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Dawn of Darkness Review

Sara Lau
Aug 7,2012  01:08 by

Dawn of Darkness: Glory Calling depicts a fantasy world of two factions: Shadow Devils and The Western Kingdom Alliance, which can be further subdivided into three classes – Barbarian, Hunter and Rogue, to be differentiated by their own unique specialty. There’s no customization option at the beginning, so once the class, gender and name are done, you are good to go.

The game describes itself as a side-scrolling turn-based RPG. Upon entering the game, you are thrown into the newbie town alongside with other players. So generally, it is quite different from those in which you just simply click away around map, and that is the basic part of the game mechanics. The same cliche about the quest auto-navigating in most Chinese browser MMOs like Soul of Guardian or Crystal Saga can be discovered here. Accepting a quest will cause your character to automatically travel between different maps connected by portals; clicking on an enemy to engage in combat phase will begin a “hand-off” turn-based combat phase; upon killing wanted mobs, clicking on the on-screen quest log in order for the character to return to the quest-giver for rewards.

Speaking of the combat, it is far less than thrilling , as I have mentioned above. I always found myself had huge level advantages over mobs: each combat just lasts a blink of eye, and I won so fast that it was always near the end of battle that I began to recognize what I was actually fighting. Thanks to the newbie-friendly system, I went through a rather boring gaming experience leveling up from 1 from 20. It gradually unlocked new features as I progressed through the first 20 levels: first it became possible to recruit allies, and then the capability to use battle formations which impact on various statistics become available; later on,I got the ability to spend earned skill points on Talents; then, I also learned how to train heroes while I am offline, and finally, it opened up its social features like PvP arena and Corp.

Then real challenge began at lvl22, with a primary objective to kill an elite monster. Of course, it had misled me to take it granted that this one was still an overwhelming and quick victory. But it was not, however. The boss was so power and could kill my strongest hero with one blow, while I could barely harm it, and this presented a huge contrast to what I had experienced before. It’s another lesson taught by the game and I began to realize that I still need more training to become a full-fledged hero. Because of that, I found myself can hardly proceed. I tried to go and find a great place to grind my level up and came back later, however, the level grinding efficiency became insanely low. Maybe I have to open wallet to buy in-game premium items, as suggested by the game.

If there is still anything that can entertain me in the game, that should be the artwork of scenarios and monsters. Maps of scenarios of the fantasy gaming world change in a manner that contrasts different styles with great visual effects: from dark mist shrouded demon swamps, dead bones scattered forests, to the magnificent heavenly citadel safeguarded by holy paladins. The boss monster portraits for dialogues are also impressive, they are not cartoon-style paintings, but intricately drawn oil painting with various vivid facial expressions.

Overall, modification has been applied in character avatars, but it can by no means change the overall gaming experiences. As I said above, the worst thing is nothing but the level-grinding. The system just makes you warp between maps either to trigger some dialogues with NPCs or attack enemies. But you will eventually get stuck with powerful bosses and the system then hints you to enhance your gears or join their VIP loyalty program for exclusive items or bonus, or the game is not playable further more. There is also no great difference in heroes characters or foes between those in other games. It seems to me that the game title itself is a bit misleading, don’t you think so?

Note: IGG also publishes games on Facebook like Age of Titans,and Moonlight Online.

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