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Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Zotata
Developer:  Zotata

DragonBound is by no means a game with new gameplay, but a remake of Crazy Penguin Wars. The interface is anything but neat and beautiful, especially when you enter the game for the first time. All the messy tips on the left, blurry pictures everywhere and the familiar gameplay can easily make you believe this game is a cheap knock-off.


Every time you start a game, the random map, which might be set in an amusement park, under the ocean, near the top of a volcano, or in a religious and exotic place looking like a temple or something. No matter what the map is, there are several tiny floating islands where you, your partners, and enemies can be found. You press right arrow and left arrow keys to move your character, press up and down to adjust the firing angle, and then press and hold space bar until you think enough strength has been gathered for landing the bomb, bullet, rocket, or whatever you’ve been using onto your enemy. By attacking, you will destroy parts of those islands and drain your enemies’ health and if you are lucky, you might blow off where he or she is standing and as long as the members of one party are all eliminated, the other party wins. Just as Crazy Penguin Wars and Crazy Fairies, DragonBound is all about how you include your enemies in your shooting range and then fire at him or her accurately at minimum costs.

No tutorial is available in the game. You can only see How-to-play list, or rather, the introductions to buttons on the interface, on the left side bar where the guild and player leader boards can be found. Fortunately, the basic gameplay is very easy and a lack of tutorial wouldn’t be a problem even to a newbie player.

DragonBound does adopt a used basic gameplay, but it also manages to add something new. For example, players not just have access to various kinds of equipment and dazzling outfits (through purchasing with real money or the game currency they earned through matches), they are also allowed to choose how many shots they would like to unleash consecutively in one turn. In each game, they can also click the buttons at the bottom to enable special actions such as teleport and dual.

Several play modes are available and players can fight against bosses or fight against each other. Interestingly, in the player vs. boss mode, you can choose to help others to fight against the boss, to fight alongside with the boss and kill other players, or even include the bosses you have defeated in the battles.

If there is anything that more or less sours the whole gaming experience, it would be the language barrier. Eight servers are provided, but no one speaks English even in the English Only World server. One would be lucky if he or she finds English speakers or can speak Spanish themselves. Otherwise, the communication is disappointing and it is hard to find a fixed companion.

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  1. Paul tan says:

    maps from gunbound online?

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