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Dragon Eternity

Dragon Eternity

Release Date:  2011/11
Publisher:  Q1 Online
Developer:  Q1 Online
Genre:  RPG, MMO

Dragon Eternity is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG created by Q1 Online. The game allows players to do quests,  slay monsters and villains, and shuttle back and forth on the different maps.

According to the developer, Dragon Eternity has been developed for 18 months, and the open beta was launched in November 15, 2011. Currently, it can be played via browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and IE, but the official statement also said there will be a client to be released in the future for quick loading and better performance.

The game is coded using Flash technology and its UI and official frontpage are much like that of Mail.ru’s Juggernaut game and War of Dragons.

Dragon Eternity is also available on iTunes Store and our sister site iOS APPS Goer has reviewed the iOS version. Review Here.


Dragon Eternity doesn’t play the way as I expected. With dragon in the title as a bite, the game doesn’t get us a dragon fighting by side in battles until Lv. 16. To set the dragon aside, the game still fails to live up to my expectation in its core mechanics.

It starts with a simple selection of sides, Vaalor or Sadar, and then the character is done after choosing the gender. Directly into the game, we are led by a small fire dragon to know basic formula of combat and relevant setups such as the function of XP, Currency, Shop and Health, etc.

The game is basically quest-driven. All quests in general seem seldom divergent from the following activities: to transverse among different scenes (or maps), slay monsters or enemies, talk to an NPC, buy and equip items to character, and participate in team combat against other players in Arena of Honor, etc. Quests are text-based, tagged by quite a lot of description left unread. Anyway, the Follow Target mode will lead us to where we should ahead to, and meanwhile the target is always marked by the crossed swords overhead. Personally, I think the talking-to-NPC task is nothing but a waste of time, although combat-oriented missions are in fact not much better than that either.

The bulk of the quest system is slaying, slaying a certain number of Murderers, Tkhiss, Grohl, Deserters. We can perfectly ignore the name, for they are either monsters or NPC characters in essence. And the combat is all the same: two sides take turns to attack, health drops under every assault, and game over with the death of one side. Although we can choose the fighting mode (either 25%+ defense or 25%+ attack) as well as the optional usage of potion (to restore health to a degree) and magic spells (if they are unlocked), the combat is in practice out of player’s control. No matter which mode I choose, the fighting character acts randomly to inflict damage with willful power, to dodge and to block occasionally. It’s also true to the opposing rivals. Yet we still have to click a mode when it’s our turn to attack. That’s what really annoys me: I had to click to choose fighting mode, but my choice made no sense in combat. So why not make it auto-combat directly?

While reaching Lv. 4, lots of contents are unlocked, including magic spell to facilitate combat, trading, auction and reputation system, and access to Arena of Honor. But the quest line seems no different from the prior when these contents are not offered. We still have to Catch Taldon the Recruit (just another NPC), bring message to whomever, and slay spitting Tkhiss of a certain number. And don’t expect much from the arena-based PvP, which is similar to combat against NPCs. Entering the team combat against real-players with four members in each side, I was disappointed to find the combat scene still displays my character and another opponents, almost identical to the previous combat. Similarly, I didn’t know why I lost or won. So what’s the point of fighting a fight you have no control of?

As mentioned, the dragon just doesn’t come into play until Lv. 16, after we pass six trials of Elder Dragons and collect all six parts of Amulet of Melding. Currently in Lv. 5, I already lost interests because of its repetitive and boring gameplay. I would not waste more time in it just to engage in a combat that involves dragon but still looks the same.

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  1. California Mom says:

    From a concerned mother – This game was accessed by my 15 year old daughter and she was enticed into giving a stranger her phone number and a picture.

    Parents beware – you need to watch this one like a HAWK!

  2. Chris says:

    Your concerns well addressed have no relevance on the matter of this persons review. People will ask your daughter for information almost anywhere you go. If you want to be safe, how about limiting her access on the net if you want to be that concerned. Also the fact that your daughter was enticed means that you failed to provide the necessary information as to the dos and don'ts of the internet.

  3. Jason says:

    Terrible game. The author's review was perfect…the game is repetitive, the graphics are mediocre, and there are just many better games out there to kill time playing.

    Had the author gotten a little further in the game, he would have noticed another flaw…the game moderators are also players. After a week of playing, one of them banned my acct when I got close to defeating them in PvP combat. When you complain, the complaints are fielded by these same moderators. "Please feel free to start a new acct" was their response to my first acct being banned. No thank you. New game suggestion anyone?

  4. Phydeux says:

    They have ads for this game everywhere on the net; with descriptions and graphics that are completely misleading. It's free to play, but EVERYTHING requires you to buy game money – 'reals'. They allowed me to sign up and play, but after i had a substantial investment in time, and had purchased game reals, they kicked me off because my character name wasn't kosher …. wish they would have told me before i bought game money. Anyone considering this game would be much better off playing WOW – they don't try to rip you off.

  5. FuBar says:

    One of the most annoying things about this enterprise is how they advertise …. displaying unrelated graphics with captions that sound enticing, but in reality hare entirely misleading.
    Without a doubt, the LAMEST GAME EVER. It's not unlike playing early versions of Pokemon … only more suckage. Their entire business model consists of finding ways to coerce players to spend their money to buy in-game currency 'reals'. In order to advance at all, one of the first things u realize is that you need to have more bage space (or you are literally stuck) … Of course (like most things in the game), the only viable manner to acquire more bag space is to purchase their in-game reals.
    The aspect of this game that most irritated me is their in-game political-correctness-moderators. I actually purchased their game-money (so i could level past single digits) … and shortly after giving them money, they determined that my character-name ought not be allowed, and kicked me off the game. I don't necessarily have a problem with their arbitrary 'value enforcement', but am surely pissed off that they waited until after i gave them money to determine that my character name was 'inappropriate' … why not perform that check when the account was created? (or at least before accepting money from that account?
    If you want a real (as advertised) game to play, stick to WOW, and avoid 'dragon eternity' like the plague it is

  6. Phydeux says:

    This game is, without a doubt, the worst multi-player game ever!. They have ads all over the net (complete with unrelated graphics) making claims about how addictive, risque, and/or unbelievably realistic this game is. The plain truth is that it SUCKS. (C''mon, the battle sequences are akin to those of early pokemon games … only with less interaction) The game is advertised as 'free', but in reality, it's virtually impossible to advance into double digit levels without sending them money to purchase in-game 'reals'. Since that's their business model, everything in the game is designed to fleece its players.

    WOW is, by orders of magnitude, a more enjoyable game … and they will never attempt to make you spend more money in order to have a pleasurable experience. … AVOID dragon eternity!

  7. Phydeux says:

    This game is lame. As an example of their obfuscation, google this image: 1227714_vb.jpg … and look ad the advert that accompanies it: 'This X Rated Game Is Worth Of Your Attention'?? Apart from the lack of understandable grammar, how is any game that markets itself in this manner a 'good thing'?

  8. Guest says:

    Review right on. Thought I was missing something. I was but that's because it's not there!

  9. 4st7lb says:

    This game is fucking terrible I played to level nine simply because I cannot find a decent free game for ipad. Someone please give me a suggestion.

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