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Cyphers Online

Cyphers Online

Release Date:  2013
Publisher:  Nexon
Developer:  Nexon
Genre:  MOBA

Cyphers Online, powered by the Unreal Engine 2.5, is a third-person action MoBA from South Korea-based Nexon behind a lot of famous MMO games such as Dungeon & Fighter, Maple Story and Vindictus. The game features more than a dozen unique playable characters, each with distinctive abilities and varied upgradable weapons.


One of the factors that Cyphers Online has to recommend itself is the great cast of characters, each with dazzling stunts and stunning units. Trivia is a sexy female vampire good at ranged attack; Louis has an ingenious way to attack enemies with ice; the swordmaster Drexly is incredibly deft with the use of his long swords. Doyle is a great damage soaker, fighting with his arms and able to cause devastating damage to his antagonists; and Alicia is a magician who brings harm with beams, to name but a few. Apart from ordinary weapons such as guns, swords, and lancers, players will not fail to find many other interesting items used as fighting tools, including ice(mentioned above), water, fire and force of darkness etc. Characters are unlocked for players as they level up, and the leveling-up is tied with players’ upgrades which can be realized through either taking time to play the game or paying a certain amount of money.

Similar to DoTa, Cyphers Online is characterized by 5vs5 Team action, but still it differs in a lot of other aspects. For instance, it provides players with a third-person perspective, crazed team confrontation, a distinctive combo system and an exclusive leveling up system. Instead of focusing merely on skill and item builds, Cypher Online puts a great emphasis on gear improvement and active action-style.For those who are familiar with action games, Cyphers is really easy to play. Just remember the mission is to beat the opponent team via destroying their towers, their guardian and main architectures. In order to take dominance, gamers need to adopt various strategies and skills. For instance, when the gamer’s avatar is confronted by gathering opponent team while busy laying waste an enemy building, he had better take a back dooring. Let’s take the following situation as another example. It is foggy out there, and you can make neither head nor tale of what is around you. In front of you, it could be a harmless bush, or it could be your much-dreaded enemy! Therefore, you need to make the mini map available to you. Besides, the training room is also a boon for you to hone your skills. Another notable trait of the game is leveling up system. Gamers advance in levels through purchasing items. For example, buying a pair of level 1 gloves may give level 1 players four levels. But do not be mistaken, as not all the items can help you gain levels.Some of them give buffs or effects such as defense, haste and attack damage etc.

In conclusion, Cyphers Online is an awesome game with stunning graphics, great soundtrack and thrilling action, though it leaves something to be desired in terms of choice of modes and matchmaking of characters etc.

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  1. derpdonut says:

    the only problem is its in Korean… D:

  2. I do not understand his writings 🙁

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