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Cyber Monster

Cyber Monster

Release Date:  September 19, 2012
Publisher:  NGames
Developer:  PopPace
Genre:  Browser MMORPG

Cyber Monster is a free to play turn-based MMORPG for browsers, delivering an adventure-packed experience in the vibrant and brightly fantasy world where players role play cute characters to raise pets, learn magical skills, and challenge living opponents or NPC monsters.

The game is developed by PopPace and published China-based NGames, which has successfully published anime series games like Pockie Ninja 2 Social, Pockie Ninja 2 Original, and Pockie Pirates.


Anime style MMO can be fun and even it more often than not disappoints gamers with predictable gameplay, “Pay to Win” business model, and almost endlessly grinding to slay monsters. Eventually, the enjoyment gives way to boredom and frustration.

The motivation to rebuild the same game using a different title may be as ubiquitous as Made-in-China products can be found in every middle class’s family. From Caesary to Call of Roma, Crystal Saga to Crystal Legacy, Dawn of Darkness to Dragon’s Call II, it seems such business is prevailing among Chinese minds. Cyber Monster just came to the fore with a new name of Tamer Saga from PopPace.

Like a lot of Chinese browser MMORPGs, Cyber Monster does not deserve a second of your life.

After all, you click underlined contents in the mission tracking panel and click Accept or Complete in the dialog boxes that occasionally appear at the center of the interface and before you know it, you would be level 20. That persists until you are level 25 or 26 when you start to lose in battles.

And that’s why the upgrades of weapons and equipment are necessary. But also in that case arises a problem. In a game that allows automatic navigating and combating all the way, you may find the only thing that you need to do is compare all the stuff equipped with the ones you’ve got in your backpack. One by one, so as to choose the best of all. There is no such thing as tips that indicate you have obtained advanced armors or weapons and you might as well have them on your avatar. No. Never. If you still lose after you’re done with equipping the best gear you’ve got on your avatar, you will have to upgrade them.

Actually the game unnecessarily incorporates different upgrading systems, including the weapon and armor enhancements. To make sure you would win the battles, you not just upgrade the level of your hero, but also upgrade the levels of your companions as well as those of your gear. Besides, you level up various formations so as to adopt different strategies when confronted with different enemies. And as always, you need to upgrade your avatar’s skill, be it a warrior, a priest, a mage or a ranger.

The feature that Cyber Monster claims to make the game unique doesn’t turn out that way. On the contrary, the overall gaming experience has nothing different from most turn-based MMORPGs with Chinese origins. You follow the story quests and battle against assorted monsters including boxing rabbits, dark ghosts, pig kings, pirates, war horses and ghost riders. Once you succeed, you might get the opportunity to enlist the ones you’ve defeated in your Booklet. And you have to challenge them successfully before you can include them in your team, or as the game itself puts it, summon them as your pets. Anyway, it’s all about defeating monsters and making use of them, as you’ve seen in so many turn-based MMORPGs, especially Chinese ones.

Sarcastically, the grossest part lies in the mission system. We all know that auto-navigating and auto-combating make the gaming experience a lot easier and at the same time, much more boring. However, you have no choice but to deal with it, or forget about it, in Cyber Monster. The missions are described in a way that could disappoint any player that has come with a positive expectation. As a matter of fact, I personally prefer there were no descriptions at all. The ones they give are just remarks remotely connected with the quests and they never provide with enough details as to what you should do. And in that way, doing it yourself is not an option. It’s a mission impossible.

With all those flaws, Cyber Monster is anything but the game you want, although it manages to offer cute characters and monsters in the varying scenes.

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  1. dandan says:

    waiting:) I love chinese turn based!!

  2. Paul says:

    its tamer saga~ o.o the just changed the name!

  3. primus says:

    gmna kbrnya ??

  4. izerace says:

    want it

  5. DontKand says:


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