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Dot MMO Just Played 10 Facebook Games

Sara Lau
May 12,2011  07:05 by

Last week, we randomly picked some Facebook games and played a few minutes. They are pretty intersting and entertaining.

Wild West Town

Being dumped out of a running train is desperate enough. Worse still, the place awaiting you is meager and rough. That’s right! You will begin your adventurous journey in the Wild West and build a thriving town from the wilderness. You start to build a self-sufficient town deep in the desert with lots of quests and missions ahead. Along the way, you will also come across all sorts of people, ranging from a gentle banker to a Pony Express rider. Each of them has a unique personality, making these encounters fun and exciting. Besides, you won’t be alone with many visitors now and then.

Starship Command

The boundless universe also holds all kinds of mysteries and causes infinite curiosity in us. Are you longing to take a trip to the space and join in intense battles? Starship Command will take you to an incredible fantasy world. You choose your side from the warring factions, that is, the upright Alliances who defend to death the earth and the Zigonians who are ambitious to invade the earth. Then you partake in rounds of combat with your opponents. This RPG also boasts a great visual effect with detailed and vivid interface.

Monster Hero

All kinds of monsters are running amok around the world and it’s now your responsibility to smash them all and restore peace to this fantastic wonderland. To begin with, you pick one monster out of three to fight against. Thereafter, you can brave your way into the mystical realm while smashing monsters of various difficulty. The exploration won’t be an easy one. An array of obstacles has to be cleared before your adventure, for instance, there are grass, rocks and trees along the way. Some giant beast will take you days to vanquish. It will surely be eventful!

Doomsday Defense

Set foot in a fantasy world, fulfill all kinds of responsibilities and build your own empire! Doomsday Defense is a city building game with lots of merits to showcase. A series of challenges is in front of you along your way of exploration. Building towers is not an easy job; however, you get help by hiring workers using Vouchers which can be bought in the game. Combats and wars of varying scope will explode, which means that tactics and courage all matter in this game. You can upgrade your towers to strengthen yourself and ultimately grow into the ruler of a kingdom.

Gossip Girl: Social Climbing

Are you a crazy fun of Gossip Girl, the popular television series? Do you want to be a part of the glamorous and gorgeous life? This game makes your dream come true. You can dress you up fashionably, attend all sorts of parties and make yourself famous. To begin with, you will take a quiz. The result will decide which type of social climber you are. Thereafter, you start off a scandalous life in Manhattan elite with infinite surprises around the corner. Try your best to become a fabulous star and climb in the social ladder!

Boss Vegas

Nowadays, business management game is quite popular among all genres. Boss Vegas, set in the background of Las Vegas, gives you a rare chance to be the owner of a casino. In the virtual world, you are an heir with a casino left to you by your deceased grandpa. Life will be changed completely from then on. You reconstruct and manage it as you see fit. You decide whether to add slot machines and gambling tables etc. You can invite your friends to help you out. Besides, your customer will be pretty fickle. Many aspects of your casino will affect their moods. Try your best to please them through adding decorations and expanding the casino etc.

Pawn Stars: The Game

Start your own career in the commercial circle, deal with all kinds of customers under the guidance of experts and win your prestige and glory through strategic insight! The items you hold can be sold after a specific period. Various customers walk into your shop with different moods which are shown to you clearly. A pleasant mood will lead to a good price; therefore, you entertain them by handing them candies. You will own a Stock Room to keep all your goods. Moreover, you can visit your friends’ stores and help them please their customers.

WeeMee Life

This game has so much to offer. There is a myriad of places to venture into, a train of jobs to lay hands on and an array of decorating options to adorn your avatar. You travel around the world and fill your wardrobe with all kinds of items, ranging from gorgeous clothing to exquisite accessories. While exploring the vast realm, you can take some jobs to earn money and play simple mini-games to kill time. As you level up, you are able to unlock new areas to start new adventure. In a nutshell, life is wonderful and rich here.


The world is dragged into furious flames of war. In order to survive, there is no way out but standing up to join the chaos. This turn-based strategy game brings you to that turmoil in a fantasy world. Pirates and Ninjas, the most ferocious killers in the world, are challenging and threatening you. You recruit warriors, equip them with powerful weapons, form allies with your friends and brave your way into the hazardous battlefield. Many stats will tell your progress. Do you have confidence in dwarfing all your competitors and opponents? If you do, join in Bruisers and overwhelm them!

Virus Wars

We all know that health is the most important thing in our life. However, in Virus Wars, waves of deadly viruses are attacking you, trying to break down your immune system. You only choice are to stand up, go all out, and repeal the malicious intrusions. At the same time, you won’t be bored because you have to build a strong defense system. You purchase weapons according to the in-game guidance and defend yourself against fierce attacks of green grumpy viruses. The adorable graphics and well-crafted images make the game appeal to all sorts of players.

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