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Dragon Atlas

Dragon Atlas

Release Date:  April 1
Publisher:  37Games
Developer:  37Games
Genre:  MMORPG

Dragon Atlas by 37Games is a free to play side-scrolling adventure game with a variety of unique features and depth of gameplay. The game is in the world of Ymir, a land where people are able to train dragons and often come into conflict with dragons and other worldly creatures.

The art-style is charming for the various characters, however enemies and dungeon backgrounds can have a darker feel which adds a nice contrast to the environment. The over-world map resembles a board game, here players move a piece across this world to explore and progress through the story. At this same time players will observe a side-long view as their characters make their way down the path of the board and encounter adversaries. This perspective of the games geography gives the player a nostalgic feeling, one of youthfully strolling down a mysterious trail.

In the beginning, there is a main town where players gather though more unique townships and lands are later revealed. Overall the user interface provides valuable information to the player, and as a variety of new features become available, the intuitive nature and design becomes apparent. It is easy to become absorbed in a single feature, however in order to develop one’s character it will become necessary to take the time to master the majority of them.

Teaming up with old friends and making new ones is naturally one of the best parts of online play, and this is fully appreciated in Dragon Atlas. Going on a stroll with your dragon may feel like going to the park with an animal in the real world, a place where you can meet friends who share your interests and experiences, through good and hard times. Though of course there may not be any animal real or imaginary that is more stunning than a dragon, and this makes Dragon Atlas that much more enjoyable.

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