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Crystal Saga Preview, An Anime browser game like Ragnarok Online

Aug 24,2011  04:08 by

While waiting for the entry, I would like to give a brief account of the background information of Crystal Saga, such as the settings, the main storyline, etc.

Like other fantasy games, it also offers the five classes, namely, knight, rogue, priest, ranger and mage. As the game is shown, you can see the characters are designed in a Japanese style manner, very adorable but quite sexy. So, let’s come to the exploration part of the Vidalia’s vibrant world.

The same shift again. Tutorials tell every point I should pay attention to, such as reading the sign when getting quests, how to use weapons in the inventory, how to level up and earn the in-game money. But it’s a little more convenient in Crystal Saga because the skill hotbar is actually on the interface and you don’t bother to find it anywhere, it’s easy and clear to see which skills you can use and then it feels better in battles.

And another scoring point is that under the mini-map, there is a “Quest Tracking”, listing all your quests there. You can just click the quests’ links without controlling your character moving towards the quests. This is much more simple and convenient. I should say, better than other games of its kind.

The main currency in the game is “Coin”, and you need to earn enough experience to level up. Oh, and you can be rewarded with some magic potions which can help heal after injuries. So, keep them with great care. Also, you can get those potions by collecting the special herbs to make it yourselves. Most of the times, the monsters have things you want. So, don’t be mercy with those ugly creatures and start killing is ok.

Leveling-up seems to be quite a big deal here, because unless you can reach level 10, you are not allowed to tame a pet of your own. Besides, like other fantasy games, you can found parties in order to win over a much more powerful monster than you.

Soon I reach level 10, and I have successfully tamed my own pet, a little bear cub! How exciting, but you cannot choose the pet, it seems only bear cubs are available.

The whole view of the interface seems to be orderly and very cute, just like you’re watching a cartoon series. And the background music is far from annoying, instead, the combination of the artistic design and the music could be totally relaxing, even during the battles, you won’t feel stressed. Above all, that’s why I call it a good game, relaxing and easing. Have fun!

8 Comments on Crystal Saga Preview, An Anime browser game like Ragnarok Online


  1. Guest says:

    Actually you can tame any pet on the pet taming island; bears, vultures, archers, crabs etc. and when you level up further you can tame different pets on different islands.

  2. talles says:

    muito bom esse jogo mais nao do conta de entra nele??????????????

  3. meme says:

    the first monster island u go to holds lvl 10 pets ; Bear cub and Archer and lvl 20 pets: beach crawler and vulture. u cant tame a pet hifher then urself

  4. i love crystal saga says:

    cool game i like it

  5. Riina says:

    I neeed to get this games sountrack or something like that. I fell in love with it whiles playing.
    Wish you could personalys your charackter more,odd to look at all the same looks lol.
    But that aside, a great game!

  6. jorge says:

    como puedo renplasar un poder

  7. rafiqi_no.1 says:


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