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CSI: Miami Heat Wave

CSI: Miami Heat Wave

Release Date:  October 3, 2012
Publisher:  Ubisoft
Developer:  Ubisoft
Genre:  Social Game

CSI: Miami Heat Wave is a Facebook-based social game developed by Ubisoft. The game mainly lets you role play a CSI Agent to trace the cause of murders, uncover evidence, interrogate suspects who are involved in cases, and bring to justice those guilty of crimes pervading Miami.


CSI: Miami Heat Wave works exactly as CSI: Crime City released two years ago except the storyline involved. You start searching evidence in the field training that requires you to search some tiles and to get some basic items and funding. Once you’ve searched all evidence in the field training, you can could leave the location and move forward to change your clothes.

The CSI agent you are going to role play can be male or female, both of who could dress up with dozens of options. For example, you can change your Agent’s skin tone, head, face and hat hair, and wear shoes and even equip some extras like glasses. When you reach a higher level, you will have access to more of the customizations free of charge.

Searching in the tiles will consume energy that refills one every three minutes, and the maximum energy will also grow as you level up. In the first two or three crime scenes, there is no problem to find evidence with a couple of tiles searched and the energy available is enough to find the evidence.

However, If you reach level 5 or higher, the situation will change. You will have to click on every tile to get the evidence collected. This could easily cause you to run out of energy. Since the higher your level is, the more grid tiles you will investigate in a single case. Perhaps this mechanic is not good to free players. On a positive note, The game comes up with rewards such as experience points and funding even if you were unlucky to search empty fields.

In addition to the searching rewards, there is a daily reward mechanism that rewards you every day as long as you log in the game. The rewards include Bio agent, revealer, silicone or stabilizer, which can also be purchased in the game store.

The plot in each case is the most appealing part of all. Your agent will question suspects after processing evidence in the lab and during interrogation you can choose to ask How, why, what, and the like. If the question you are asking exactly matches the evidence, your agent will have a conversation with the suspect involved. And finally the suspect will end up being arrested and the case is closed.

The game does offer some premium services such as exclusive premium shop items and CSI Elite agent membership that makes you recharge the energy faster and use more gadgets every day and even unlock more awesome shop items.

Speaking of the social options, CSI: Miami Heat Wave provides you with friend visiting and gift sending between friends. When you visit your friend’s lab, you can collect some supplies there and get Energy. But the number of items you could get from a player is very limited, so if you want to get more items, you need to send more invitations to your friends who may help activate the game and send the gifts to you.

In conclusion, CSI: Miami Heat Wave plays the way very similar to CSI: Crime City, and it feels like an expansion of the Crime City’s storyline with new cases and locations added.

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