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Crystal Saga Review

Sara Lau
Sep 19,2011  08:09 by

Crystal Saga is a fantasy role-playing game set in the fictional world of Vidalia, where wars are waged between Good (Humans and Elves) and Evil (The Undead). Registration is easy, Initial Load Time merely lasts a few seconds, and character creation remains simple at the beginning: players choose their name, gender and class.

Players have 5 classes to choose from: Knight (standard fighter), Rogue (stealthy warrior), Priest (supportive healer), Ranger (long-distance attacker) and Mage (magic-speller). Since each character type has its own strength and weakness, the in-game combat on the whole is kept balance, which also invites teamwork. Character customization is reasonably good, yet outfits for female characters seem to be at odds with the combat style, which may be an attempt to cater for the favour of male players.

The background graphic is a delight to eyes; but on occasions the screen can turn out to be overcrowded with a jumble of overlapping figures and syllables so dense that players may well lose track of their own avatars or pets in the crowd. Although both sound effect and music are provided in it, each with their own volume control, the former gradually becomes annoying due to the repetitiveness, while the latter sometimes fails the fierce battle keynote by producing rather smoothing pieces.

The game begins with a series of simple tasks, which serve as tutorials to introduce different aspects of the gameplay. Once the players have completed the first main quest (Saving the mayor’s life), they will have reached level 10/11 and meanwhile get a good grasp of the basics. The mechanic for quests remains simple that players interact with NPCs who offer tasks to finish (usually involving other NPCs). Unlike other games of this genre entailing time-wasting search for NPCs, Crystal Saga allows you to go to the next task / NPC automatically, by Simple click on the underlined name in the Quest description. Once quests are completed, players will acquire various items, some of which cannot be used right away and have to be stored in inventory space for a certain time. Yet contrast to the handy quest mechanic, item-gaining process turns out to be less enjoyable, for it seems a bit of overkill to slay 50 ironbeaks just for 10 items. Simple yet surprisingly addictive, varied quests may appeal to players to delve into, spending hours before knowing it.

The real appeal of the game consists in its small team (party) play, which allows players to combine character strengths to defeat very powerful creatures. In addition, there are also guilds for players to socialize and interact within Crystal Saga.

Among all the fights, the AFK mode that allows players to continue fighting creatures and enemies while they sleep tinges those fierce battles with a touch of ease. The screenshot below demonstrates the many conditions, under which you can set on AFK. AFK cards are given to each player in the beginning of the game and more can be purchased.

As one would expect in a RPG, the player’s characters can be built up through a variety of means. Crystal Saga has a relatively simple skill tree but still supplies a player with ample opportunity to specialise his or her character; and better equipment is available, as players advance through the game. Players’ power rises as their characters and equipment level up gradually.

Pets also play a vital and central role in Crystal Saga. The variety of options for Pets is staggering. All players can have their first pets in the very beginning after finishing the tutorial main quest. Just like characters, Pets are able to upgrade by gaining experience and developing skills.

Benefits to paying players in Crystal Saga are abundant and varied, such as access to advanced equipment and better pets as well as quicker level-up, etc. Paying players do not have to worry about losing their accounts to inactivity either.

Crystal Saga has a very extensive guiding system on the main web page, providing great details on most of the games features.


Featuring high quality graphics and immersive quests, Crystal Saga can be played for hours on end. Meanwhile, the innovative AFK mode allows intrepid heroes to continue growing whilst players have a break. And both single-player mode and complex multi-players challenges are available for players to play their own way in the world of Vidalia.


Sound effect is very repetitive. The mechanic of overkill for limited items is rather annoying. The screen can get a little too crowded in a mess at times, spoiling graphics and blurring the ongoing gameplay.


Crystal Saga is lots of fun and is disturbingly addictive! This game is good for both sole players and team-crazing gamers.

5 Comments on Crystal Saga Review


  1. anne says:

    very adventurous!

  2. Devil_Killa says:

    i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bonjovi abrogena says:

    i want to play to dis game

  4. anon says:

    This game has horrible developers, they leave issues unattended and claim that they are investigating. Constantly ignoring customers questions.

  5. thetruth says:

    as someone who played this game for 2 years ill tell you to avoid this company, not just this game. “CS” is hosted by R2Games. That company is notorious for aiding and abetting cyber criminals. There is next to no customer support. The GM’s and moderators are abuse their power (except for 2 that ive seen that truly are helpful. still thats a very small % of R2 staff members). The game is riddled with well known bugs and exploits that have been reported thousands of times, and have yet to be fixed. The enchantment system in the game (and anything else with a certain % chance to forge something) is completely rigged and the real chances of success are not the same as the numbers shown on screen. (false advertising in my eyes seeing as they charge $$ for the items required) While the game is F2P you will not be able to play this game by yourself and have a good experience if you play on a new server and dont spend money. You have to spend thousands monthly in order to be able to compete with the top players in the game. Crystal (in game currency payments) always take up to 24 hours to deliver.

    Thats just the tip of the iceberg. STAY AWAY FROM R2GAMES AND CRYSTAL SAGA.

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