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Dragon Age Legends

Dragon Age Legends

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The fantasy land Thedas is plunged into unsettling chaos and flames of war by the dark forces. The son of present Viscount of Kaiten is endangered by the revenging demon. Can you be trusted as a faithful yet heroic ally to embark on a dangerous conquest and eventually rescue viscount’s son from distress?

In Dragon Age Legends, you can be the legend with your gallant mettle and brilliant wisdom. Dragon Age Legends, developed by Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest game companies, in partnership with BioWare, is an action-packed role-playing game with considerable appeal, thanks to the success of the former Dragon Age series.

Dragon Age Legends has a legendary fantastic storyline. More than a decade ago, the respected great ruler Khedra was enchanted by a mighty demon and changed his behavior. The whole nation was under horror towards the wanton indulgence and ruthless carnage. Right at this time, Kendra’s nephew Rivi, the present Viscount comes to the rescue along with a group of valiant warriors. Now history repeats itself as the son of Rivi is threatened by demons and darkspawn. You’ve got to stop the situation from exacerbating. Entering into the game as one of Ravi’s trusted allies; you are commencing a perilous combat with all kinds of monsters, ranging from fearsome fire-breathing dragon of gigantic size to the evil king itself. The ultimate goal is to vanquish the evil legions, save the boy in distress, and most importantly, bring the land of Thedas into peace and security. The epic journey is also filled with many quests with varying difficulty, which offers you an abundant yet diverse gaming experience. In order to fulfill your heroic mission, you must pay more attention to cooperation and strategy. Along with thousands of other brilliant warriors, you can surely be eternal legendary figure in the glorious chapter of the Dragon Age.

The graphics in Dragon Age Legends, though not gorgeous, possesses a soul-stirring and heart-shaking effect. The colossal flaming dragon is breathing fire in front of you. It gives you a delicate sense of immediacy, which makes the adventure real and terrifying. Are you brave enough to take the task and throw yourself to fierce combats? Join in Dragon Age Legends if the answer is positive and become a legendary hero with your wisdom and courage!

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