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Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  NEXON
Developer:  Eyedentity Games
Genre:  Action

Although games themed by battles between good and evil have spread unchecked on the Internet right now and you may have been to some extent trapped in “aesthetic fatigue”, however, excellent ones would always find various ways to make them outstanding and eye-catching. Among them, Dragon Nest is a typical example.

Developed by the Korean company Eyedentity Games, the online action MMORPG game Dragon Nest has been closely sought after since its closed alpha. As has been mentioned, it is related with the wars between the upright heroes and evil dragons. The once harmonious and civilized world Lagendia falls into chaos and despair due to its creator – Goddess Altes’ being poisoned by his sister Vestinel. You are supposed to participate in the alliance of the heroes to search for the antidote for you Goddess as well as to restore peace and security of Lagendia. To be frank, this task is by no means tailless, as waves of ferocious dragons will hinder you on your way.

Dragon Nest is featured with fierce action systems and yet charming and adorable pictures, so as to achieve the effect of hardness coupled with softness. Four distinct classes of characters are designed for you to choose from: warriors, archers, clerics and sorceresses. Each class is equipped with its unique skills and trump cards while the similarity remains that they are all lovable and sagacious. I believe whichever you prefer, you will experience exclusive gaiety.

What’s more, there is a variety of systems that contribute to the blood-and-thunder pace and atmosphere of the game. For example, Quest System leads you to advance step by step to explore the dungeons and reach the core of the entire dragon nest; Achievement System covers nearly every inch of the game area from producing and strengthening the items to defeating the Boss and venturing in dungeons, making sure that you can find pleasure with the slightest effort.

Other systems such as Weather System, Fatigue System, Fashion System and Resurrection System, etc. are there for you to discover their splendidness. In a word, you are welcome to experience for yourself.

Official website: http://dragonnest.nexon.net/


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