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Dot MMO Adds Online Games to its Free MMORPG List

Sara Lau
Apr 20,2011  04:04 by

Online games originate from 1960s and has experienced a drastic development. Based on internet network, it allows users play the same game simultaneously beyond the limit of space. It enjoys greater popularity among youngsters aged from 15 to 35 who have greater curiosity and are keener on recreation and pleasure. Online games boast countless types, with their forms ranging from simple text based ones to those incorporating complex graphics. Compared with console games, online games give access to many players at the same time and make themselves like a virtual community.

Since online games are played by people all over the world, be they old or young, male or female, it is doubtless that they are fascinating and advantageous. However at the same time, they are criticized by some groups of people, especially parents who claim that online games have dragged their children’s grade behind and corrupt their mind. Just as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Online games must also be judged from two sides. It is certain that they can exert positive influence on players in terms of activating their mind and developing their comprehensive ability to cope with emergencies or whatsoever, whereas their negative influences cannot be ignored.

The right way to treat with online games, as far as I am concerned, should be employing them in a balanced and moderate degree. Parents should select suitable PUZ games for their children, avoiding those associated with violence and porn. After all, appropriate games can develop and increase children’s intelligence. As for grown-ups, they are supposed to play online games moderately rather than wasting too much time on them and affecting normal work and study. The most common reason for them to play online games or MMO is recreation and pleasure, so once this target is achieved, then it is ok with them. It is unadvisable to be addicted in online games when your original purpose is just for fun.

Below are some online games we just added:

1, Europe 1400

Europe 1400 is an excellent RPG, in which players can manage workshops, run for political offices or even establish their own empire in an medieval city. One round tutorial is enough for players to get familiar with the rules. Although it’s easy to learn, to master it needs combat and devotion. There are all together 8 roles for the players to choose at the very beginning, namely thief, perfumer, joiner, cutter, landlord, mercenary, trader and chemist. Another four roles will be unlocked when the player has achieved a certain degree with passage of time. Plot and combat are needed to accelerate the growth pace, but they may also give rise to punishment and loss.

2, Evony

In 2009,advertisements of the browser game “Civony” could be found everywhere on the home page of big websites, especially social networking websites like Facebook and Skype. Due to some marketing disadvantages, this SLG was renamed “Evony” while the content and style of the game remained the same. Similar to other simulation games, “Evony” attracts many male players since they can play the roles of a lord and expand their empire through building cities, developing technologies and raising armies. The characteristics of SLG are embodied in the six systems of “Evony”, namely the domestic affairs system, the military system, urban architecture, the equipment system, the mission system and the item system.

3, Grepolis

Grepolis is the third game developed by InnoGames, one of the biggest developer and publisher of on-line games. As a strategy game, the success of Grepolis lies in the perfect combination of technology and culture. With ancient Greece as its epic setting, Grepolis was featured by numerous ground and marine battles which call for a powerful navy as well as a forceful army. In addition, Greek mythology makes for another element of Grepolis’ popularity. Every player can choose a Greek god or goddess and he must find out which god is the most suitable since the gods and goddesses all have different roles to play in the game. This element undoubtedly adds to the overall playability and depth of Grepolis.

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