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Dragon Born Preview

Sara Lau
Feb 29,2012  06:02 by

Koramgame lately announced that they have finished localizing their newest browser-based 2D action-packed RPG – Dragon Born. The company does not yet confirm the final release date when the game will be available for beta testing. Actually, I was a bit skeptic of the future of the game when I heard Dragon Born was introducing to North America and beyond. Because I have played quite a lot of their games and few of them could catch my attention. More specifically, I just play a while and quit.

It hasn’t been long since the company launched their 2012’s first game last month – Heroic Odyssey, which seems to be rather a half-finished product rushed out of the door than a “masterpiece that has been undergoing development for more than 2 years”. I was so shocked by careless and poor use of English in the game. Anyway, since I was assigned to write something about this game, I forced myself to give a sneak peak at the Chinese version of this game.

Different from Heroic Odyssey, which is a typical “sword-and-fairy” based Chinese background and storytelling; Dragon Born is a western-style fantasy game, with the playable classes being set up in a similar “Magi-Fighter-Priest-Ranger” pattern. At least it inherits the merits from its predecessor; the game has a nice-looking for both its well-optimized interface and the expressive graphics; the BGMs vary in every map when you get in and are adjusted to the atmosphere which the scenario seems to be showing. Also, the other nice settings that distinguish the game from others is that, players do not even bother to bustle through the town in order to find different NPCs to upgrade gears, brew magical potions, disintegrate useless gears, or sock gems on your gears. Anytime, you can simply use the hotkey to bring up the “craft menu” and everything is contained. Your pet can also morphed into other shape depending on what kind of food is fed on.

As for as I know, Dragon Born incorporates Potential system that helps players to bolster their character. You basically earn Potential Points(PP)by: 1) system reward according to your accumulated play time on daily basis. 2)Doing meditation in safe zone. 3) Killing specific elite mobs. PPs can be used to unlock skills, but to promote the skill level, you have to use corresponding skill book which is only obtained from monster drops. However, given the huge skill branches, it is hard to get your wanted book. What’s worse, consuming a spell book just grants you some skill proficiency experiences. So I cannot help questioning why Koramgame guys come down with this, when I know that I have to obtain 20 skill books in order to promote the very most basic fire bolt from level 1 to 2.

I have to say, the way superficial storytelling is a deadly flaw to this game. Quests are of huge variety, but are bloated. In most quests, your character just runs errand for NPCs, alternating “go and get item A from NPC A, and pass it to NPC B, who in return rewards you with item B, which is among the wishlist of NPC C…” with “go and kill some boars and bring back their fangs to the assignee to show your valor…”. These missions have little connection with the main plot and are independent on each other. So the quests, which have loose interrelationship among them, quenched my interests very soon.

The leveling-up speed is also surprisingly fast, like Heroic Odyssey, you click the highlighted keywords in mission logs and the quest path-finding will automatically direct you to the quest location. Combat are also done automatically, as you can assign the level-grinding job to AI.

Despite of its paltry so-called “features”, which are by no means out of the ordinary, the game does not possess any interests from my point of view. And besides some doubtful and unreasonable game setting, I’d rather wish game producer may polish and proofread the translation before the English version is finally launched.

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  1. Lix says:

    Should i even bother playing this?

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