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Don: Social Mobsters Game

Don: Social Mobsters Game

Release Date:  December 31, 2012
Publisher:  Mango Games
Developer:  Mango Games
Genre:  Action

Don: Social Mobster Game is a Facebook social game from India-based Mango Games. Inspired by Shahrukh Khan’s new film Don 2, the game weaves an immersive mob-themed story that works perfectly with the game’s multiple game contents.


In Don: Social Mobsters Game, players can follow the story quests, meet police officers and gangsters, and risk their lives for Don, the mysterious and dangerous leader of a gang. As they advance, they will unlock different structures to play mini games, or to be specific, open safes, blow up cars, decode, and assassinate specified subjects.

PVP combat is asynchronous in the game. Players could challenge their friends in the Face Off challenges, where they will shoot from hideouts any enemy that comes into view and obtain generous rewards.

Besides the mini games and PVP combat, players will also get exposed to business management. They need to purchase business as they increase their influence in a place and then manufacture ammunition or sell houses to make a fortune.

The story itself entails the game contents. It is more than natural to try to open a safe to steal something valuable and to place bombs on the road so as to kill the escaping opponents. And you will feel obliged to follow one’s orders so as to save your companion from their hands.

As efforts to further publicize the film, Don: Social Mobsters Game keeps reminding players of the characters, or at least, the cast, of the film. For example, the Shahrukh Khan, or Don in the movie, appears in static and vivid pictures now and then, offering guidance and quest.

Nevertheless, Don: Social Mobsters Game fails to, or rather, simply doesn’t offer anything persistent that would preoccupy one’s mind and keep players playing. Not only are the actors in static pictures, but everything in the game is not in motion unless it is a moving target in Face-Off, or a car that tries to run away in Blow Em’ Up. Given that no fullscreen mode is available, you can only set the game interface as small as possible to have all the important buttons displayed simultaneously.

Players don’t start off from a district or a home base and then develop or expand; they are directed from place to place inside cities. And with all those places, or to be specific, the locations where your mini games are available, are scattered all around the cities, you always have to drag the map up and down in order to find previous locations, challenge again and obtain the necessary Experience for level up.

Even the mini games turn monotonous before long. Although you unlock more and more locations for games, they only provide more difficult challenges instead of introducing new contents. The game is lacking in key game contents and it only connects the otherwise irrelevant mini games with the story told by characters popping up on the screen. And the curiosity and excitement that the story, the film actors and the mini games somehow manage to arouse soon give way to indifference and boredom.

Anyway, it’s an adult gang-themed game with a few mini games and a simplified shooting experience.

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