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Dino Kingdoms

Dino Kingdoms

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Kingnet
Developer:  Kingnet
Genre:  Strategy, Social

Dino Kingdoms is a Facebook game developed by China-based Kingnet Games. The game, which is much similar to Little War, allows players to build their own Dino kingdoms, train dino troops and dispatch them into battle. It is also closely associated with farming theme, which is typically showcased in Farmville though.

Not so popular as Little War at this moment, Dino Kingdoms enjoys the number of 20,000 monthly active users thus far and the number is slightly increasing as time goes by.

Kingnet Games mainly establishes its credibility via its first Facebook game SoleTower, which only supports the Traditional Chinese language. And It is the first time that Kingnet Games has leveraged its resources to publish a social game on Facebook in English. Chances are there will be more and more games localized for global gamers in 2012.


The game also bolsters itself by using some creative features like Magic Casting, Boss Dino Summoning and Ritual of Lightning. For example, players, with a certain level, could build a Wonder, which has a direct effect on unlocking the Magic. If a friend of yours has used Ritual of Lightning on your land, some of your structures may be on fire. This will last for 8 hours, but it is only a visual effect.

In Dino Kingdoms, there are many ways to obtain the various materials, including hunting wild dinosaurs, battling friends, and opening chests. The most socialized option should be attributed to its Battle System because it not only lets you attack or conquer your Facebook Fans, but also you, who unfortunately become a loser and conquered by others, can get rescued by a friend of yours.

With higher levels you can unlock better building as well as increase the limit on each type of building. Also, expanding land requires certain levels. Different types of troops will provide different amounts of Battle Strength, which is used to determine the winner in battles. The higher the difference between Battle Strength, the more likely the outcome will be victorious and the lower losses there will be. After achieving certain goals, you can earn achievements. When a friend visits, they can view which achievements you have earned.

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