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Diablo-style Dragon Nest? Exclusive Interview Questions about Dungeon Striker

Sara Lau
Apr 7,2012  10:04 by

The renowned Korean development company Eyedentiy Games held a press release on April 5 and announced its second action RPG Dungeon Striker following the success of its first title Dragon Nest.

During the press conference, Jiang Zhongxin (Translated from Korea), the director in charge of Dragon Striker’s R&D answered Korean journalists’ questions towards this upcoming game, the interview is as follows:

Q:Why does the game employ Anime styled characters and Diablo-style graphics?

Jiang:By using Anime styled characters, we want to strengthen this 2D game’s hack-and-slash excitement. Though Dungeon Striker has many cute characters, it is not a bright casual game. You can jump into intense combat against monsters via different settings.

Q:How many people are involved in the development? And how long it takes in total?

Jiang:Over fifty people take part in the development and it lasts for more than two years to finish this project.

Q:Its predecessor Dragon Nest has won the favor of millions of players. What are the similarities and differences between the two?

Jiang:First of all, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to your love and support of Dragon Nest. Dragon Nest offers thrilling combat, while Dungeon Striker is more of a strategy game. But it won’t fall behind Dragon Nest in terms of combat excitement.

Q:During the game introduction, it was mentioned that the avatar can inherit other classes’ skills. Then, when will this feature be made available to us? Is it accessible after we reach the highest level? Or, are there some other restrictions?

Jiang:Players are provided with a total of 19 classes. By leveling up, they can earn Inheritance Points which can be used to learn other classes’ skills. However, it can not go in this way forever, and there are indeed certain limitations.

Q:The game characters have a touch of Japanese style. Which market is this game mainly targeted for?

Jiang:Anime styled characters are surely popular in China and Japan, but this is not the reason why we choose them. As I have said earlier, we employ Anime styled characters to strengthen the combat section. Dungeon Striker can be seen as a game created for fans of action MMORPG.

Q:As we can see from the name of this game, Dungeon Striker will put great emphasis on dungeon explorations. What is the top level in the game?

Jiang:I think the top level should be level 99. Players can constantly learn other classes’ skills and experience the fun of class exchange with only one avatar. It is also one of the core delights to acquire new equipment. In the meanwhile, the dungeon explorations will be the ultimate challenge, which is similar to that of other online games. And the rest parts are just like those of other currently existing games.

Q:How do players communicate with each other?

Jiang:In the game, there is a city which can contain up to 1,000 players. They can buy or sell magic potions in the city, fight against randomly-generated bosses in the wilderness or gather up some essential items or rare resources. Moreover, they can also acquire equipment with added value in the dungeons. And you will be informed by the guild channel in a timely manner whenever certain bosses appear or some mines come out. At this time, players can team up with other gamers via relevant channels and throw themselves into the game.

Q:What is the ultimate goal of the game?

Jiang:Transforming to other classes and inheriting their skills count as one of the goals, but acquiring the best equipment is the final target for an action MMORPG.

Q:Dungeon Striker is accused of being a copycat of Dragon Nest. So what do you think?

Jiang:Though the two games are all developed by our company, there are no shared codes or working staff involved in this new project. The Dragon Nest’s development team did give many suggestions, but the two teams didn’t share information or content in the actual development process.

Q:Except for this game, are there any other games which are still in development?

Jiang:It’s not the time to announce new sequels or new titles yet, but as a game development company, we will undoubtedly continue to create great games in the future.

Q:What is the core content of Dungeon Striker?

Jiang:The dungeon will be the most gripping content. In the game, dungeons will be generated automatically, and players will be entertained with a gaming experience beyond imagination. In addition, new contents will be continuously added to the dungeon adventures so as to satisfy different players’ needs.

Q: When will Dungeon Striker be made available to us? Is the discussion about its overseas export in the process now?

Jiang:At the moment, we are in discussion with several overseas publishers. But the discussion is still on the way, so there is no specific information about its overseas operation.

As for questions pertaining to the game’s operations, Yan Yousheng (Translated from Korea), the department director of Dungeon Striker’s Korean publisher NHN RPG gave the following answers:

Q:When will Dungeon Striker launch its first testing in Korea? How extensive will it be?

Yan:It is scheduled to launch the first round testing starting from April 27. This one will be a small-scale technical testing. The recruitment of participants will start at the end of this press release. Interested players can enter our official site for more information.

Q:When will the game be officially released in Korea?

Yan:Players are all fond of fully-developed games, so we plan to release the game in 2013. The specific date is still to be ascertained after the discussion within the development team.

Q:Is the game intended to compete against Diablo 3?

Yan:Dungeon Striker and Diablo 3 differ from each other in terms of game variety. Diablo 3 gives us an impression of darkness and heaviness, while Dungeon Striker can be described as a bright game with fluid and fast-paced actions. In the game, players can inherit special skills and customize an unparalleled character of their own, which, in essence, follows a different path from that in Diablo 3.

Q:Which charging mode will Dungeon Striker adopt in the future? If it uses premium item business mode, what kind of pay-to-have items will be included?

Yan:Dungeon Striker will be financed under free to play mode, but it is still not the time to talk about it. The most important thing at the moment is to focus on the development of the game and try our best to cater to as many users as possible. So, we now concentrate more on the game itself rather than the charging mode. Leave it to future consideration!

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