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Release Date:  June 18, 2012
Publisher:  Have A New
Developer:  Have A New
Genre:  Virtual World

DotFriends is a social virtual world on Facebook in which you can enjoy virtual parities all over the world. You may be in South Carolina at 7:30 just now, and you are sure to make it to Yokohama before 7:32.


There is no storyline, no quest or anything that limits your free actions in the world of Dotfriends. It is easy for you to get started by following the short tutorial guiding you to create your avatar. If you are not satisfied with the random look, just change it at will. The only restriction is that the gender of your virtual character is bounded to your Facebook profile.

The gameplay is not quite done yet. Players can only decorate their own places or visit others’. The decoration job will soon be done after a few steps. First select a background theme, and then upload three pictures and a video from YouTube. Well done and that’s all.

Only but most popular spots will be marked on the world map. The entrance is free, and all the spots are available to you. Although there are highlights on popular spots, it is still hard to distinguish a popular spot from a normal one after you entered.

There is a lack of interactions. When you entered a random place, you could buy drinks and ask them for a dance, which is far from enough. Maybe chatting in the open channel will be the last choice before many players end up leaving quickly.

You begin with 1000 in game currency and you spend it for drinks and clothing. The problem is how to make money. People come to your place and enjoy themselves with drinks and music. However no increase in fortune would be seen after they had left. And you are charged when drinking at your own place. All in all, you will soon become impoverished.

DotFriends owns a crafted artwork and an incomplete gameplay. The game is barely in embryo. So much to be done before Dotfriends takes off to be a successful social game. More items are needed for unique and various decorations. In the meantime, introducing new possible activities is necessary for hosting even lively parties.

DotFriends currently has not introduced any means of topping up in the game. I’m pretty much concerned about how things will go with it. To sum up, it is not the proper time to join the world of Dotfriends.

3 Comments on DotFriends


  1. James Wong says:

    I love virtual world games

  2. edg says:

    james I don't give a fuck

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