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Divine Souls

Divine Souls

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Outspark
Developer:  GamePrix
Genre:  RPG

Divine Souls made by Korean GamePrix is a free-to-play MMORPG which falls into the category of action genre. By using the Gamebyro Engine, developers of this game are intended to produce a quality game featured with terrific graphics, gorgeous actions and smooth sensual perception of hit. They also aim to make this game distinguish from the side-scrolling action games by creating a special 3D game environment in which players can conceive the pleasant, palpable sensation of attacks. Besides, a low PC configuration will suffice for players to get access to this high-end game; moreover, with the support from different platforms, it is able to work on a wide range of hardware configurations as well. And at the outset, players can set the controlling interface according to their own gaming habits and choose to play by clicking the mouse or tapping the keyboard. Such a free choice will not only make the game more easily controllable but also enable players to get more fun out of it.

Labeled as an action online game, Divine Souls claims to have incorporated arcade-style combat into it and promises players a gaming experience like fighting as 3D arcade fighters. Inside the game, players can choose from three classes known as Mage, Slasher and Fighter. Each of these three archetypes boasts entirely different combating styles, unique abilities as well as special equipment and weapons to distinguish from one another. For instance, Mages are masters of wielding truncheons and able to transform magical power into cannonballs to attack enemies; Slashers are experts of flexible chain swords which enable them to suppress enemies at some safe distance; while Fighters are best at melee fight in which they can gain upper hand with their unparalleled strength and skills.

Apart from the highly customized characters, this game provides players with an extraordinary combating experience by a series of exquisitely designed actions, by its unique PvP fighting system, and by its abundant and intriguing subscriptions. Talking about its actions, players can excise various sophisticated and spectacular skills such as grapple and guard, not only on ground but also in air; and by proficient control of the mouse or the keyboard, players can match out different combat formations with infinite combos in reach. As to PvP system, it wins players’ heart because it is in support of an open and free competing mode without limitation. Players can freely choose opponents to compete, and also can join in Death Match or Four-against-Four competition. Meanwhile, players can engage in thrilling, breathless fights with various AI monsters; or they could explore different areas including deserted villages, scorching deserts, wilderness, sewage pipes and classified dungeons, etc. In more than 100 subscriptions with varied difficulties, players can expect the same quick-paced combats and surprising myth-solving.

In its playable and popular list still lie more features and highlights waiting to be found. And to play is to know.

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