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Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Kabam
Developer:  Kabam
Genre:  Strategy

The continent of Atlantis is submerging into the bottom of the ocean, and its civilization must be passed down continuously. You can be the glorious successor who can shape the future of the civilization. Yet the crown is made of thorns and for the only survivor of the warfare. If you are ready, the door of Atlantis is already open.


Dragon of Atlantis? Surely there will be dragon’s play in the strategy game. If you decide to give a shot to the game because of the dragons like I did, I have to first make clear that you won’t get them soon enough as you expected.

To start with, we need to choose our destiny to be a Primus, Solerian, Amazon or Zolmec, the four tribes of atlantis that must battle one another to inherit the future of all humankind for survival. According to the lead-in NPC, the key to winning the war is the dragons. Yet where we need to do first is invariably to build a mighty city.

Tutorial stops abruptly after leading us to build couples of structures in City and Field. After that, quests serve as guidance of building queue. Tasks are many but progression is slow, for we are only allowed to build one building at a time, which is compounded by the long time required for each. After several hours’ play, the city still looks empty with large patches of land vacant for later-coming constructions. And unlike lots of strategy games like Empire Rising and The Golden Age, the game doesn’t have a coherent story-driven quest line to move forward the whole building part. Not that we want the monotonous descriptions usually left unread. But the quests in the game are at random. For instance, early at Lv. 2, I was able to upgrade the Dragon’s Keep to have an egg there for no reason, and then simply waited for long before I finally could have it hatched.

As the city grows with buildings stably (though slowly) built and upgraded, the game becomes more engaging with diversified activities to join. We can adjust the tax rate for more gold yet keep it under control so as to avoid the slump of population happiness, and we need to train troops and appoint generals in the Office’s Quarter at the cost of 20-gold’s salary per hour to lead an attack, for instance.

Besides the domestic activities to attend to, exploration of the outside world is a must. Entering the world map, we can seize different regions to get corresponding bonuses, such as 40% more lumber production by occupying the Forest, 35% more food production from conquered Savanna or Lake, and more resources collectable after outposts built on Plains, etc.

Still no dragons, huh? They really come late in the game. The Dragon’s Keep in the city is where the creature is hatched and raised. The higher of the Keep’s level, the stronger of the dragon. Five types of dragon are offered, each bestowed with specific attributes in terms of life, speed, defense, melee and range. And we have to find or buy the four pieces of armor outfitting the basic Great Dragon so as to touch upon its aerial combat training.

Great Dragon is the main defense power for the city as well as the outpost. Since there are also Water Dragon, Stone Dragon, Fire Dragon and Wind Dragon in the game, I am not sure whether they could be taken into frontline as an attacking force as well. And during several days’ play, I kept expectation for more dragon play in mind, but didn’t see much to come. Perhaps I didn’t play long enough, or the game doesn’t give enough play to dragon in fact. Additional dragon eggs and armor pieces are not easily gained that we may chance upon one during attacks, but the surer and quicker way is through purchase from shops. Moreover, it seems that we need to hatch a certain type of dragon eggs so as to unlock more outposts.

In-game shop provides 7 types of items to facilitate the gameplay, covering resource production, population increase, dragon boost and so on. While general designs such as resources, speed-up packages as well as various Nanao (to increase production rate or transport resources from outpost to man city) comprise the basic supplies, there are also quite a lot of dragon-related items, such as different kinds of dragon egg, a full set of dragon armor, purple bones to increase dragons defenses, and Ark of Flames chest containing a fire dragon egg, four pieces of fire armor and three completion grants, etc. To enrich the gamplay, we can also buy various Curses here to impede attackers’ resource production rate by 25% for 24 hours, such as sending locust horde to lower food production or placing infestation of worms to decrease lumber growth.

Dragons of Atlantis would have slided into oblivion due to the similarity of its city-building and strategy elements to most games of this genre had it not lifted itself a little up by its inclusion of Dragon’s play in it. At the core, it plays like Kingdoms of Camelot a lot. Already mark itself with a distinct Dragon feature, why not give it more play so as to finally set itself apart from the fatal resemblance?


Dragons of Atlantis published by Kabam (Samurai Dynasty and Global Warfare) for Facebook is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG that blends empire building, real-time strategy and social interaction together. It is set in a mythical background where players need to choose one from four ancient tribes known as the Solerians, Amazons, Zolmecs and Primus. Such a choice, nevertheless, would not influence much on the core gameplay such as which city to destroy or with whom to ally, etc.

With empire building as an important element, this game provides the typical quests system to guide players to collect resources and expand their empires in sequence. As usual, resources include four basic types, namely food, stone, mental and wood, which can be produced in fields outside the city, stored in vaults, and stolen by enemies as well. Resources are accumulated to contribute to the expansion of the empire with different types conducive to specific purposes in varied missions. For instance, stones are in great demands to reinforce the city walls especially above Level 7, while food is of primary importance in supporting armies in frontline. Besides, gold in this game is equally important, since it is useful in conducting researches in Science Center, raising Great Dragon and Paying generals, etc. Similarly, gold can be gained through levying taxes from residents, purchasing at trading post, and robbing enemies. Upon resources and gold, buildings of various kinds can be unlocked to serve their purposes and military units, both realistic and fictional, can be forged to be dispatched into the ultimate war.

As indicated in the title of this game, one of the selling points should be dragon. Indeed, each player can have one dragon to defend his/her own city. However, players must start in the first place from spending resources and gold to hatch eggs in Dragon’s Keeps and upgrade their dragons gradually until maturity. Whereas defense is the major task of dragons, they can also be sent to launch attacks and raids on other players’ cities, which will of course cause vulnerability of their own guarding cities for the time being. Since the great dragon element is the magnet to a great part of players, the newly released addition of Dragon Attack by its developer will definitely make the engaged fans to stay and appeal to rookies to come.

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  3. DDDTomcat says:

    DoA is the second biggest waste of time in my game search. I spent months doing offers & playing the best I could until I got to 5 million power with 100k+ fts etc…. People started cussing me out in my inbox to get me to quit. I showed proof of this ToS violation to support & they were never blocked. I just had to manually block each of their accounts from contacting me. Constant problems had me in support almost every day. Since it is BETA, I thought they would appreciate the feedback…. Instead, I was wrongfully banned for using scripts or add ons & they expect me to start another account if I want to play again. Whatever! Kabam just got put on my list with Zynga of game networks to avoid due to scams, cheaters & inducing rage spending!

  4. aotearoa says:

    im just wondering when do i get to take my dragon on battles is there a certain level i need 2 be to do so and if so what is the level

  5. The Man says:

    This game should be closed down!!!
    Its a SCAM!!! its designed to force people who want to continually play to spend money to compete.
    then after spending money massive game issues arise! troops vanish from accounts and KABAM refuse to refund or return them!!

    Dragons of Atlantis is the biggest waste of money time and investors money ever!!!!!!!!!!

  6. bill says:

    sounds like Kingdoms of Camelot and every other Kabam game

  7. sarah ciappara says:

    can i play this game on iphone 4

  8. BLANK says:

    ive been playing for a month and im level 14. LOVE THE GAME

    DDDTomcat U SUCK

  9. wraith draogn sux says:

    Is there a game like DoA and KoC, but NOT owned by KABAM?

  10. matykenas says:

    I am level 10 and i love the game!but my great dragon is just level 6 and i need to upgrade great dragon

  11. matykenas says:

    to level 8 and accuire the great dragon armor.

  12. helllo says:

    what do you need to defeat a level 10 antro camp

  13. Joshua says:

    what do you do so you don't lose so motch ressources.

  14. Clunkuroo says:

    how do you hack/cheat?

  15. Guest says:

    i am thinkin about playin dat game, but evryone seems to ither hate it or love it. O well….i might try it if it is free…

  16. victor says:

    i love doa but i would like to have it on my own computer so if i can pay internet then still can play is there a download that i can get ?

  17. paul says:

    it can be boring but its eazyer then evnoy

  18. dude u suck says:

    evnoy is so much better at least untill i try this one

  19. victor says:

    i feel they need too just sale the game of bata so privet people can load there on game and play with friends but too my knowledge they don't i would even buy the game short of people being rude and verbal too kids on it me and my kids had fun with it till i had too say they could not play any more.

  20. Wolve says:

    Seriously, the second I put my wall on fight back, some guy plundered my supplies while he IS cheating. Last time I checked he had a lvl 11 wall, now he has a lvl 3, but with a power of 1,405,056, which is NOT normal. Then, something happens which makes me LOSE 134,000 food per hour, making me unable to upgrade or create anything at all, thus causing me to go on a complete rage towards this game. It SUCKS like hell and Kabam has really got to do something about it.

  21. James says:


    1) Full of bugs
    2) Full of cheaps
    3) Pay 2 Win Game = expensive and a waste of time!

  22. socfty says:

    Dragons of Atlantis Addder v1.02 Get it here : http://newhacksdownloads.in/dragons-of-atlantis-a

  23. Ri.PO.ff says:

    Don't waste your time.
    The company (Kabam) have useless support.
    Their game keeps crashing.
    You end up with days were you cannot play.
    You file for support – wait days for a response – and it's useless.

    You can buy Rubies … yet even that doesn't get them to pay attention or get things fixed.
    Instead they simply take your money and leave you with a game you cannot play.
    (No refunds – asking for one simply gets snotty replies)

    Do Not Play Kabam Games

  24. robin says:

    i love doa

  25. tom says:

    This is how all the professionals do.. They use this free software to add free credits to their accounts..So they can win all the time http://bit.ly/wbfgnF

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  27. […] Dragons of Atlantis is a medieval strategy game developed by Kabam. The game lets you construct buildings, manage economy, and raise dragons, which finally contribute to your glory in the empire. Join the alliances and engage in fierce conflicts and epic battles. […]

  28. […] Dragons of Atlantis is a medieval strategy game developed by Kabam. The game lets you construct buildings, manage economy, and raise dragons, which finally contribute to your glory in the empire. Join the alliances and engage in fierce conflicts and epic battles. […]

  29. […] Dragons of Atlantis is a medieval strategy game developed by Kabam. The game lets you construct buildings, manage economy, and raise dragons, which finally contribute to your glory in the empire. Join the alliances and engage in fierce conflicts and epic battles. […]

  30. bert1999 says:

    I love DoA when all my Ops camps,farm,and all needed to build and all dragon armor has done…all i need is train train trian…atack atack atack.. ahaha!!!START THE WAR ….WAR is The PUrPose of this game…to enjoy having an EMPire!!!!……

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  32. goodluck jeremiah says:

    i dont know how to fight

  33. lauriwoman says:

    ola tengo ganas de empezar el juego

  34. Panterablack says:

    Hola tengo ganas de comenzar el juego

  35. yasmie says:

    hi my name is zezo and the game soso nice game thanks for your game

  36. zezo says:

    hi sorry my name zezo

  37. jackjohnes says:

    this game is a scam it has so many bugs and hackers it crazy total wast of time and money was fun at first then items started to go missing and ppl r very rude i would stay very very clear of this game unless ur retarded then go ahead …

  38. Jantje says:

    One of the best games to waste your time on, I guess..

    It was reasonably fun (besides being able to do fuckall at times cause of build times etc) in the start but after
    reaching a certain amount of troops which costed me over a week to get, I lost them all in one attack on some crappy ass wilderness, that's when I said, BB DoA!

  39. very nice girl says:

    I think it not so hard for my age………

  40. Lee says:

    Who ever thinks DoA is crud u should look in the mirror cuz i dont need to buy rubies and if u want to get powerful its called TIME use it and u might learn somthing

  41. jaclynn says:

    how do you conquer a spot with a flag?

  42. […] Battle Shard is a browser-based fighting game where you build your power core, collect new shard artifacts and powers, battle against opponents. The game is developed by Kabam, which publishes strategy games such as EdgeWorld and Dragons of Atlantis. […]

  43. wanderson says:

    nao to entendendo nada nao sei como pega armaduras como deixa tudo forte tem que comprar as coisas ou se ganha

  44. melody says:

    if you are looking for a game to play i would not recommend DoA. the site is substandard and is full of technical glitches. in game chat is unreliable-often not posting at all forcing you to refresh the page. there is not a pm option that is part of the instant mssg ingame, you must mail a person for a pm.

    if you do not click the site every few seconds it boots you and the refresh process is slow and is stunted with advertisements for game items to buy. HOWEVER, if you do play the game and click every few seconds while playing the game, YOU ARE BANNED FOR ONE HOUR " YOU HAVE MADE TOO MANY REQUESTS OF OUR SERVER, PLEASE MAKE FEWER REQUESTS OF THE SERVER". it is clear to me that the developers are trying to save on server space rather than meeting the needs of the players.

    all of that being said, the game could be awesome because the game is fun, but due to mismanagement and poor software technology it is one to pass by at this time.

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  46. kabam says:

    Banana and Muppet shagger of harrow realm are gay lovers, fags that does sick revolting things in world chat daily.. sick people who think

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