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Dragon City

Dragon City

Release Date:  May 20, 2012
Publisher:  SocialPoint
Developer:  SocialPoint
Genre:  Builder, Fighting

Dragon City is a Facebook-based social game with the theme around dragon breeding, hatching and fighting. The game is developed by Social Point, which has published Facebook games such as Social Wars, and Social Empires.

The game is primarily executed in the way like all other games released by Social Point. In Dragon City, you start from your magical dragon island where you create your dragons in the hatchery, and grow dragons to earn more gold by placing them in the habitats. As you have placed the dragons in order, you need to feed them with food that will be produced in the Farm. Dragons have a big appetite, and you must grow as much food as possible.

Forum: Dragon City Add Me Requests, Add Friends, Find Neighbors

Update: Dragon City has a new mobile version called “Dragon City Mobile“. It can load your Facebook’s playing data to your mobile devices.

Breed more dragons to get more combinations; Combat competitors in the island, defeat them and win precious Gems.

There are 9 types of dragons, including Earth, Fire, Water, Plant, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark and Legend.


The game title lies about the “city” but is honest in “dragon” stuff. In my personal opinion, it should be named Dragon Farm or Dragon Village.

On this small floating island, you actually own a ranch for keeping dragons. Buy an earth habitat. Purchase an egg of earth dragon, hatch it in the Hatchery, place the earth dragon in the earth habitat, and feed the dragon. Likewise, the water habitat homes the water dragons, fire habitat the fire dragons and the plant habitat the plant dragons. Since all dragons generate gold, you can click the habitats to collect the gold once in a while. Most of the actions you take on a farm, a habitat or the Hatchery, are done by clicking the facility and then clicking the concerned icon appearing at the interface bottom instead of just clicking on the facility itself.

Naturally, you have to deploy farms to cultivate the plants for dragon food. Dragon City provides only three types of plants, whose growth time are 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or 30 minutes, sparing you long waits. The food is used for dragon upgrades and you are not required to feed dragons constantly.

There is a Breeding Mountain in the store that you could purchase for matchmaking any two of your dragons regardless of their origins. You just click the Breeding Mountain, click Breed button at the bottom, and choose the dragons you like to make a pair. Then the two of them would spend some time together near the Breeding Mountain – during which time they stop generating revenues of course – and an egg would appear in your Hatchery. You could speed up the hatching and then place the dragon to a suitable habitat. Dragons of different origins bring mixed breeds and different orders in selecting the same two types of dragons also result in different varieties of dragons. For example, an earth dragon and a water dragon would produce a mud dragon, a fire dragon and a water dragon breed cloud dragon while a water dragon and a fire dragon could bring a blizzard dragon. Eggs of all those varieties can be found in the shop too, but as you have more and more types in your habitats, you don’t have to pay to have access to new breeds any more. Nevertheless, you have to upgrade the dragons to level 4 first. Otherwise, they could not be applied to breeding in the first place.

After you achieve level 10, you will be tasked with building a Stadium with the help of your friends and gems. Once completed, the stadium allows you to bring a team of three dragons to challenge one dragon. The battles are turn-based and the attacks you are able to unleash vary depending on the type of your dragon in battle. Even if your dragon is several levels ahead of your enemy, it might lose all the same. But don’t worry. Send the second one and even the third one. Don’t rest until you drain the HP of that opponent. A victory in this tournament will reward you with one gem and 1000 gold. Pretty desirable, huh? But you can attend the tournament once in every twelve hours.

You are allowed to expand your land to the rest of the present island and further to the other three islands available in the game. Those expansions cost huge amounts of gold or a number of gems. There are times when you have to clear bush, rocks and trees for more space in your current area but the clearings are also expensive. Clearing a Big Tree alone, for example, consumes 1000 gold.

Dragon City, however, is not good in every detail. There is this Recruitment Tavern that you could catch a glimpse of the three special dragons that you could not breed with your own ones. You could have one of them only if you ask help from three of your friends. Excuse me, but help? Who is it kidding? That is propaganda anyway.

621 Comments on Dragon City


  1. Ninja assasin says:

    I played it is very nice i'm level 15 … I love the dragons for example gold dragon and platinum dragon. They are ery shiny.andthey are quite powerful too. I wonr how to get legendary dragon or either crystal Dragon

  2. love says:

    i need help how do i get the plant habitat

  3. Brett says:

    Whats the go with the, GOLD TREES, LOST BABY ELF and LOST BABY UNICORN?

  4. nickistef2001 says:

    How do I get the Gummi Dragon? –Nickistef2001

  5. nickistef2001 says:

    Gummi Dragon? Anyone?

  6. potatoesrcool says:

    HOw do i get metal dragon?? the shop only has midevil and hedgehog!!!

  7. David says:

    my favorites? firebird, electric, and storm!

  8. sue says:

    having problem with game any one else

  9. julie saunders says:

    im having problems the game wont load any one else having the same problem.

  10. falkor says:

    it's not loading!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Vince says:

    how to get cool fire dragon, it says that u need a Fire dragon and Ice, but in the breeding process it cant ..!!

  12. bethany says:

    is anybody elses dragon city down ? its not working for me.. 🙁



  14. TechedClown738 says:

    How do you get a legendary dragon?

  15. girl says:

    how do you get cool fire??

  16. TechedClown738 says:

    how do you make a crystal dragon?

  17. lawahewi says:

    The Elf home says to invite little elves to come live in my city. How do I do this?

  18. lawahewi says:

    I would try mixing the Electric with the Mud.

  19. lawahewi says:

    I'm breeding Gummy with Ice. I'm hoping to get Dark or Metal… Wish me luck 😉

  20. Death the kid says:

    How do you make a water fall dragon

  21. steven says:

    how do you get the firebird dragon? I keep tryin and it gives me spicy dragons.

  22. cedric says:

    hi how to get soccer dragon in dragon city

  23. Jessica says:

    What do we do with these lost baby things and Gold trees??

  24. amb says:

    im not trying to be mean but the game isn't really fun. 🙁 but some other people mite think its fun so don' t just listen to me. i think it needs some improvements with the dragons, shoping cinter, loading, and not freezing up. thats really just it. oh by the way you should make the dragons cutter not just when there a baby but when there grown. thats all i got to say.

  25. Quadrana says:

    looking into it but my best guess is by breeding dragons with both having two elements i think two of the weather ones might make a legend and the rest just guess at. otherwise forking out over a hundred bucks for a video game just to get one dragon seems unreasonable to me.

  26. Juan says:

    Add me im play… my facebook: Juan Pf

  27. drew says:

    you can make the armadillo dragon by breeding the alpine dragon and the midevil dragon hope you like it

  28. MPRBRAZIL says:

    pesquisem MPRBRAZIL nO facebook para semos amigos

  29. Jess says:

    How do I make a soccer dragon?

  30. Guest says:

    I did Armadillo and Pirate and got one. You want to look at the Gummi, Cool Fire, Poo, Petrolium, Pirate and Soccer dragons. If you mix and match you have a better chance of getting one. This is the second Legendary dragon that I have bred so far.

  31. Melissa says:

    I can't get a Poo dragon for the life of me. I have tried mud+dark and vice versa. I have tried different combos of other dragons with same attributes and still can't come up with it. Does anyone have an idea or does anyone have a Poo dragon that they can tell me how they did it. I have been going at this for 2 weeks now trying to get one. Thank you!

  32. TechedClown738 says:

    Anybosy got a hot metal dragon

  33. TechedClown738 says:

    Anybody got the new hot dragon

  34. TechedClown738 says:

    To get a hot metal dragon breed fire on the left and electric on the right

  35. medival(fire+metal)+apline(ice+earth)=soccer cool fire pearl armadillo or flaming rock
    Legendaries are the following *Legendary Dragon=Cool Fire Dragon + Soccer Dragon
    Crystal Dragon = Coolfire + Soccer
    Mirror Dragon = Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon
    Wind Dragon = Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon

  36. travis says:

    i think i found out something if u want a specific dragon the first element has to be a higher lvl than the second example the storm dragon is water and elec so your water dragon has to be a higher lvl than your elec dragon

  37. Dzan says:

    How Get Cool Fire Brother Pliszz

  38. Saffron says:

    I read that Flaming Rock + Alpine can make Cool Fire but I got Earth dragon from that? I know when they say to breed a fire and an ice they mean hybrids not pure fire and pure ice…but been looking and none of the sites seem to agree >.<

  39. Shayna says:

    how do i get the smaller white island

  40. Patrick says:

    To make a Crystal Dragon you need a Cool Fire Dragon and Soccer Dragon

  41. Patrick says:

    To make a Firebird Dragon you to change the positions of Plant Dragon and Fire Dragon

  42. karlie says:

    i cannot for the life of me breed a gummy dragon i have tried the firebird and star together and like three other combinations and cannot breed one any help?????

  43. Austin says:

    dragon city is not working right now

  44. betty says:

    is anyone else having a problem accessing dragon city because no matter what browser I try or computer I am on it will not let me open it

  45. Austin says:

    to get gummy dragon u breed jade dragon and star dragon but the jade dragon has to be on level 7 and the star dragon has to be on level 4 and 7 i dont no cause i just got mine 2day

  46. why wont the game load?!? I played it last night and it was fine, but now i cant get the game to load!! anyone know how to fix it???

  47. Samantha says:

    Been playing for a few days and now it won't load. Will be removing the access to my page

  48. Aaron says:

    What's going on? The game hasn't loaded for over 9 hours,…….is it broken or what? Some updates or statements would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Aaron says:

    I have 2 wind and 1 mirror dragon atm and 1 legendary egg waiting 2 days to hatch

  50. Aaron says:

    finally dragon city is up again

  51. Aaron says:

    WOW now facebook "Account Temporarily Unavailable",….What the hell is going on?

  52. Austin says:

    now dragon city is not working again freaken hel

    now its geting me pissed off

  53. Voodo says:

    hmm… right at the minute i got my damn cool fire and it stops workin

  54. Cracker says:

    oh and I got cool fire through firebird and dandelion instead of firebird and ice combination

  55. neo says:

    how to get poo dragon???????

  56. Raven says:

    it shows you wich ones you have to breed at the bottom of the dragons when you click build then eggs at the bottom of the picture it shows wich ones you need to pic thats how i got a moose dragon

  57. a<sef says:

    heeppinizi bip bip

  58. doni says:

    How do I get that star dragon

  59. Barb Kelso says:

    My game wont open properly, Things like breeding when it opens its to big and you cant access arrows etc to pick your dragon….suggestions please

  60. dakota fear says:

    how do you unlock the last move?

  61. kook says:

    how to get gold dragon,soccer dragon and gummy dragon?

  62. I managed to get a Waterfall Dragon once, but I can't figure out what combo I did to get it. Does anyone know ?

  63. marco says:

    how can i get laser dragon

  64. marco says:

    how can i get star dragon

  65. How do I get a poo dragon? Its on the second page in the dragon book, second row down. I thing i need 3 elements. What elements is he?

  66. kristian humphrey says:

    ok guys first of all the coolfire is made by the alpina dragon and the flaming rock dragon i dont know how to get the gummi dragon yet and to get the ledgenary dragon is coolfire plus the soccer dragon same with the others except the mirror and win those are made by gummi and coolfire if you want infomartion look me up on facebook my name is kristian humphrey i have a cat in my photo i can explain more stuff there bye

  67. Teri Wilson says:

    Game opens in a window with a scroll bar. I’d rather play it on your site if it’s going to open this way.

  68. iverson says:

    how to get legendary dragon

  69. about to get a legendary but i need to get the dragon's to breed it =D

  70. isshaak madrid says:

    how do i get a cactus dragon ? i keep trying earth with plant but i always get the tropical dragon plz help me to get the cactus dragon what should i breed to get him?

  71. DIELZA says:


  72. Boy786 says:

    how do you get poo dragon in breeding? WHAT DO YOU BREED?!

  73. HELP!!!!! says:

    i already got a combo for getting a legdary, but it will take i while until i get the dragons i need. I need sujestions! PLEASE ANWSER ASAP!!!

  74. fountainofclyde says:

    How long does the game usually stay down when it's down?

  75. slayer says:

    how do i use the ice habtat

  76. Person says:

    I'm like lvl/]. 20 and I love this game 😀

    I also love the Dark Dragon

  77. liam says:

    how dea u get a dark dragon a want wan

  78. alex says:

    how do u get a armadillo dragon

  79. alex says:

    how do you get a armadillo dragon?

  80. HELP!!!!! says:

    breed metal and earth

  81. luis says:

    how do i gEt a storm dragon

  82. U suck says:

    U have no lives

  83. Mez says:

    Can someone please tell me the combo for a soccer dragon ?
    Ive been trying medievil & Alpine…but no luck 🙁

  84. max says:

    LOL my fav is legandary, crystal, and coolfire there so stongand i beat everyone up

  85. Jesse says:

    I got Legendary Dragon Just a few minutes ago by Gummy Dragon Level 7 and Armadillo Dragon level 7.
    And I also got Mirror Dragon By Gummy Dragon level 10 and Armadillo Dragon Level 4 Jesse Lightbound

  86. Jens Rysgaard says:

    is it just me or is this a ripoff of dragonvale?

  87. gabriel says:

    I Like Dandelion,Hot Metal, And Gold Dragom

  88. jessica says:

    how do u get a coral dragon and gummy dragon and star dragon

  89. anu says:

    hey everyone i have a emergency question! for some reason i cant expand my land any more cuz it saying i have to get more neighbors? now i realli dont get wat they mean by that and i only have 1 friend on my fb that actuallys plays dragon city,,,,has this ever happend to u? if so plz tell me wat to do!!!

  90. George says:

    How do the combination Star Dragon?? Plizzz

  91. George says:

    How do combination Coral Dragon?plizzz

  92. dragon123 says:

    i have a chameloen dragon

  93. dragon123 says:

    well i think its a chameleon dragon btw how do i make the nefuer plant dragon thing

  94. anu says:

    wat dragons do i breed for a gummy dragon???

  95. brazza says:

    how do you get mud dragon

  96. nate says:

    reply if u want to no how to make cool fire dragon gummy dragon and gold dragon snow flake and hot metal

  97. nate says:

    http://www.facebook.com/nathan.sanchez.5 u can find me on this website ill tell u every thng on dragon city

  98. Eric says:

    Hm… Floating islands, breeding dragons, growing food…
    Nope, sounds nothing like Dragonvale.

  99. vlad lupulescu says:

    how to get armadilo dragon?

  100. Diane says:

    Hey need more friends to help out. Add me please and thank you. https://www.facebook.com/D.D.1898

  101. Harry Dulay says:

    how to get a poo dragon? please helo

  102. Marie-Viko says:

    How to get Soccer dragon ? Don't get it . 🙁

  103. kieler says:

    does a dark habitat take jems

  104. LoveMeansMe! says:

    Right now I'm giving Firebird and Ice a go…… I think if you want to get a cool fire, you have to put the "cool" first as in put the ice on the left and out the "fire" on the right. To get the Soccer Dragon, you have to do the opposite. Hope it works for you!

  105. anu says:

    how do you get a alpine dragon…like which two dragons did you use?

  106. anu says:

    how do get a alpine dragon? plz name the two dragon that u used.

  107. Dhrisha says:

    howcan invite little elfs in elf"s home?

  108. Filip says:

    socer dragon can make laser and dandelion or cool fire vampire and icecube dragon

  109. lolxD says:

    for people who need quick money raise a Coral dragon and sell it for 250k 😀 .
    Its Water and plant. 🙂 good luck it takes about 12 hours to hatch but its worth it for the emmense cash you get.

  110. Emmanuel Delgado says:

    Whats up with the game? I love the game but I cant play it through facebook Why?

  111. luis says:

    how do i get armidillo dragon

  112. Dragon tamer says:

    Can dragon city be downloaded to the iPhone as an app if so how do I find it

  113. luis says:

    how do i make a soccer dragon

  114. Dragon tamer says:

    Is there an iPhone app for dragon city I can’t always get to a computer

  115. DA BEAST says:

    woot just reached lvl 20 😀 can some 1 help me with my temple?

  116. ivan max says:

    am love dragons city 21lvl love!

  117. Franz says:

    can you tell me how to unselect dragons in combat

  118. carl says:

    what do we do with these to breed earth and plant = cactus

  119. how can i have a elf in a elf home please help me please

  120. bitoycastro says:

    i have all the dragons but no cheating and im only lvl 23 because of ultra breeding and normal breeding

  121. plzzz help me fo the gummy

  122. Alex Hynes says:

    i got jade and metal dragon:)

  123. Jonathas Melo says:

    How do you create the Dragon Tatu? and if earth metal can not be combined.

  124. monoasje says:

    how can i breed an armadillo dragon.

  125. Jenny says:

    Why is it never night in Dragon City? o.O

  126. Brandon says:

    I CANT GET THE COOL FIRE DRAGONNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Alex Hynes says:

    “““““`you breed dandy lion whith laser dragon

  128. coolguy says:

    witch dragon you get if you mix crystal dragon with soccer dragon

  129. coolguy says:

    soccer can you get when you mix hot metal with snowflake

  130. coolguy says:

    i have tree times soccer 1 coolfire and 1 crystal
    and more

  131. coolguy says:

    TechedClown738 to get crystal you mix soccer with coolfire so i get crystal and crystal is a legendary dragon

  132. mickeydraggon says:

    how do we get elevs to live in our city

  133. justine lozano says:

    How do I get the Gummi Dragon?
    justine lozano

  134. solomon says:

    every time i do a survey to earn gems i dont get anything. why?

  135. louie says:

    i love vagina

  136. caue says:

    como vc faz variar os dragoes de mesma combinaçao
    do breding

  137. deedee says:

    i have enough gems to expand but when i click on it nothing happens

  138. noah says:

    how do we get legodery dragon

  139. beth says:

    i have tried this and i am on level 7 but i still cant buy it i need help because i really need it

  140. joão marcos says:

    eu quero jogar dragon sity

  141. francielle says:

    eu quero jogar

  142. francielle says:

    quero jogar

  143. Tane says:

    Add me my face book is Tane Boyd

  144. nathan says:

    what would i breed to have a metal and dark dragon

  145. gustavo says:

    em que lv consigo dragon de ferro

  146. joren says:

    can i breed a legendary dragon with a legendary dragon ?

  147. i have been trying to buy an expansion for 120,000 gold and i have 500,00 gold and 20 neighbors and it says it's time to buy an island, what does it mean by that and how to buy a island without gems please help me and people help me on dragon city ill help them blake richard nixon should be the first one

  148. luis says:

    how do i get a soccer dragon

  149. jose manuel says:

    WOW! I got my free 500 Gems! Get yours now guys before it's too late. check it out here http://bit.ly/Free500Gems

  150. matt says:

    how do you get a wind dragon???

  151. charlie says:

    can u breed a legendary dragon?

  152. ludmila says:

    hola quiero saber como ago para sacarle el flash player nose como aser y no puedo entrar en el juego grasias y conteste porfabor

  153. justine says:

    tang ina mo

  154. Jonard Mayo says:

    daadd nice one

    ooo nice

  155. ramil says:

    wow cool!!!

  156. anonimo says:

    [Mar] I Got tons of Gems, food & Gold on dragon city using : http://goo.gl/bLpqy hack tool [Miz]!

  157. Jojo says:

    I want to play the game, but I have one big problem…
    The game doesn't want to load. The only thing I can see is: 'Loading. The game requires Flash Player'
    The thing is: I have the recent Flash Player on my computer, but still the game doesn't want to load. Anyone an idea how I can make the game load, so I can play?

  158. jonas says:

    dragon city is very awesome

  159. muslimin says:

    how to make a gummy dragon?

  160. Maddi says:

    Does anybody know why the dragons have to be healed now?

  161. Guest says:

    I paid for gems on dragon city but i didnt receive them what do i do?

  162. try using Norton 360 to erase temporary internet files that may be filling up your memory to stop game from loading. Or try a different browser but it sounds like a memory full problem to me. U might also try going to Control Panel for Maintenance and find a file clearing program that cleans out junk files.

  163. samuel says:

    hay alguin k juega k es de peru

  164. If you have questions above about getting the dragons, check out http://forums.socialpointgames.com/showthread.php… for more information if you can't purchase them.

  165. 钟浩贤 says:

    me love this 5 dragon.
    cool fire dragon
    soccer dragon
    gummy dragon
    poo dragon
    pirate dragon

  166. can you play this game anywhere other than facebook?

  167. Jimar says:

    When i was start playing dragon city, i think its more fun and more exiting… Yeah its more fun playing this game… but unfortunately my excitement was gone when i open my account and boooo!!!! there is limitation for having dragons!!! Yet I have more fun looking those dragons especially when they do there program entertainment (just like Paladin Dragon when he saw a mouse that walking into him and eventually he attacked the mouse w/ his laser beam!). But now, i have few dragons in my city and its look like city boring and managing them!!! I am starting to dislike this game!! Sorry for the maker of the game but this is my own idea.! Not only this, the making of foods and golds are now hard to find and make. Ho! sorry guys but my thumbs up for this game was now thumbs down….. and may be removing this application in my facebook account.

    Jim >:<

  168. kai says:

    im lvl 15 and i have 15 dragons, and up top where it tells you how many dragons i have it says 15 out of 10 and i cant place anymore. and since im only 15 and dont have a job. i cant give myself facebook money to allow myself to have more dragons like that. does anyone no another way???

  169. dragontamer13 says:

    to obtain a pure dragon breed two legendaries … u might not gut dont b discouraged it took me 10 times

  170. leo says:

    bakit po lumaki ung food ng mga dragon plzzz pakibalik ung dati at patanggal ung increase population…

  171. jnb says:

    Help need to breed pirate dragon. Hello I ve been playing for awhile now and have most of the dragons but i can seem to get the pirate dragons.

  172. logan says:

    what are the most powerful dragons

  173. Samantha says:

    I have cut down all my trees but now have a task to cut down another one. Is there a way to purchase more?

  174. brooke says:

    How do i buy my second island?

  175. saulo says:

    Nuevo hack de gemas, Octubre 2012… Este hack te regala de 15 mil hasta 100 mil gemas, compruebalo por ti mismo… Ingresa a la aplicacion para obtener tus gemas.

  176. pisti says:

    hogy kell wind dragont csinálni?valaki

  177. to get legendary dragon- armadillo dragon+cool fire dragon or gummy dragon+cool fire dragon

  178. for crystal you need cool fire + soccer

  179. Paul Smith says:

    when you get to any level and your habitats and other items are 28/28 you are not going anywhere. mise well quit and try another game. Dragon City is a rip…. i promise…..level up to buy… go ahead and try when you are at 28/28 bet you cant. enjoy.

  180. sim says:


  181. Beekeeper says:

    I really need some more neighbors. My Friends aren't that interested in playing. Please add me to your facebook for neighbors. Camaran Perez

  182. samuel says:


  183. emma says:

    this game is awsome

  184. KTS says:

    I really love this game but none of my facebook friends like to play facebook games so it is taking me forever! to move up in the game. I'm a college student and can't really afford to keep playing with facebook credits. Is there a way I can get the full game or is it only facebook??

  185. sherryh says:

    How do I get a pirate dragon? they're not even in the shop at all anywhere!

  186. sherryh says:

    How do I get a butterfly dragon? They aren't in the shop either!

  187. sherryh says:

    Any body who needs neighbors, feel free to add me. Sherry Hornberger from Reading, PA on facebook

  188. vcvc says:

    does anyone know what happens after you reach lvl 20 in the combat world? D:
    It won't let me go further

  189. sherryh says:

    Ok, major rip job here! Get this…I bred a level 10 Cool Fire dragon to a level 4 Soccer dragon, gave it a 5 gem breed boost, paid 8 gems to hatch it early, and made sure I had the legendary habitat on the ivory island, and do you think I got a legendary, or even a crystal dragon? Oh, hell no! I got another lame ass, stupid lookin' soccer dragon after all that! I'm highly pissed! I don't even want the soccer, gummy, mideval, or armadillo dragons! I think they're childish, too cartoony, and stupid lookin'. Same goes for mojito, penguin, ice cream, ice cube, and poo. They don't even look like dragons! More like third grade art class!

  190. sherryh says:

    Do the game makers ever actually read this and take our troubles and suggestions into consideration, or answer our questions? Or is this just one big, useless bitch and moan page? Cuz that would suck! I've contacted help and support 3 or 4 times now about different things, and all I ever get is their generic reply of thank u, we recieved ur message and will get back to u as soon as possible…and that's ALL I ever get….no answers, no help, no gratification, no bonuses in my storage to make up for all the time the game was down…NO NOTHING! At least when Zynga games go down, or aren't working properly, and I complain, a shitload of materials etc. show up in my storage along with a reply and apology for the inconveinence. Wish Zynga ran Dragon City!

  191. sherryh says:

    OMFG!!! I bred Dark to Seahorse, which by all rights should have gotten me either a Pirate, Rattlesnake, or Evil Pumpkin….but nooooooooooo, I get another Jade, which shouldn't even have happened! I'm beginning to think the 5 gem breed boost is a rip, cause I used it on my last 2 breeds and got shit! (and I don't mean the poo dragon either!) Now, I'm breeding Cool Fire and Gummy. I better get a legendary out of that….or at least a mirror orwind! I'll let you all know in 7 and a half hours!

  192. sherryh says:

    WTF!!! Dragon City is down again!?! It was just up and running 5 minutes ago! I have a hatched Pure Fire with no habitat to put it in…I'm on the verge of levelling up so I can get that habitat…I need to visit my neighbors (xp)..and I have an important breed about to finish!!! Is it going to be another 3 days!?! With no compensation from the gamemakers for our setbacks during that time yet again!?! That's what I bitched about last time! and recieved the generic, "please be patient, we'll get back to you" letter! I'm still waiting. I really hope they read this since they're down and I can't even get on help and support! At least when Zynga games go down and I bitch, a shitload of materials, energy, and sometimes even a bonus prize shows up in my inventory! AND I get a reply within 24 hours! Zynga, please take over Dragon City!

  193. sherryh says:

    Well my Dark to Seahorse did not yield the Jade dragon I thought it did. That green egg was a Rattlesnake, so that's good. But, my Cool Fire and Gummy, with 5 gem breed boost, and left to hatch at full time allotted, got me a stupid moose dragon that I do NOT want. Another one for the kindergarten. By all rights I should have Legendary by now. I took all precautions and had all the stuff to "increase my chances", put the right dragon first, got the habitat (which is standing empty!), put said habitat on the ivory isle…….I did EVERYTHING possible at one time to get the desired result, and what do I get!?! Another stupid, cartoony, little kiddy dragon! I'm pissed!

  194. MERLHCRIS says:

    WANT A PIRATE DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pick one from this side_And one from this side
    Mud I Hedgehog
    Cloud I Vampire
    Blizzard I Dark Fire
    Nenufar I Carnivore Plant
    Lantern FishINeon
    Ice CreamIFossil
    DarkI Mud

  195. merlhcris says:

    mercury seashell and seahorse are in the right

  196. savan says:

    all i got to say is loooool

  197. emantut says:

    i got my pure dark dragon and pure electric dragon

  198. Wendy says:

    What the heck is the foe of the gummy dragon! hes wiping me out

  199. sherryh says:

    Anybody know what to breed to get the fossil dragon? It's not even listed in the shop at all. And what was up with the evil pumpkin dragon? It was in the shop for like a day with no pic. or info, just said not assigned…then disappeared. My Paladin disappeared from the shop after I got it too. I'm at level 17 in social empires, which sucks by the way. I'm only playing til I get to level 20 and can get a butterfly dragon. My Dark/Seashell combo got me a Zombie, twice, even when I reversed the order. My Dark/Fire combo got me a second Vampire, even though I reversed the breed order and was going for Dark Fire. Now I've got a 2nd Zombie & Vampire waiting to hatch, and a Water and Vampire breed, trying for Pirate. Anybody know a better way to get Dark Fire? Soon I'll breed my Pure Dark(lvl 15) to my Pure Fire(lvl 13), and if I don't get a Pure Pure or Legendary out of that with the 5 gem breed boost, I give up!

  200. mayeth says:

    wedinga mga bulaan kayo sa dragon city mga bulaan yan tenesting koyong sinabe nnin yo bulaan kayo potangina ninyo

  201. mayeth says:

    ikenat cheats dragoncity and soweike inda battele and solaog

  202. bhoxzjoyce says:

    pno gmawa ng soccer

  203. hello i am new
    so i am lvl 19 i try 11 times medieval dragon + alphine and i get soccer+ pearl+ armadillo+ flaming rock
    but i want hot metal dragon and cool fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. joanna says:

    Dá erro ao enviar ovos mistério….como faço para resolver este problema ?

  205. chris says:

    does anyone know how to breed a pure dragon? iv tried to breed my crystal and mirror together nothing can anyone help?

  206. hallie says:

    How do i get the fire island…… beside buying more gems that is???

  207. amanda says:

    my gifts anit al loading help me

  208. How do i get a gold dragon??

  209. how do i get a gold dragon??

  210. Radka says:

    Hey, you do not know how to get pure dragons or legendary?

  211. RADKA says:

    my combination:
    metal+ star= gold
    vater+plant= coral
    dark+mud= hedgehot
    plant+ice= dandelion
    metal+platinum= batery
    darkfire+icecream= cloudy
    dark+alpin= pirate
    ice+hotmetal= moose
    coral+hotmetal= cloudy
    hotmetal+robot= waterfall
    bizard+fluorescent= scooter
    fire cool+pirate= pinguin
    scooter+pirate= icecube

  212. chelsey says:

    I was playing the game when it had told me that it was either down or the game have moved to a new place…now i can't get on the game anymore what do i do?

  213. Former player says:

    I loved it till lvl 13.. one thing i absoluttely HATE about facebook is people sending me game invites.. And this game requires you to pay for gems, or annoy your friends all day long… if it was only required for the stadium, market and that kind of stuff, whatever… but Ice habitat? i have to actually send request to 3 of my friends to open ONE DAMN HABITAT? No thanks..

  214. How do I get a mercury dragon I have tried a few diffrent ways but just can't get it right

  215. Radka says:

    metal + water or water+ metal…….you have to try

  216. lharces says:

    yeah thank u for the dragon city i love it very much it is very funny

  217. DI101 says:


  218. lloyd says:

    how to breed a pure ice dragon 100percent?? please help me

  219. lloyd says:

    I'm breeding pure and ice I'm hoping to gey a pure ice dragon…

  220. Gomos Adventus says:


  221. rohit says:

    gummy is plant plus electric easy way to get it is by breeding laser and dandelion
    coolfire by mediviel and alpine or blizzard and pearl
    soccer reverse order
    poo legendary plus pirate or petroleum or pirate plus armadillo

  222. Radka says:

    how to breed someone a pure dragon?

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  224. Ludmila says:

    Add me to Dragon City neighbours: http://www.facebook.com/ludmila.glinchikova

  225. zizi says:

    who made this why

  226. how to get cool fire dragon ??

  227. sarah watkins says:

    i just staryed playing this game. I would like more neighbors! would u be my neighbor?

  228. samdom14 says:

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  229. kenneth heat says:

    im not getting my dragon city messages keeps saying i have 0 in my inbox but my inbox shows 4 and i have played social empire and social wars both to past level ten and it has not given me my dragons can something be done about these problems i am a fan of the game and would like to continue enjoying my expearience ty sincerely kenneth heat

  230. karl says:

    has anyone of you experienced to lost a dragon?

  231. kyiermontiano says:


  232. Kaveesh the lvl 30 says:

    cedric: soccer dragon is very hard to breed and extremely rare!

  233. ashley says:

    My dragon book says that I have the blizzard dragon, but I can't find it on any of my islands. How do I find it?

  234. arshad ali says:

    my dragon city changed my dragons are different and my money is gone

  235. Gareth says:

    i have been playing for a few months and at level 39 with 80 dragons and suddenly i dont get gems for nothing is it a DC update or is it just me????

  236. zzoIKENIozz says:

    *I have a problem about clearing 3 small rocks in my goals.
    *My problem is i cannot clear 3 small rocks because i already clear all small rocks and i can not clear it again to finish my goal.
    *Can you help.

    [email me at kenlawton7@yahoo.com for answers so that i can surely read it.] thank you for your concern

  237. Gareth says:

    i got a free legendary dragon at level 17 no cheats no hacks and no scamms

  238. Bozaa says:

    Cleared the island to add or increase,
    to erect 28 habatats.

  239. Bozaa says:

    Increase the islands to get 28 habitas

  240. salko says:

    amb :poop:

  241. ADAM says:


  242. serar tafesh says:


  243. romel says:

    good game…

  244. SHEKLOVES says:


  245. Ryan says:

    I play on iPad so it rocks except for the part of the good daily bonus on the computer or laptop

  246. Ryan says:

    One of my favorite dragon is the soccer dragon it's strong it's nuclear hit does 7234 damage if critica

  247. juliana says:


  248. Art says:

    Will not let me brees eléctric with nature

  249. DUTU SABINA MARIA says:

    Va urasc deoarece nu ma pot juca acest superb joc.!.!.!.!.!.!.

  250. Eleasha says:

    How do I remove a Facebook account with out loosing all my things ?


  251. GEOFREY says:

    hoy ganda naman hahaha xD ::::))))))

  252. gabriel says:

    por favor

  253. Sandy Mayhew says:

    Does anybody know how to get the game to allow you to visit your neighbors, when I tap on the neighbor that I would like to visit, the visit sign/gift sign, flashes on for a micro second then shuts off, will not let me tap on it, way to fast!!!!!!

  254. ali abbas says:

    help mirror dragon how can i get mirror dragon

  255. Ayoub Mario says:

    give me 999999gemmes end 999999or

  256. Frances Sanders says:

    feel free to add me to your dragon city, and allow me to do as well, thanks angel

  257. When I try to open the app after two seconds it's closing the entire app .anyone have any idea plz let me know.

  258. juan palomera says:

    muy bueno el juego

  259. courtland.johnson says:

    recruitment tavern isn't giving me credit for all my friends, I got to start playing this game! Im right next to a friend, helping her with game, got her to lvl. 7 and I still dont have her in my recruitment tavern! But my other friend in the recruitment tavern is showing up and he showed up at LVL. 5….whats going on???? On facebook I'm Courtland.johnson please help

  260. james says:

    I Cant get request anymore.HeLP!!!!!!!

  261. sandra says:

    how do i get an elf

  262. Luca says:

    Gif my pliezzzz gems And food 900000000000000

  263. Schattzie says:

    How do I expand when it demands friends but won't accept the six I sent? This isn't fair and stops me from enjoying the game now.

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  281. leonel says:

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  282. fawziyyah says:

    okay..pndai btul og 2 uploads video

  283. Badr says:

    Add me im play…my facebok juan pf

  284. Janobak says:

    WHY can't I get an island?! I click on all the right buttons and NOTHING happens!

  285. joseph romero says:

    I wish I could get the gems , that your supposed to get by watching the video . You have been working on the problem for a week

  286. melani says:

    How do you send a gummy dragon to someone.

  287. Ella Tang says:

    If we cleared all the rocks and tress will they be back again?

  288. Lynn says:

    why wont it let me expand? I have tried for days. I have enough gold. And enough friends.

  289. jordy12 says:

    bien de dragon city

  290. Ted Ho says:


  291. divinewarz says:

    Why can’t I earn gems on dragon city ? I have purchases gems in the past but can’t earn them now

  292. carlos says:

    ryjhfhjvn bmb

  293. glori says:

    can we put the huge food farm in store cause my island are becoming crowded and i want to add additional habitat?

  294. Emily says:

    I can't defeat anyone in league one? And they are all much higher levels than me.. it's one of my goals and probably one of the things keeping me levelling up. Could someone please tell me how on earth they defeated league one people ?

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