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Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  BBC Worldwide
Developer:  BBC Worldwide

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is a free to play browser online game where players role play time travellers to solve mysteries. Players can play mini online games within mysteries.  The game has added characters and monsters that can be seen from the original show of Doctor Who.


Doctor Who: Worlds in Time starts with an ordinary character customization before it allows players to create their own account. Possibly, this tiny difference from some other games just demonstrates the designers’ intention to cozy up to the players, as you have been regarded as their respected clients even if you have not formally logged in. However, it could be better if there is a wider range of choices among the characters and their decorations.

Upon entering the game, I am refreshed by the exquisitely designed animation as well as the whole relaxed atmosphere, which reconfirms its developer Three Rings Design’s reputation for quality. The conversations between the characters are designed to be fairly succinct and are progressed at a comparatively fast pace. But it does not matter if you cannot catch their words, as there is also a rolling record of the dialogues at the left corner of the screen. Apart from the above, there are no wordy descriptions on the screen. This is exceptionally fabulous compared with other games with such tutorials. I still remember the dizzy experience in Call of Thrones—the whole screen is glutted with various instructions of little use!

As a beginner, I have little difficulty in advancing in the gameplay. I am guided by the striking arrowheads to traverse among various worlds with the tasks of accomplishing diversified quests. So, generally speaking, the game is composed of a series of quests, which are completed through the accomplishment of some puzzle-based mini-games. As far as I am concerned, these mini-games are probably inspired by the popular Puzzle Bobble, Tetris, and Rotary Renju, etc. Therefore, chances are that this game may have little appeal to those hardcore players who regard thrill and danger as the principal charm of a game.

I have got an amplified private room in the Doctor’s TARDIS, where I can store all the stuff that I’ve collected in the game, including the gadgets that Doctor has promised me from the very beginning. Moreover, the room is decorated in a cute and lively style, making it seemingly just suitable for adolescents.

Right now, I have encountered four kinds of such puzzle-based mini-games, on each of which I feel like doing a familiar work with ease. Of the four, I am most impressed by the “Rewire” process, which requires the players to rotate pipes to complete a fluent way for a flowing current. What I want to emphasize here is neither my enjoyment nor its recreational value, but are the tiresome problems that will decrease the players’ willingness to play. Each time I drag on the mouse’s wheel to bring about the rotation of the pipes, the interface will move up and down together. Is this just because I didn’t choose the “large size” of the game screen? In addition, for each “rewire” task, there is a certain time limit. It seems that this time limit is set according to the toughest tasks. However, in a three-fourth portion of the puzzles, the circuits are not that complicated. In other words, most of the time, I have to wait for a while after finishing the present puzzle. Therefore, if the system could automatically recognize the result immediately after the players solve the puzzle and an “advance” click is set, it will save much time.

At the preliminary stage of the game, these four kinds of mini-games alternatively appear with no apparent variations, which makes me a little bit bored. Were it not for the upcoming challenging quests, I would have quitted. But then, I have to quit, as the time bar on the top is about to reach its end, and I couldn’t find any hints to guide me through this predicament. Anyway, for my part, this game is a good choice for killing your leisure time if you don’t expect too much fun.

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  1. Dave Hingley says:

    in the rewire game you can click on the the generator itself to stop the countdown and release the power. The biggest problem is when you are battling an auton and another comes in and a free member of your team just stands and does nothing while it beats the rest of the team unconscious, and there's now way to skip text.

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