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DDTank 2

DDTank 2

Release Date:  May 2, 2013
Publisher:  Kabam
Developer:  7Road
Genre:  Shooter

DDTank 2 is a new sequel to the F2P browser-based casual shooter DDTank, featuring easy controls, various scenarios and lots of interesting distractions like social options, weapon synthesis, and character customization, though unfortunately flawed by slightly repetitive tasks and slow character progression.

The game is published by Kabam behind many popular titles like Wartune, Dragons of Atlantis, and Hobbit Armies.


Angry Birds, Angry Bomber and more all try to win your favor with unique offers, some inviting you with rich environments, some attempting to bait you with luring rewards, while others priding themselves in abundant powerups, but none of them can give you so comprehensive an experience in one sitting as DDTank 2. First of all, you get the core of a casual shooter – weapons to sling and enemies to fight against multitudinous backdrops then you can access to a whole array of powerups, including extra power, additional attacks, added damage and more. What comes next is the powerful social options which allow you to add buddies, join guilds and get married. You can also manage a neat piece of land of your own, forge and synthesize weapons by yourself and more. These features bring along a decent sense of scale and diversity to the overall gameplay, though each of them per se is short of polish and depth.

Starting from fighting AI enemies, like Mysterious Gulu, you will gradually get the hang of slinging and bring it on your opponents in online PvP battles. These battles take place against a practically inexhaustible reservoir of fantasy backdrops such as a seaside rainbow, a decrepit segment of railway tracks, a wrecked vessel, all of which are depicted in a attractively simple way. Equally appealing are the powerups the game offers. For instance, Add 2 Attacks and Trident lead to successive attacks, meaning less turns for one combat if they are used efficiently, and 30% Damage and the like indicate more damage from the same weapon. I guess you can imagine how thrilling it is to see enemies of all shapes and sizes shiver under your amassed power and blasted by your well-directed cannons. This joy can almost rival with the thrills you get when you have accomplished all tasks in a mission and get rich rewards like customization items for your avatar, more powerups, stronger weapons and so on.

Even though the backdrops change constantly and the powerups are many and varied, the game plays out charmingly simple and plain. After entering the Game House, you may form a combat chamber immediately, but how long it actually takes before you may join a battle depends how fast the sever matches you with another player. It may take up to minutes, but most of the time it is just a few seconds’ waiting. Then the duel of power and skill begins. Remember, each move (regardless of physical movements or powerup application) takes a certain amount of stamina and when the stamina hits zero there is nothing you can do afterwards. Naturally, you also have a limited life which dwindles a little upon every attack, so you will want to spare any unnecessary physical movement and stay away from damage if you can throughout the game. When you do find it imperative to move around a bit, the left and right keys enable you to do so accordingly. The up and down arrows are for adjusting your shooting angle, and holding the space bar for some amount of time corresponds to a fixed range of your attacks. With such an easy mechanism, the game could have been brainlessly dull and simple, if it were not saved by the timely intervention of a restricted view which spice things up considerably. You cannot see where your opponents are, meaning you have to predict both their positions and your weapons’ trajectory at once. Apart from that, a time countdown also throws in a pressing sense of tension and emergency. Not being able to fling your missiles or other weapons within the precious ten seconds would equal a forsaken turn, which is not usually what you can afford. Henceforth, to have the upper hand in the game, you need to be precise, skillful and speedy all at once.

When you have reached a certain level and reasonably get a little bit bored by repetitive slinging and blasting, welcome new features get unlocked just in time as delightful and welcome distractions. You can join in a league to embrace the warmth and mettle of collective endeavor; or you may want to plow a piece of farm land to taste the pure and quiet joy of harvest; and when loneliness begins to encroach, you may find a romantic way to put an end to that – getting married! Things like these are pretty fun, but sadly you may have to spend several hours on the game before they are unlocked and lack of depth make them unable to keep you long.

In a word, DDTank 2 retains the tried-and-true slinging mechanics of the original and polishes it gracefully with accessible controls, great social features, intricate weaponry system and more, but inadequate highlights in the aforementioned aspects may see the game struggling to emerge out of the crowded pack.

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