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Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga

Release Date:  2009
Publisher:  Warpportal/Gravity
Developer:  Barunson
Genre:  Fantasy

Many people have the fantasy that one day they will be heroes that can save the world and people from their woes and sufferings by conquering the terrifying beast that rules them. Dragon saga published by Gravity Interactive provides the platform for you to fulfill that fantasy while taking you on an adventure in a beautiful land with stunning settings and mysterious avatars.

Dragon saga is a 3D side scrolling adventure MMORPG that has many fun packed elements. You may start wondering how to begin the fantastic experience. First, you can register an account, choose the realm and channel you want to play on. Only on these specific realm can one have access to the characters created on them. One or more channels will connect this realm with the rest of the game world. Finally you need select or create a character from the four basic classes of warriors, thieves, archers and magicians.

There are some features for dragon saga user interface including chat window, hot keys, character information, mail icon , menu and mini map. All of these make it easier and quicker for players to have great fun and win the game. You can use different letter keys and arrow keys to move up and down,or jump and attack. In the process of the game, you can also enchant an item, which means the item enchanted will become more powerful. However, you need to obtain Enchantment Powder either by completing quest or by triumphing over monsters. An enchanted item have benefits such as increased base stats. While dragon saga is fantastic and fun to play, hit boxes of the game are mediocre for experienced players. But on the whole the game is very exciting and enjoyable. It has many entertaining scenes, little but important for the game to achieve comic effect.

Sound effects and music in the game are noteworthy .They are in perfect harmony with graphic styles of the game. Also Dragon Saga’s stroyline obeys one of the fundamental and typical rules of what Fantasy MMO delivers: one is set in a different world to explore and expand new territory by conquering enemies and slaying monsters.

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