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Dark Legends Review

Sara Lau
Apr 12,2012  10:04 by

Vampire, werewolf and zombies, the eternal theme of classic fantasy, have been adapted into various genres of games on since last decades. Dark Legends, a 3D MMO ARPG developed by Spacetime Studios, has joined the club, available at Chrome Webstore, iOS App Store and Android market. Check Our Another Dark Legends Review.

In the Legends, you act as a newly-turned orphan vampire who has to find your way to ally yourself with the vampire nations while investigating zombie and ghoul mysteries in the underworld along the way. The story unfolds throughout 10 Campaigns, each consisting of some 15 Missions or Actions. Missions are the Dark Legends equivalent for dungeons, where you navigate a labyrinth-like scene, battling various non-vampire creatures to accomplish the goals, solo or multiplayer. Actions are simply click-to-complete tasks to ease the pace of breathtaking PvE combats and show aspects of vampire abilities such as Summoning and Glamorizing in form of short animations.

The combat is smooth and… blood-sheding, literally. You can feel your blade chopping on these zombies, their blood splashing all over the screen, body breaking into pieces scattering on the follow, leaving stains here and there. Apart from consuming blood packs, you can jump over dying enemies to drink from their pumping artery to refill the life. This is what vampires do. However, the game should do better on the battle tutorial than merely mentioning WASD control. It wasn’t until I got fed up with clicks that I start to press around my keyboard only to find that both skills and Blood Packs (aka HP Potion) can be triggered by shortcut keys. This could be common senses for ARPG veterans but first-timer might be confused. It is what tutorial for, isn’t it?

Clearly, Dark Legends is more a web-based MMORPG than a casual SNS game but it still introduces the idea of Energy which consumes in Missions and refills over time or by hard cash. This annoys me and a lot of my fellow vampires in the ally. What’s the point of interrupting a MMORPG by a SNS game feature? Perhaps, to make some cashes?

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Vampires can be sexy, just like Count Dracula, Underworld Selene and other numerous glamorous vampire figures portrayed in the Hollywood movies. So can we in Dark Legends. Girls, with high cheekbones, thick lips and lazy sapphire eyes, you can be as fierce as Angelina Jolie; Shoulder-length hair and vigorous stride make Prince of Persia of boys. Vampires can be edgy as well. Lurking in modern urban night can’t stop you pursuing an exotic wardrobe filled with Japanese Yukata, French maiden outfit, 1960s’ suit, assassin’s hood, masquerade mask and the like.

Two thumbs up for the exclusion of Twilight-esque vamp-walking-in-daylight crap. The game vividly restores the classic vampire culture with its urban night street view, Victorian Gothic interior decorating and supernatural mystery storyline and channels it into ARPG gameplay. If you’re crazy about vampire culture like me or ARPGers, Dark Legends is a must-try.

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