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DotMMO Report: Luvinia Online, Dream Drops, Civ World & Some Browser MMOs

Sara Lau
Jul 11,2011  02:07 by

This week has witnessed plenty of MMOs, FB Games and browser online games. Here are all the latest games we collected around our site last week.

1, MMO:

1, Last week, we played a couple of free new beta MMO games including Eden Eternal, Luvinia Online, and Team Fortress 2 on Steam. One of most impressive games is Eden Eternal, which reminds me of Dragon Nest. The fast-paced action, gorgeous weapons, cute characters and strikingly picturesque landscape – all these features could make the game qualify the best free to play action casual game. However, the ingame font looks blurry, but that is not a big problem.

2, Compared to Eden Eternal, Luvinia Online is more like a small 2D MMO that does not have so many interesting elements, and perhaps this game may be suitable for gamers under 20.

3, New Upcoming MMOs: Prime: Battle For Dominus, Arma 2, Dream Drops, PlanetSide 2, Deep Black Online, Firefly Universe Online, and Warrior of Dragon.

2, Facebook Games:

 Civ World

2K Games announced the launch of the Social game Civilization World on Facebook. In the game, you build a civilization and attempts to expand this into the most powerful nation in the world. Manage your cities, and increase your attempts to improve the satisfaction of your population and to maximize production. You are urged to join forces with friends to victory in the major battles. Alliances, treaties, espionage and the forging of sinister plans are needed to eliminate your enemies. You may also share technology, knowledge and vote on policy decisions and build world wonders. This leads your civilization from the dark Middle Ages to the Space Age. You can play  it here.

3, Browser MMORPGs:

Reignage is new Browser MMORPG that is developed by 71Wan, behind the project World of Lordcraft. Both games share the same gameplay, but delivers different value.

Heroic Reign will be launched into OutSpark’s Flint Platform. Although Heroic Reign and 7 Dragons differs from title, nothing new can be found in these two games.

Iron Marshal will be a great game since it has made an impressive open beta in China, and it will be distributed exclusively by Hithere.com

Rich$tate is a new simulation game by Dovogame, the maker of Business Tycoon Online. The game title typically demostrates how the developers are greedy for money.

ToonRacer is not available on Facebook game. The game is aimed for iPhone, iPod touch and social network sites. Currently it can only be played over Facebook.

This is the weekly report for DotMMO’s interested in.

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