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Disney City Girl

Disney City Girl

Release Date:  Jan 20, 2012
Publisher:  Playdom
Developer:  Playdom
Genre:  Simulation

Disney City Girl is a Facebook-based life simulation game developed by Playdom, the creator of Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Ghosts of Mistwood. The game, which targets female players, simply puts a player in the position of a fashion girl to live a life of fashion and luxury in a stylish and aspirational virtual world.

In the game, players can engage in various activities and perform actions in their apartment or go outside to earn experience points, coins and other items. With a strong focus on social features, players are also encouraged to frequently visit their neighbors to develop the relationship with them on the one hand, and earn coins and collectible items on the other.


Disney City Girl is a fashion-themed social game on Facebook developed by Playdom. In the game, players take the role of a girl who has just been back to New York City and starts her new life. They will furnish their apartments, diversify the wardrobe and pursue their favorite career.

The gameplay is pretty much the same with that in CityVille and Coco girl. With a small sum of coins, you are going to purchase clothes and furniture from the store, dress up your avatar for various occasions, satisfy her needs, and send her to work now and then. You are not simply making money and then spend it, you also have your avatar enjoy fun, relax herself and even hang out with friends. Anyway, gradually your character becomes a both successful and attractive celebrity in the Big Apple.

Disney City Girl tells a plausible story – at least, you don’t make money by searching through your basket of fruits in your kitchen or by using the bathroom. Almost everything you put in the apartment allows for multiple choices which will meet the needs. For example, you could take a restoring bath in your bathtub, take a catnap in your bed, read romance novel at your bookshelf, surf the Internet on your laptop, relax in the sofa, practice draping with your dress form, stretch on your exercise ball or do freestyle dance to the music. To implement those actions, you have to consume energy which is limited and can regenerate over time at a rather slow pace.

Disney City Girl allows players to choose the career they like – they can be a fashion designer, a cook or a writer – and then follow a distinctive professional path. After choosing the designer path, I witnessed my character grow from a girl who stocks racks, and chooses the best outfits for customers, into a celebrated fashion director. Sometimes the jobs only require your avatar to take the subway and go to work and will be over within a few seconds or minutes while there are also times when you have to pick up the clothes and shoes from your wardrobe and dress up your avatar in a required style.

Three things slow down the gaming experience. Both energy and coins are much too easy to spend but difficult to earn, and therefore players will spend lots of time-consuming energy in making money and then waiting for the energy refill. In addition, the game features a strong focus on social connection and binding, and one has to add and visit neighbors more frequently than in any other social game. For example, to satisfy the friendship needs of the avatars, players have to visit friends’ places, and spend some time with them.

And the game didn’t fashion every detail of a fashion dream though. Although the game uniquely separates the shops, and even asks players to unlock various shops over time, players still have to go through the limited selection listed in each small store rather than shopping in visually entertaining shops and the only place that allows for decoration and admiration is still the apartment. And besides visiting and asking special items from friends, players will also have to hire them for some purposes. But even if somebody accepts the request, the game never shows who it is and you might have to send the quests all over again.

Disney City Girl does interestingly portray a colorful life of a young girl living in the metropolis in a detailed and realistic way. But the game would have been much more tempting if the life outside the apartment could be visualized too, rather than just being displayed in a list of pictures.

10 Comments on Disney City Girl


  1. regina says:

    I have to admit, that I was very excited when I heard Playdom was going to release another Sorority Life-esque game called City Girl (it was announced and had a demo at E3). This was a game that supposed to come out this summer, but that came and went and it's still not up even though there is periodic 'activity' on their facebook page. I can't seem to find any answers whenif this game will be launched anymore – anyone know what might happen with it?

  2. regina says:

    Hi. again I have recently come across the game on Facebook and I can play it. i got a message saying the game was down for maintenance.
    I would have thought that by now the game would be more available especially as the request I had from the friend that plays it was last November.
    On top of all that I can't seem to find a section on this forum for the game. Just an 'add me' thread'.

    Very disappointed. because i really want to play this game =(

  3. Taterbat says:

    Game is up and available to play now!!

  4. Crystal says:

    I'm a patient person, but waiting for energy turned me off this game. Is there a tip or trick to renew energy faster?

  5. Pamela Wells says:

    Anyone know how you can alter the floor plan of Disney city girl apartment

  6. tasha says:

    i luv disney city girl i play it on facebook!!


  8. Kiran Shoor says:

    Interesting game is Disney City Girl which I like to play. For support, gameskip is best.

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