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Dragon Pals

Dragon Pals

Release Date:  April 16, 2013
Publisher:  R2Games
Developer:  R2Games
Genre:  RPG

Dragon Pals is a side-scrolling MMORPG that blends elements of several different titles, including Dawn of Darkness, Wartune and even Dragon city. And the mixture turns out to be cheap-looking and ridiculously familiar and as a result, tiresome all the way through.


It hasn’t been long since games like Dawn of Darkness, Legend Warriors, and Immortal Realms came around with the same gameplay and slight differences in visuals or trivial details. And that is what Dragon also seems to be doing. In this game, players, as in all the three abovementioned titles, travel across towns, crawl dungeons, recruit companions, and enhance gear to increase their power. Thanks to the automatic navigating and the side-scrolling maps, the adventuring remains simple enough to be handled by newbies of this genre.

Perhaps about one hour into the game, players would realize that Dragon Pals manages to distinguish itself from all the other side-scrolling games. And the reason does not lie in the exotic settings with tents and Arabic architectures, nor in characters’ eye-catching outfits. It is the game’s presentation of elements from titles of other genre into this already too familiar gameplay.

Instead of battling bosses and then including them in their battle formations, players rescue or kind of collect dragon eggs, which when cracked open reward with dragons of different appearances and attributes. Those dragons, or pets as the game suggests, can be transformed into more powerful ones.

However, aside from the egg collecting and the surprises resulting from obtaining new dragons, Dragon Pals shares nothing in common with Dragon City. Rather, it bears a close resemblance to Wartune, a title that combines many familiar contents in one package. There is this Demon Tower, which works in the same way as the Tower of Trials in Wartune, where players climb up, battle monsters and bosses, and obtain rewards such as gems at Level 5, Level 10, Level 15 and other such levels. Besides, players could challenge other players at the Arena, cultivate different types of crops in their farms, contribute to the statues (whose counterparts in Wartune are the ancient trees) in friends’ farms to help harvest special items, spend Amethysts (or gold in Wartune) to obtain the orbs that could ultimately increase their battle competence.

Naturally, the game fails to spare players from the problems in those previous titles when it attempts to retain the fun part. For example, the small-sized towns are always crowded with identical characters and pets as in Dawn of Darkness and other similar titles, and the repetitive tower climbing and money-consuming orbit fetching stuff feel only too familiar to be enjoyable or to be worth the efforts at all.

The game’s embracing of old game contents doesn’t exclude flaws of its own. For example, players could only use a maximum of 3 skills in battles, and the skill buttons do not respond to mouse clicking or hotkey pressing, although during the tutorial, players were told how to use one. All the battles throughout the game, including PvP and PvE, single player and multi-player ones, require only the automatic combating, which notably aggravates the boredom and lack of difficulty out of the unwelcome familiarity.

It simply won’t make sense to keep at a game that constantly reminds us of this or that title without any unique fun of its own, any fun at all.

7 Comments on Dragon Pals


  1. telmo says:

    tem de ser jogo da r2 mesmo sempre insiste com estas coisas ridículas de rosas na tela nota zero ate pra falar no chat do jogo é cobrado se foder r2

  2. Lotus Blade says:

    Wanna waste your life for nothing – then this game is for you! What can i say… We all know Titan Quest – it wasnt that bad game, grinding was pretty big, but you could make skill builds, items builds, stats builds. In this game you have similar system – Pets, items, skills – but they are…. lets say… USELESS!!! Dosnt matter what you do – you are just one of the 100500 clones players – same clothes, same skills, same dragons – everyone looks like others. You arent unique at all. You fighting same stupid monsters again and again without any purpose.

    The main goal of game is to be the best – but to be the best, you need 2 things. First one is real cash – if you not gonna pay some $ regullary – you will not be able to do anything at all. You need cash to buy stuff, you need it to expand inventory, to get strong dragons, to get dragons food… ENDLESS "You need". The second part is time. And i mean a lot of time. You must stay in game for 8-12 hours per day to be as good, as others, but the most funny thing is – if you not gonna spend real cash – you not gonna be a ViP and ViP have bonuses – the most strong one is ability to end battles fast. You see – in this game PvP is a damn long trip road – you already know who is winner after first 10 seconds of battle, but you must wait a minute or two for ending, or you can skip it, if you are vip. Free player must spend 20 hours per day to be succesfull.

    Also, this game is forcing you to stay for more – if you gonna leave right now – you will skip event raid – you will lose chance to get coins and experience – you will become weaker. Also you must check your farm 3-10 times per day, add friends non stop, complete over 100 booring quests… You must come at 10 am for event 1, then after 30 minutes its event 2 for additional tokens, the 3…4..5..22…50…. – thats how this game look. In the end there is risk of dieing cus of hunger.

    Pathetic game which is ruining peoples lifes into boredoom and stupidness.

  3. bidder says:

    R2games lost so much money with Galahalt(crystal saga spender) that they are trying their best to cover the loss by fooling other people with lame games.

  4. telmo says:

    detesto os jogos da r2games e da sua desenvolvedora no Brasil para seus jogos levaram seus jogos para o Brasil como o wartune aqui no Brasil o chamado legend on line criaram mais de 500 mil players fantasmas bugs jogadores que ofendem os outros jogos violentos como o wartune e o seu campo de batalha neste evento um fica humilhando o outro ofenças morais brigas jogadores gastam quantias enormes para depois serem enganados por players mal caraters que são jogados e não tem qualificação nenhuma pra isto realizar este trabalho como gm administrador do jogo que repassam os bugs para os jogadores que não pagam para jogar …. e os jogadores que pagam sendo prejudicados esta empresa já faturou milhões em enganar os jogadores por isto não vejo mais graça em seus jogos e nem busco mais saber

  5. telmo says:

    este jogo é um lixo

  6. Bad Kitty says:

    Skip this game unless you're willing to pay.
    You cannot trade with other players or use potions without purchasing from the store. Potion ability has to be repurchased after 30 uses.
    Also character inventory space is miniscule and easily exceeded in the first hour of game play.
    Combat is automated and boring.

  7. wuggla says:

    yes played it for 1 month no way unless you spend 10$ a day "REAL LIFE MONEY" not game money.
    will you be competive in game at all top 3 players win evry thing and farm evry one below them
    you either spend more than they do or stop playing nothing in this game keep you playing PVP.
    the PVE is same thing evry day over and ovar and takes 12hrs atleast to do 1 days work in game
    if you don't pay for it if you spend 10$ a day you can play 2hrs and be #1 player on server.

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