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Release Date:  November 2012
Publisher:  Friendster
Developer:  7Road
Genre:  Browser MMO

DivoSaga is a browser-based game published by Malaysia-based Friendster. The game,  known as Wartune, is also jointly published by R2Games and Proficient City (Founded by the developer of Call of Roma).


Set in a world of ruins and chaos caused by a hundreds-years war between humans and demons, DivoSaga puts players in the role of Warrior, Ranger  or Wizard to reunite humans in the battle against the dark forces.

Graphics in Divosaga are rendered in 2D. It is true that  the quality of graphics cannot compete with those done by 3D engine, but It does surprise me with its art design and elaborate drawing in details. With a distinct medieval style, characters, buildings and landscapes show a great diversity, details beyond your expectation. Things like reflections in water, flaming fires, and floating clouds can be found in the world of DivoSaga. In addition to relatively static images, actions with gorgeous visual effects have been applied to battle scenes. The interfaces are both concise and friendly, but lack of customization options.

As in many browser games, you accomplish quests, go single or team expedition, explore the world map, customize your skill tree, and equip your avatar with powerful items. Meanwhile, you will need to take the responsibility of developing your city, specifically including: collect resources, upgrade buildings and facilities, recruit soldiers, and research new technology.

Divosaga offers only three classes for players to choose from: Warrior, Ranger and Wizard, each with a unique trait. Warriors have strongest defense, while Rangers are good at physical attacking and Wizards focus on area attacking. You can easily pick up one of the three according to your own playstyle. The game does not require intensive or complex controls and instead most of the actions can be done automatically.

As a free-to-play game, DivoSaga partially takes down the balance of the game since players can buy premium items and VIP membership. Early on, players may not clearly feel what is different between free gamers and paying gamers. As the game progresses, the difference is widened because there are many unnecessary restrictions to free gamers. For example, sending a message in world channel requires a paid item called trumpet, which is a little annoying.

The game itself doesn’t have a strong plotline. Players can hardly find what faith they believe in and which path should be followed except for auto-killing mobs.

Overall, Divosaga is a fairly good browser game that possesses stunning pictures, friendly interfaces, and hybrid gameplays. It would be better if the developer improves the plotline and real-time strategy gameplay. Also the sale of VIP membership and premium items weakens the core system of the game.

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