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DK Online (Dragon Knights)

DK Online (Dragon Knights)

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Aeria Games
Developer:  RPG FACTORY
Genre:  MMORPG

Developed by Korea-based RPG Factory and published by SG Internet, The Legend of Dragon Knights (abbreviated as DK Online, or Dragon Knights) is a marvelous adult MMORPG which takes you to the sacred Roman Empire in medieval times and drags you to astounding battles for power and dominance.


Four races, including Human, Elf, Gray Elf and Lycan, coexist in the chaotic fantasy land. But they don’t understand the principle of living in peace, thus dragging the world into flames of war. Having chosen your race, you move on to select your preferred class from four options, namely, Warrior, Paladin, Sorceress and Sorcerer. Each of them possesses its own set of unique skills and its special development path in the following battles. What’s more, DK Online boasts stunning graphics in almost every aspect, like game arenas, combat scenarios and character images.

To be honest, the moment I saw the true-to-life portraits of four professions and gripping screenshots from the game, I was deeply mesmerized by the game. All the avatars can be later customized with heavy armors, magic weapons, higher ranks and new skills. It is also worth mentioning that the female characters are really beautiful and sexy.

Additionally, DK Online has a dozen of highlights, such as free PK, siege wars and politics. You can explore all of them by yourself. Aeria Games has announced its plan to publish this wonderful game in the second half of 2012, so it seems we have to wait a little longer.

5 Comments on DK Online (Dragon Knights)


  1. Rangi says:

    Main Page is in Korean…No matter how much i try..cannot get page translated to english. Need to register in main page,..kinda hard to do if u dont understand Korean…..

  2. Mastaindar says:

    Engem miért nem engem fel a játékra azt írja küldenek 1 mailt az e-mail címemre. Valaki segítene?
    Nagyon megköszönném szeretnék vele játszani. Előre is megköszönöm.

  3. Kevin says:

    Any idea when this game will be in closed beta?

  4. Alintata says:

    Any people from ROmania? Daca joaca cineva DK ONLINE si doreste o guilda numai de romani dati un wisper in joc lui Alintata sau Amerie .

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