and it said: The Server: cs.r2games.com:80 requires a user name and password. The Server Says: Nagios Access. And it is a little login box. When I put all 8 of my different characters in. None come up. The Login page won't load. It just keeps coming up with that login box. So NO login page! It won't even pull up and I have tried every which way to try to load the login page! Thus me typing in a comment here! I am very frustrated! There is no way to contact any help! Luckily I am a free player who hasn't payed anything! I still want on! Help help help!!!!!!!! Hopefully it is just a glitch and will fix itself! Please help! Thanks!

  196. Team says:

    I don’t know this game before…

  197. Team says:

    Is this game and Tamer Saga for glory are the same?

  198. lohit says:

    hi,im playing crystelsaga in r2games.com in tundara server i cant enter the r2games website.im lv 42 in the tundara server.pls help me how to solve this problem.thx advance

  199. miirroo says:

    mucho legál

  200. Tudor says:

    I have a problem I do not know which site to login to crystal saga have an account with Pet you do not want to lose you please give me website. Please 🙁

  201. Crystal Saga Sucks says:

    Dont play this. All of the new features that the devs put out are cash based. As in pay us $300+ and you can get good at this game.

    Also this game is all about egos.

  202. bwitchin says:

    been playinf for about 3months..plan on playing for a long time..i'm addicted!…lol

  203. FIRE says:


  204. Clifton Yong says:

    What is uppercase???

  205. anis21 says:

    the game was very awesomeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. druid70 says:

    I love it

  207. chooichin says:


  208. edilson says:

    ese jogo e munto bom mais o ruim que agora as coisa ta munto cara rsrs

  209. grassiella says:

    oh my dollz

  210. tempo says:

    First off, to people who want to try the game – “Don’t bother to try the game, it is a waste of time”

    Still who are interested let me review it for you. I have played the game in a stretch of 10 months or so & have a 120 level(max) character too(now a bit outdated for few weeks).

    It is a mmorpg, simple as that with multiple classes. As any asian game it needs to grinding to level up at higher levels & quests are never sufficient. You can upgrade a hell lot of a thing like, wings, gears, soul, pet, mount etc. etc. etc.

    Now the things you will sulk if you start trying even after I said you not to.

    Class: There are 4 classes, mage, priest, ranger & rogue. As someone said earlier an mmo should have balanced classes with similar impact on gameplay. It was same when I started in the beginning too. The mages with aoe & priests with healing & buffs seemed little stronger or convenient for things. But when you keep leveling & upgrading the things become weird. The obviously weak-looking class “rogue” becomes strongest. Believe me or not a level 70 well equipped rogue can beat a level 120(of same plane) well equipped other class in every single aspect of the game! The most painful part is that r2games(the developers) know plenty well about this & never doing anything(the game is like 2 years old now). So if you still insist on trying start with a rogue character or better read the later part of this review.

    Events: This game holds events & many events at that. You will get many many things if you can outmatch the cashers or high level players. But still it is appreciable that there is option. Problem is if you look closely to it the events are virtually 24×7(if you count leveling up your character too). That is if you have a real life, or if you can’t play on a single character with at least one real life partner you can’t possibly make use of the events.

    Pay2Win: Now the cashing. It is obviously pay to win game. I said about many many events before. But what makes it most interesting that cashing is must to leech the usable benefits of most of the events(the useful ones if I daresay). There is a thing called success rate in the game for enchanting weapons or equipments, making higher level pets, morphing mounts etc. If you are a casher & a good one at that you can get anything done with a tenfold success rate than others. Example: You a non-casher(or small casher) tried to make a burning angel & at last got it using approx 700x morph crystals. You may soon come accross every good casher of your server who got it in like with 40-50 morph crystals. Luck favours how much you cash in this game. I must ensure that being ViP is not enough in the game(I was one for the whole period I played).

    Now the most interesting part.

    r2games: They presumably made the game for big cashers which was always evident from every aspect of the game & how no non-casher could catch up with cashers whatever effort they put into it. Yet the recent development was shocking enough! R2 gave “Game Master” access to one of the players for his all accounts. They gave him everything he asked for a large amount of money he invested in the game(heard about 200k USD). He was able to delete or manipulate his co-players’ accounts at his whim or convenience(he admits that he deleted few non-cooperating players of his server!). Now somehow he got annoyed for being mistreated by r2 & got some revenge & exposed the deals! So be ready to compete with this guy in spending too if you still want to play this game! or, may be on a random day some casher will get your hard-played & may be cash invested account/character deleted.

    So all & all this game is a no no for my point of view. As r2games hold many more interesting games, after that recent revelation about GMship to a huge casher, I would pass all the games by r2 if I can’t spend like him!

    Good luck to all who likes to play decent F2P & MMORPGs ^_^

  211. friedricerer says:

    good game aaaand i found a way to get free 95 gold 😀

  212. If you want to get a good deal from this post then you have
    to apply these techniques to your won weblog.

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