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Dragon Born

Dragon Born

Release Date:  02/2012
Publisher:  KoramGame
Developer:  KoramGame
Genre:  RPG

Dragon Born is a browser-based action RPG developed by Beijing-based KoramGame, which publishes games like Heroic Odyssey, Chronicles of Merlin, and Spirit Tales.


The tale of Dragon Born speaks of an ancient and epic war between dragons and demons, with humanity caught in the middle. The war ended in victory, albeit at great cost for the light side. The surging tide of demons was contained, but has never truly subsided for millennia, and only those borne of dragons have the power to vanquish evil for eternity.

Dragon Born draws its artistic inspiration and game theme from the time-honored line of lauded action fantasy titles. At the same time, Dragon Born attempts to bring you the game experience that major single-player and MMO client games offer, but on your browser. Featuring mission campaigns, dungeons, a slew of daily player events and other unique character systems, Dragon Born is a snug fit for both the casual and hardcore. Round that off with crisp graphics that rival current online games, and with just so much else to do in-game, Dragon Born may just be the free-to-play browser game for you.


Had I not played Soul of Guardian the other day, I would have never found that there should be two games that are so identical to each other — similar graphic qualities, similar progression pace, similar leveling up requirements, similar quest modes, and all of that. But apparently, Dragon Born is pretty much refined.

After I enter the game and create my character as a priest, everything that leaps into my eyes reminds me of the latest released browser game “Soul of Guardian”. Based on my previous experiences SOG, I go through a rather toilless journey leveling up from 1 to 20 with the assistance of the auto-path, portals, and well-marked arrows.

Merely by adopting a bright and light-hearted tinge to the graphics, this game has successfully outweighed Soul of Guardian, which distributes depressing atmosphere all through. However, although the visual effects have improved by comparison, I still feel a bit dizzy when I gaze upon the screen following the traces of my character. In addition, the in-game sound works perfectly in accordance with the development of the storyline, and varies in the light of the switch of scenarios. For example, while the quick rhythm matches up with the ordinary battling quests, ravens could be heard in the specific environment of graveyards.

As a matter of fact, when I land on this chaotic and perilous continent, what really fascinate me are those items and mounts equipped with those high-ranking players. Soon, as a priest, I obtain a flying bloom to ride on, but I still anticipate those stylish items such as blankets (though not designed for priests) and helicopters (cool things, aren’t they?). As I progress, my first mount—a warhorse takes the place of the broom, and accompanies me through the battles from then on. Further, I can ride the horse to directly confront with the monsters.

Once I commented that I could even accomplish all quests before level 30 by blindly clicking the mouse. However, in this game, although all quests are described in detailed and strikingly marked on the right side, some are rather puzzling and demanding. When I am with a mission to search for the Bandit’s confidential letter, it is not until I dig everything out of the forest that I have found the obscure letter on the rock. Worse still, at present, I am still being hindered by the quest of “destroying the Saliva of Flame Dragon”.

Basically, Dragon Born features a fairly interesting and dense main storyline, with some rewarding side quests emerging from time to time. After reaching level 30, I am able to take part in the fishing mode, which I have long anticipated. However, this mode is not designed as complicatedly and dynamically as I expected, and during the process, I haven’t even seen a single fish. Accordingly, it seems that to create more authentic environments is one issue worthy of the developers’ consideration.

9 Comments on Dragon Born


  1. wolfeedog says:

    pretty much a knockoff of skyrim

  2. Guest says:

    If it can be related to skyrim, then I'm all for it. I think an mmo with skyrim's gameplay would be awesome

  3. Anon-a-miss says:

    It's not a knock-off of Skyrim…Do you even know how long the words 'Dragon Born' has been tossed around? Since way back in the DnD days, I'll tell you that for sure. And, look at this game…not even remotely related to Skyrim.

    Anyway. Good Review there, I've been playing this lil' get-up since they opened it up for CBT the 19th. Not too shabby.

  4. DranzerM says:

    I played closed beta for 4 days, and I can't wait to play this one when it comes out 🙂

  5. Jarl Balgruuf says:

    Skyrim…! Oh wait… Its not.

    Thought i could play it multiplayer >.>

  6. Attom From U2 DB says:

    This game is GARBAGE. The DEVELOPERS are screwing it up to the point where you will NOT want to play it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

  7. bryan says:

    Attom if u want to bash other developers games why dont u go and make ur own if not stfu and gtfo

  8. kelly says:

    It is of great us to have this website where you can get the shadow fight 3 coins online for free.

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