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DotMMO Recommends New Browser Games in July 2011

Sara Lau
Jul 4,2011  11:07 by

Each month, DotMMO picked up best new games for you. This week, we collected over 15 browser-based MMOs, genre ranging from RTS, RPG, Shooter, social and simulation.

Pit of War

Pit of War is a browser-based online MMORPG that purely takes you on the fantasy world where you can trade slaves in the black-market, unlock achievements and equipment, learn fighting skills. You can use a variety of weapons to duel in the Arena and gain glory.

The game boats stunning graphics, fun storyline, and plenty of weapons.

Reborn Horizon

Like no client download strategy games?  Perhaps it is too much talking about browser MMORTS since such games are pretty popular these days. It’s equally clear that warfare-themed games are more welcome than any other web RPGs. Especially, when a game supports full-screen zoom out, it would be worth a try.

Operation Gamma 41

With player’s increasing interest in browser games, Chinese game developers begin to diversify its revenue in China and beyond.  Operation Gamma 41, (Chinese: 绝地战争, or Jue Di Zhan Zheng),  just blazed a trail to roll out the English version Operation Gamma 41. But it is published by Just A Game, which successfully scored a monthly revunue  of 1 Million dollars from War 2 Glory.

WW2 Rage

WW2 Rage is another new game from PlayComet, behind eDragon and Transforce.  Thanks to Transforce’s success, WW2 Rage makes it possible by using the  Transforce’s game engine. Like Operation Gamma 41, WW2 Rage is also set in the world war 2 with each factions seeking for ultimate power.


Transformers Film series remain robust specially the recent 3D movie boosts the popularity of Transformers. No wonder Playcomet was developing Robomania in an attempt to bring Robot fans together to play RoboMania.

That is not a video game, but a city building game that just benefits from its slight association.

Star Supremacy

For Chinese developers, they may lose the confidence for the domestic game market. They are faced with many problems – talented programmer and artist resources. But one of most compelling issues is the imbalance of augmenting spending and decreasing income. This cruel fact forces them to seek a new way to diversify their revenues.

Barbily, located in Suzhou, China, just announced the space-themed browser game Star Supremacy, hoping to establish its position in the overseas market.

Warriors Saga

For those just hitting the browser game area, they may be passionate about the location of Chinese browser MMORPGs. They treat the game as a commercial product rather ignoring to consider if the game suits for the target market.

Warriors Saga may be struck in where they want to move forward, and stay back at the same time. Actually, such Games are just a rebuild of 2D MMORPGs 10 years ago. Western and European users might not have a better knowledge of the real Chinese culture. The result is they unanimously refuse to keep exploring it.

Rising of King

To be a king is not an easy job in Rising of King. You start as an ordinary people and hire workers, train troops and get your city well-managed. Then what you should do next is fighting.

Against the backdrop of the Rome-based empire, Senatry is a free to play real-time strategy urban construction game, with a combination of RPG, Simulation and city building.  Players can choose their own preferences and development path to upgrade the corresponding types of building, and to enhance their overall strength. Boasting an exquisitely elegant scene, vividly visuals, the game shows the history of classical Rome trip.


As far as I know, there have been a constellation of german game developers active in the web gaming field. Travian Games Publishing may count as one of best ones. Remanum is the team’s latest efforts to make dynamic stock market integrated into it.

Family Guy Online

It’s great enough that animated TV series, action, adventure and RPG have been combined into a new genre –  Browser Game. This newly announced Family Guy Online seems to present players a unique side with adventure on web browser.

Jagged Alliance Online

Jagged Alliance will be launched as a browser shooter by Gamigo. This game will come later this year.


SkyRama is a new browser game that is developed by Austrian studio Sproing and published by Bigpoint. The game offers players the opportunity to build their own airport.


Ponyrama is still in the closed beta, but it is already connected with Facebook. If you want to raise a pony on your farm, you can now start to join the game for free.

World Of Ants

‘People don’t like social games largely because social game is “very much” like a mini flash game, with no fullscreen zoom out. While World Of Ants made a break-through with full-screen supports, more importantly, the game takes on the mini kingdom where Ants thrive.


China-based Caplay just launched Athuria. Judging from its website’s cover page, Athuria offers a nice set of graphics. But when you enter the game, it may let you down.


Indomitus is a new browser MMORPG that is developed by KoramGame.com, This game has a lot of contents and features.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is an upcoming browser MMO that takes on turn-based gameplay while presenting a 2D casual fun. Although the game title involves the Dragon theme, it is actually not closely associated with Dragon.

Iron Marshal

By making it more like battlefield heroes, Hithere teased us with the new WW2 style strategy game.

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