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Dragon Storm

Dragon Storm

Release Date:  September 18, 2012
Publisher:  Griptonite Games Inc. / Glu Mobile
Developer:  Griptonite Games Inc.
Genre:  Strategy

Dragon Storm is an online city building game where you build your kingdoms, train an army of fantasy soldiers and engage in the battles against thousands of online players.

The game feels like a copycat of Kabam’s browser game Dragons of Atlantis. From the title, to gameplay, and to visual design, all of them could remind you of Dragons of Atlantis.


Dragon Storm is definitely one of those deep strategy games where you prepare a long time before you are ready for battles.

In the game, players manage a huge ship on which assorted buildings(forge, quarry, mine, vault, house, fortress, and muster point) need to be built. And there are quite a few upgrades on the horizon. You can have one building constructed or upgraded at a time and since most of the quests deal merely with constructions and upgrades and those projects really take a long time, you might have to wait and wait and wait till you are willing to spend real money for speedup. Otherwise, there is no end of it. The game offers some speedup items at the beginning but the tutorial consumes them all and as soon as you have to figure it out on your own, you are out of them.

You don’t just construct buildings – it is also necessary to research diversified technologies to increase the production speed of your resources and enhance the performance of your troops. And yes, you have to train different units to deploy in battles.

The constructions, researches and training all consume large amounts of resources, including food, metal, wood and stone, and sometimes even silver. And as in many strategy games, it matters whether you have enough of the resources in stock. To that end, you will have to ensure you have all the facilities that produce them and upgrade the facilities as soon as possible.

The overall gameplay is nothing new, although Dragon Storm brings dragons in the picture. Again, you have to upgrade the dragon – by upgrade, I mean click the structure on which your dragon rests and click UPGRADE. Don’t take that as a separate raising or levelup system. It’s not. Actually, the dragon is considered as one of those buildings and therefore cannot be upgraded simultaneously with other buildings.

Dragon Storm offers the common 3D pictures. If you zoom out, the whole ship seems complicated and lousy and when you zoom in, you would find that everything is simply and neatly drawn. And I guess the 3D pictures themselves distinguish this game from other strategy titles.

However, the enhanced graphics didn’t help improve the game itself. One could only construct buildings upon limited and designated sites. And to follow the quest goals and build any of the structures, you have to click all across the interface just to find a place where the target building is allowed to be built.

With the long waits for constructions, updates, researches and trainings, you would have to spend lots of time, or money, before you are capable of attacking other players and fighting against the invaders. And since there are no other ways to relax yourself and kill the time, you might be bored a few hours after getting started.

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