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Deep Black Online

Deep Black Online

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Deep Black Online: The underwater shooter gets a free to Play Version

Deep Black Online is a brand new MMO spin-off from third-person shooter video game Deep Black, which is developed by Russian developer Biart Studio. There have been many players confused about Deep Black Online and Deep Black since the two titles are somewhat different from each other.

Originally released under the title Underwater Wars and U-Wars for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, Deep Black is expected to appear in the 3th Quarter of 2011, with 30 different sci-fi weapons and 3 game modes. And its operation and publishing will be carried out by Just A Game GmbH (War 2 Glory, Operation Gamma 41). While the MMO version, namely, Deep Black Online is scheduled for Q4, 2012 , with no signal suggesting the third-party will distribute the game.

Graphically, the MMO title “Deep Black Online” is no difference to the original offline edition, but it is following the current trend, namely, free-to-play, with items and weapons purchasable in-game store.


Like Hellgate Global, Ghost Recon Online, Arma 2, and Global Agenda, Deep Black Online also delivers fast-paced action, and what is largely different from those titles is the underwater battle. The battle allows players to manipulate the streamlined weapons such as  harpoons, and submersibles.

For Deep Black Background story:

The year 2047 has seen the economic and political power falls in the hands of global mega-companies. Former state formations result in a bitter struggle for survival, the remaining natural resources of the earth – on land, sea and air.

Deep Black Online is set in a fictional future. The world is plagued by terrorism and thus is in chaos. In the struggle for world domination, the different powers began to make research and use of bio-weapons in an attempt to destroy the earth. And you’re in the midst of this tumultuous time and experience an exciting science fiction spy story.

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  1. Biart says:

    Guys, you have wrong information. Please read original post at http://www.biart.ru.

    Deep Black and Deep Black Online are two different games!!

    First one is published by Just a Game for PC and 505 Games for XBLA/PSN and will be available this summer.

    Second one is not signed for publishing and will be available next year.

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  3. Jenny says:

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