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Cultures Online

Cultures Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  gamigo
Developer:  gamigo
Genre:  Simulation

Set yourself in a completely unacquainted environment in the remote freezing place neighboring Iceland in north Europe, and strive forward all the time with the hope of steeling yourself to be a real Viking hero!


In Gamigo’s online strategy game Cultures Online, you are expected to bring the richly endowed but not asserted land under cultivation as a Viking leader, and make the best of the abundant natural resources as well as to encourage your whole community to be united to concentrate your efforts on creating a prosperous and vigorous village.

After you have registered the game, endearing images of the heroes will heave in sight. You implement your leadership first and foremost through employing a number of Vikings to be whole-heartedly contribute to the construction of your “base area”. At the same time, it is up to you to determine whether the employees should help to expand your village or accompany your hero to various adventures and to accomplish quests. On the same basis, the appearance and development process of your village is entirely at your will, no matter you are more of a warrior type, fond of architecture, or resolved to become a noted researcher. You have every reason to believe that your small village will sooner or later turn into a flourishing metropolis owing to the joint efforts from you and your fellow Vikings, as is also one of the most outstanding features of this game. By the way, without doubt, you can form an alliance with your game friends to build a larger tribe, develop new technologies and strategies in order to cope with the quests that are to follow.

Another feature to be emphasized is that the battle system is rather easy to handle. The exclusive weapon your hero possesses determines his or her occupation, and the well control over the weapon or not depends on his or her skills the other way around. Similar to many MMOs, the game is divided into the PvP pattern where you can try a fall with your opponents roughly every ten minutes to gain experiences and values, and the PvE pattern where you embark on your expeditions which are more challenging yet more rewarding.

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  1. Biking Games says:

    Looking good games about cultures online! Although i have not played yet this game but awfully i will try to play this as early as possible and i hope that it will give me a lots of pleasure as well. So thanks for introducing this superb games.

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