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Dark Legends

Dark Legends

Release Date:  April 12, 2012
Publisher:  Spacetime Studios
Developer:  Spacetime Studios
Genre:  MMORPG, Vampire

Developed by Spacetime Studios, Dark Legends is a story-driven and vampire-themed MMORPG based on the long-running and burgeoning franchise “vampire-werewolves”. The game, which follows the “Legends” of series (Pocket Legends and Star Legends), lets the player role play a vampire to eradicate Werewolves, The Undead, Demons and even Humans.


In Dark Legends, players can either explore the massive mystical world alone, or team up with other players to roam around different maps to kill their enemies. No matter what they are going to do, the efforts to annihilate their foes will be directed or recorded in an “Interactive Storybook”, which sounds like a “Quest Book” or “Quest Log”.

Controls and skills in Dark Legends have always been talked, especially for its so-called Charge Attack and Drain Health Spell. After all, vampires feed upon the blood of creatures, and the ability to Drain enemy’s health seems more close to what we were educated in a book or movie.

In the press release, Spacetime Studios mentioned a system called “Secret Society”, as we are assuming, is Alliance, Tribe or Guild, which can be implemented more often than not. As to the Bloodlines and other features, the studios did not disclose more information.


It has been a widely known fact that werewolves are the cold blood’ sworn enemies. But in Dark Legend, you have to deal with the undead, werewolves, demons, and humans at the same time since they all deem vampires evil and deserve to be eradicated.

As a fledging vampire, you have to seek a refuge in the Sanctuary in District 13 after the one who sired you is ruthlessly murdered. You will enter a Campaigns Map which offers a dozen of quests and unlock a new quest every time you complete a previous one. Most of the quests task you with entering a specific scene to kill all the enemies that present themselves on your way. Character does not move automatically and you have to press the keys A, S, D, and W to control the direction your character is heading to. A funny thing is that it is often not the case that a single key directs the character to the required direction. You are always obliged to press two keys simultaneously to move the character towards a specific direction.

When coming across zombies or any other enemies, which may come out of anywhere, from both sides of the street, from under the bridge, or even from under a uncovered lid. And they change quickly from showing up one by one into appearing in waves. It is never a blessing if the quantity of something exceeds the acceptable threshold and that is especially true in the case of monster fighting. Stab, use special attacks to sweep them down (the special skills are unlocked step by step as you level up and they always need cooldown time before they are available again), and if they are still launching fatal attacks, you’ve gotta make sure you aren’t bleeding too much. Once you have no blood left, you have to choose the way in which you will revive: revive at entrance, revive at the present spot with full health, or revive with full health and 15 seconds of invulnerability. Of course, the second and third don’t come free-they cost precious platinum coins. A better choice than to be defeated and then revive is to replenish the blood or health by clicking the red round button on the bottom of interface. But remember you only have over twenty chances to replenish the health, so use that only when necessary. There are signs for the correct directions at the outset, but they soon disappeared and it is quite probable that you will get lost or keep rushing into dead ends. You could enable the mini map function.

After completing the tasks on the Campaigns map, you will unlock the Kain’s Crest map and then other maps one by one. With the Kain’s Crest map unlocked, quests begin to be unlocked in threes and fours. Multi-player mode will be available too. Feel free to join friends in quests or invite friends for killing enemies together, which can be a great advantage when you are faced with many zombies.

Do not believe killing enemies is the only stuff you can do. Stab corpses lying on the road, destroy infrastructures, cover the lid under which zombies may climb out, and obtain rewards including gold and helpful items. Some quests task players with glamouring or persuading characters, investigating cases, tracking stolen ambulance, feeding on humans, or even breaking into a bank. In those cases, however, your character simply appears on a specific scene and seems to be searching for clues, breaking a window, or merely exhibiting a terrifying gesture while making blood-thirsty sound and then a brief description rendered in a popping up dialog box shows you what has just happened. After that, it will take a few minutes before you can claim your rewards. Anyway, most of your time is spent in dark places with enemies coming (to be killed, hopefully) all the time.
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Dark legends shares one thing in common with many present social games: an energy system that replenishes energy over time and may have a full refill promptly if you are willing to spend money. And if you run out of energy and are reluctant to pay for refill, you can go to the Vampire District for social life. Making new friends, purchase fancy clothes, take a subway to new maps, visit the Mortuary, or just watch the blood sucking show in the Sanctuary. This is a paradise dedicated for the cold blood.

The promotion for Spacetime Studios’ previous games can be found in Dark Legends, which sometimes is annoying. The energy refill keeps you waiting and waiting. And to be honest, I’ve never given much thought to how I would-well, be an extremely ugly-looking female one. Perhaps that is the very reason that many players buy the starter pack for fancy appearance, I guess. By the way, the nice items in the store are incredibly expensive. After level 3, you are allowed to customize the character, though, believe me, that is not of much help. In the following days, I believe I would keep saying to my friends: “Still thinking vampires sexy? Try Dark legends!”

Nonetheless, those problems can never stop you from loving this vampire-theme MMO game with absorbingly creative storytelling, realistic animation, and Gothic background music, which easily involve you in a dark world where nothing trumps the thirst for blood.

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