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Diablo 3

Diablo 3

Release Date:  May 15, 2012
Publisher:  Blizzard Entertainment
Developer:  Blizzard Entertainment
Genre:  RPG

Diablo 3 has been released by Blizzard for about a month. A steady flow of mixed evaluations and continuous heated discussions indicate that Diablo 3 is a great success to some degree.

As we all know, Blizzard set up 6 skill slots and 24 unique skills for players to choose from and they claimed that less than 1% players will use exactly the same skill builds. However later on, they introduced a punishment mechanism under which stacks of NV Buff that are gained through killing elite demons and monsters in the inferno mode, will be removed upon your switching a skill. That means you will have to spend another 15 minutes or even an hour to save another 5 stacks, even if you just accidentally drag off any of your skills. This restriction encourages players to seek for the most appropriate skill builds, but that will also lead to the fact that most of players use the same skill builds when killing demons and monsters.

Hardcore mode is designed for those with challenging spirits and strong hearts. Once a character is dead, it will be a permanent death. Gears and characters will never return again. Only but the achievements and names of the fallen hero will be remembered.

Players are allowed to enter hardcore mode when reaching level 10 in any difficulty. However rushing into the hardcore mode is like digging their own grave. 2 out of 3 hardcore players failed surviving the normal difficulty. Some hardcore players, who come out of the mode alive, mentioned a few tips:

No matter what difficulty are you playing in, watch out for the evil trees’ poisonous seeds, wasps’ deadly juniors, self explosive demons and fallen angels. “Hit and run” provides you more chances of being alive.

Fire, poison, arcane, ice and electric are the five deadly elements in worlf of Diablo 3. Compared to the slow arcane damage, too many demons control fire, and players with terrible server connection often suffer the poisons on the ground. Icy balls are also big threats, but witch doctors and monks can just ignore them. The electric is the least harmful damage except for the melee units.

[nggallery id=475]

Some lags are acceptable; however the connection must be stable. A 500 to even 800 lag will be OK as long as you are not stuck in a point casting skills with nothing happening. When this situation occurs, choose town portal or just log out. A friend of mine accidentally activated the hardcore and his hero was already lost in a lag before he realized his server connection is so bad.

The key to slay a boss is to suppress them by levels. Check the public game list and find out the top level limit. Some hardcore players managed to solo nightmare A4 when they reached level 53.

Some players would not like to play strictly abiding by rules simply because the hardcore mode is too cruel. When they find them in extreme peril, they tend to immediately re-login the account using another computer. This cheat serves two purposes. First, it will force the dying character offline. Second, it will save the dying characters. When the re-login is successful, the character will be back to the last save point.

However Blizzard seems to have something more urgent to deal with. On June 10th 2012, when I was reading through the US D3 forums, I found lots of threads in Chinese complaining the Asia server, which is located in Korea, out of order, and frequently crashing. I learned about something brief from an Asian friend, that the Korean server is rolling back every 5 minutes, and server maintenance happens at least once a day. Common people like me show great sympathy, but a will to help doesn’t help at all. No official replies were found and all the similar threads just disappeared. Does that mean Blizzard has already solved it? Not really. The Asia server restarted at half past 7 PM (GMT+8) after three-hour maintenance with nothing solved and once again closed the server at half past 10 PM. Till the next day at 5 PM (GMT+8), Asian players are still suffering in a long lasting wait.

Not everyone had a hard time. Once again, those who are crazy about taking advantages of bugs and backdoor programs were too happy to complain. The rolling back of the server offered them a superexcellent way to copy equipment and gold. During a short period of morning hours, someone claimed that he had made six thousand hundred million gold. A Korean player even uploaded a tutorial on YouTube, which showed the exact process of copying equipment. They are ruining the game!

I suggest Blizzard offer them an offline version, leaving them alone to copy whatever they want, rather than conniving them to mess up the gaming society. Even if these black sheep never occurred, why do we have to play with lag when we are not in public games? Why can’t Diablo 3 provide an offline mode just as SC2 does?

There are rumors that legendary gears of little use. I have not found any legendary equipment so it is not possible for me to decide whether it is the truth or not. As far as I can see from my friends and the threads that the legendary gear owners posted, weapons for example, usually does less damage per hit than blue gears of the same level. Maybe these are just minority reports. And those who obtained superb legendaries are not willing to share.

To put the legendary equipment aside, players argued that the rare gears found in inferno A1 are not helping them getting through the A2, and they have beliefs that only gears from A3 and A4 could help. It is called a broken link of game difficulty curve. Friends of mine are suffering a lot in inferno A2. They start everyday dying through the paths, marching ahead and stepping on top of their own dead bodies. When engaging elite packs they are not able to defeat, they lead the elites to some corner and run away, or simply reload the game. Sometimes when you managed to escape, you will hear your follower crying “a worthy foe!”, and within a second he or she dies, then it’s your turn. I don’t even join my friends in public games, since I believe there is no need to buff the elites anymore.

I heard that the incoming 1.03 patch is nerfing the inferno difficulty and smoothing the difficulty curve, which would be much expected by those who are still struggling forward. However for the elite players of the elites, the nerfing stuff may sound unacceptable. Blizzard is depriving their rights of flaunting.

5 Comments on Diablo 3


  1. Guest says:

    after playing this game…i told myself don't ever play american-made MMO…because it will be full of bug after release…Blizzard: get ready to get own by lineage 3 in 2013!

  2. Slicker says:

    Lineage… lol

  3. guest says:

    really? american mmos are the only ones that have any kind of uniqueness. Every asian mmo is a cut&paste of the same game over and over and over with different skins.

  4. ada says:

    this is not an mmo. and its even worse than any chinese mmo can throw at it coz it has worst farming shit ever.

  5. guest says:

    This is a really good game! I think it really deserves more than what its rated atm but that's me. Yes endgame content is rough atm but they plan to fix that, and no its not an mmo.

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