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Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Genre:  fantasy

Drakensang Online is a free-to-play, browser-based fantasy-themed 3D MMORPG which is developed by German-based Radon and published by Bigpoint, one of largest browser game distributors. The original Drakensang PC game is prevalent and popular among players already; and now the browser version adapted from it will all the more be anticipated and welcomed, since it is more easily and widely accessible than its initial computer version.


Welcome to the fantastic land of Arkania. It is a place home to a wide range of different races carrying different culture and history. Peace and order survive through times, but now become vulnerable at risk of being jeopardized by the wakening of an ancient slumbering race. This evil race was sealed in the shadow of history but now wakes up and gathers the dark power, harboring the malicious purpose to destroy the other races in this land. Heroes are thusly called upon. Walk down the path of Drakensang Online, where your fate awaits.

The game makes full use of the Nebula 3 Engine to create high end 3D graphics in the game, in which players may feel that all the in-game scenes and environment are so palpable that the whole game world is quickly growing on them to make themselves parts of it. In this game, players can see the shadows of tree branches waving on the roof of a cottage, see the river flowing with ripples, and relish the gorgeous visual effects of flames when they display certain combat skills. Its terrific graphical designs will without doubt put more weight to its acceptance and popularity.

In addition, the game also highlights its action-packed hack and slash feature. Players in this game will take up the role of brave warriors to slay monsters and save the world by fighting against evil forces. So combat and action are indispensable elements. This game boasts a more direct fighting mode which is based on fierce head-on confrontation and fast-paced encounter battles in a short time. Players can experience thrilling adventure into myriads of underground dungeons and vaults, slaying monsters, tempering combat skills and earning new weapons, armors and other assistant items in battle so as to level up to higher rung in this world. While it is all right for players to fight for glory alone, it is also available for them to team up forming stronger alliance to take on more powerful monsters and ferocious Bosses.

In this fantasy world, epic wars and heroic battles will be the best touchstone of mighty warriors. Will you dare to rise up to the challenge?

27 Comments on Drakensang Online


  1. fuck drakensang says:

    most gay game of the universe

  2. fuck drakensang says:

    And the most expansife game of the world ive seen before=Dont even make an account for this shit game.

  3. fartgame says:

    This game is not free,everything cost real money,everything..Fuck you bigpoint blow my dick you assholes

  4. nolife says:

    1.Not even worth to try it out
    2.There are only 4 skills and to use these skills you need to buy essences=cost real money
    3.There are no guilds no trade no bank
    3.Drops most fail ever are the drops
    4.Admins are all corrupt and gay they even remove posts from dislikes


  5. Fickdichdoch says:

    bigpoints spiele sind alle scheisse

    FİCK DİCH bigpoint verpiss dich

  6. Fickdichdoch says:

    FUCK YOU bigpoint

  7. random says:

    it has potential but honestly they ask for far to much money to buy anything… its honestly ridiculous, you cant even buy health pots without spending real money you cant even talk ingame it almost never works……


    Ok 3 words:




  9. bigfail says:


  10. draken hater says:

    damn it.how i gonna buy health,it cost
    real money.you know what bigpoint make it use the game money or fuck you

  11. fkin fail says:


  12. Andy Williams says:

    It's a very, very good game – among the top browser games out there, and akin to diablo 2.

    Almost everything that costs money you can get in game – health potions drop in the second zone you visit, in addition to runes, weapons, and other items.

    Story gets a lot better when you hit the Kingshill dungeon (witches questline is cool, Kingshill dungeon questline is awesom). From there the story gets better and better.

    It's free to try and they have seasonal events (V-Day, Easter) for additional content.
    Overall, better than 90% of the free games out there.

  13. OCAB says:

    I have been playing it 4 days and i agree with every reply with the title "FUCK DRAKENSANG", really al costs money, for example, i have to pay u$s 1000+ to upgrade my inventory i order to keep items, that costs real money too. FUCK DRAKENSANG

  14. pepe says:

    the game is cool, but if u dun pay them at least 50 bucks per week u cant really play it. LOL a health potion costs real money!. FUCK U BIGFISH

  15. rec says:

    Andy Williams = part of the staff, obviously.

  16. This sucks says:


  17. forgewright says:

    Well, I thought these replies were a bit harsh. However, after playing now for two weeks, I have discovered that it is literally impossible to accomplish anything without paying alot of money. I am up to 80 dollars in two week and still die in two minutes of trying to accomplish a quest at my level. I find that I have to work on lower quests and get no xp for my trouble.

    I really think that the game is geared toward group play. but communication between players is complicated. So many players speaking different languages.No in-game voice chat. Drakaensang takes a lot of skill, and since they are new, I'm sure they are working on ways to improve the game.

  18. forgewright says:

    Finding the right people to work with is also another good idea. Get on skype together and take some extra time to develope your abilities to use the keyboard and mouse functions.

    The action is intense and tends to fluster players. But I see others that have real talent playing the game. The game makes you work on your skills and if it were cheap to buy your way to the top then the game would just be a bunch of overly powered characters. It kinda evens out the playing field.
    'I do see that the pvp arenas can be very frustrating if you haven't developed to eye hand coordination. I find myself totally flustered and wondering if thise people with cash to burn are dominating the pvp portion of the game. But then again maybe they are just really good and have earned the right to dominate. I'm Level 31 now and am still getting smacked around everywhere I go.

    Guess we'll just have to see!!!!

  19. Observant says:

    One positive commenter /may/ be a member of the staff, but all these negative comments seem to be from the same person.

    Good game by the way.

  20. forgewright says:

    lol, The staff would not responed to such angry comments. I did learn some ways to fam quicker. Standing with something between you and a monster thats spawns attackers will cause them to stay in one spot and spawn weaker monsters that run and the blocking landscape and give you piles of items. aldermant includes and gems.

  21. Amorphis says:

    could someone provide a list with all the areas u got through the game ? am quite sure i ve lost somewhere a minor city near the sea like a harbour that i visited before to complete a mission and could not find it when i returned back . map didn t help too much

  22. nnnooo says:

    bad game and expensive

  23. bernythefly says:

    bad game. they say is free but everything costs real money. and worst of all they do everything to make you spend money, including changing the game with no prior notification. also developers dont give a damn about players oppinion. i played this game 2 years, beared a lot of their injustice (btw if you try to say something you can get your account banned just because they dont like what you say). F2P players dont stand a chance in a full of bugs and errors pvp section. After last patch i decided to quit game and spread the truth about this game. My advice….dont start to play it or if you already play…quit it while you still have your nerves and your money. This game is a robbery and the developers are robbers. Fairwell!!!

  24. Death says:

    Well lets see: iv played drakensang for 2 years (server heredur) been everywhere where u can go in this game done everything and YES i did it for free TOTALY!…… But : here's the thing im always much weaker than those guys who pay cash to play even the mush younger members who pay money can become stronger in a month than a guy who player this game from the very beginning like myself…Everything in this game is made to suck up your money its true but u still can play it for free take it to the max lvl and if u wanna become very good among the tops its simple spend money or time 6-8 hours per day…I just got bored and quit it

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