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Dovogame and Yeepgame to publish Warflow after Rising of King

Sara Lau
Jun 16,2011  12:06 by

Yeepgame, the publisher of fantasy browser MMO Rising of King, today announced a partnership with Dovogame, the real developer of Warflow and Business Tycoon Online. The new agreement between Dovogame and Yeepgame comes just as both of the companies would spend human and economic resources to bring this increasingly popular browser game into North America, and let more and more players experience the Made-in-China MMO on the Internet.

Thus far, there have been over 10 publishers presenting Warflow on their platform and this is like a mini-flash game that can be embedded into their website using API.

Build, Defend, Conquer

In Warflow, Your job is just that. Sounds easy? But it is not, actually! The construction is not anything but strategy if you are really immersed in the game. You need to keep alongside your online settlers, and make them happy in order to compete against aggressive neighbors. So you should always improve your town and expand your influence around your city.

The keywords contained in the title describe the principle of Warflow the way it is extremely accurate. In the construction phase, namely the preparation stage, you will have spent most of the time to build your city and, particularly provide the needs of your city dwellers.

To new beginners, Warflow offers a tutorial that guides newbies to get familiar with the game. After the tutorial is complete, everything is under control. You can do the missions assigned by System, or explore map alone to earn some experience.

Later, you can levy tax payments from your settlers, and balance the spending and incoming. After all, you need to develop your city both in economic and military way.

Warflow Conquest

Have you had an eye on the area of ​​your neighbors? If not, take your time and do it. Before you make scout of your enemy’s military camp, you can dispatch your troops according to your strength.  During this time, fighting is not instantly complete, but your troops may take longer to reach the target. Once your troops reach the opponents and win the battle, your commanders would also need to get back to your city.

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